So Many Miscreants, So Little Time

So Many Miscreants, So Little Time

Abby Zimet

With GM chairman Rick Wagoner booted from power and the wave of populist rage still rising, the Service Employees International Union, SEIU, has helpfully suggested the next deserving candidate for swift justice – Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis. Why should he be fired? Let us count the ways.

There is the $45 billion in bailout funds, the $5 billion in bonuses, his own $120 million paycheck, 4,000 times that of his employees. There's the eight corporate jets, more than any other bailed out company. There are the 247,000 employees who will lose out thanks to the company's active fight against the Employee Free Chice Act. And there's Lewis' clinching of the 2008 Fossil Fool of the Year Award by the Rainforest Action Network for the bank's massive support for dirty coal. 

For this and other instances of his "failed leadership," argues SEIU, Lewis should go. To sign their petition go here


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