Youth for Western Civilization and Don't Forget The Mariachi Dancers

Abby Zimet

While the antics of Mssrs. Steele, Jindal, Limbaugh et al can be entertaining in a surreal, Saturday-Night-Live-ish sort of way, there are decidedly scary aspects to the increasingly right-wing tilt of loyalists gathered at last weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that a conference co-sponsor was the new, well-funded "Youth for Western Civilization," one of whose founders, Marcus Epstein, writes for the white nationalist hate website

“Diversity can be good in moderation, if what is being brought in is desirable,” Epstein wrote in one essay. “Most Americans don’t mind a little ethnic food, some
Asian math whizzes, or a few Mariachi dancers — as long as these trends
do not overwhelm the dominant culture.”

Another group founder, Kevin DeAnna, has written for the Spartan Spectator, the website for a group that last year organized a "Catch an Illegal Alien Day,” sponsored a
“Koran desecration contest” jokingly threatened to distribute
small-pox infected blankets to Native American students, and posted “Gays
spread AIDS” fliers. All in good fun.

For more on the activities of radical right student groups and other people we don't quite get, go here


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