Jeez, Now Why Would Anyone Think That?

Jeez, Now Why Would Anyone Think That?

Abby Zimet

Proving that the Rod Blagojevich story is truly the gift that keeps on giving, Sen. Roland Burris admitted Saturday the former governor's brother asked him for a campaign contribution before Burris' appointment to the Senate, thus contradicting his own testimony in January before an Illinois House impeachment committee. Proving that everyone in beleaguered Illinois is getting a little bit testy, the head of that committee called Burris' protestations of innocence on the subject "a load of B.S."

Burris said
Saturday that he gave the committee a Feb. 4 affidavit
disclosing three calls for fundraising help from Robert Blagojevich because "there were
several facts that I was not given the opportunity to make" during his January
testimony. Burris
said he told Blagojevich he would not raise money because it would look
like he was trying to curry favor from the governor for his appointment. In the affadavit, Burris also admits talking with former Blagojevich advisers about the appointment even though he testified he hadn't. State Rep. Jim Durkin, the impeachment
committee's ranking Republican, noted that the discrepancy "goes way beyond" forgetting a couple of questions; though he's a Republican, it's a good point.


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