Useless Marvels: Cutting the Military Budget

Abby Zimet

Progressive Democrats of America and other grassroots groups are urging people to contact their legislators to express support for a proposal by Rep. Barney Frank to cut wasteful military spending by 25 per cent in order to meet domestic needs like
health care, green energy and education. Frank will hold a briefing on Tuesday to discuss ways of cutting a bloated budget that almost doubled during the Bush/Cheney years.

The Chairman of the House Banking and Financial Services Committee, Frank argues that the U.S. is wasting billions, not just in Iraq, but on developing weapons that "might have been useful against the Soviet Union."

"Many of these weapons are technological marvels, but they have a
central flaw: no conceivable enemy. It ought to be a requirement in
spending all this money for a weapon that there be some need for it. In
some cases we are developing weapons – in part because of nothing more
than momentum – that lack not only a current military need but even a
plausible use in any foreseeable future." 

Noting that the military budget has grown by 60 percent since 2001, PDA offers some sensible options for cutting billions in outdated or ineffective weapons systems that do nothing to increase our security. They include an estimated $300 billion in cost overruns; the $1 trillion F-35 Fighter Program whose cost equals that of fighting the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined; and the closing of hundreds of American military bases around the world that are largely viewed as "imperial outposts" by those who live there.

To see more examples of expenditures that make no sense, and take action against them, go here

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