No More Torture

No More Torture

Abby Zimet

In a necessary step toward rectifying the abuses of the past, two key senators plan to move ahead with a commission to investigate torture during the Bush administration. Sens. Pat Leahy of Vermont and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island of the Senate Judiciary Committee say they will soon begin examining as-yet-undisclosed evidence on past interrogations that, says Whitehouse, "is going to be big."

"We have this American government, which has an architecture and a shape and a system that drives it and constrains it and that keeps it honest. And what happened is that the Bush administration figured out a lot of ways to tunnel through the walls and sneak over the fences. So now we need to go back and say, 'We have got to plant those walls deeper so you can not tunnel under them'...The ultimate goal in this is to protect and enhance American democracy."

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