When in Doubt, Slash and Burn and Misinform

When in Doubt, Slash and Burn and Misinform

Abby Zimet

With Dawn Johnsen, truth-speaking nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel, facing a possible Republican filibuster, the same right-wingers have turned their mud-slinging attention to Harold Koh, President Obama's choice for legal adviser to the State Department. Will mud bury two nominees brave enough to use the words "illegal" and "torture"?

To date, the mainstream media has to an alarming degree failed to call the Republicans on their gross distortions of both nominees' positions on a range of issues. If we are to believe the zealots, Johnsen equates pregnancy with slavery, and Koh, dean of Yale Law School, thinks women should be executed for wearing the wrong color burkha.

Both Johnsen and Koh have been fierce critics of Bush administration abuses. If we are ever to effect change, and a return to the rule of law, we need them. 

For more on the campaign against Koh, go here 

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