See No Evil: The Cost Of War, Made Plain

See No Evil: The Cost Of War, Made Plain

Abby Zimet

Far too late and far too little, it's nonetheless welcome news that Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a review of the  Pentagon policy of hiding from public view the coffins of military dead arriving home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The media ban of the sight of the true cost of their disastrous wars was one of the most abhorrent, cynical ploys of the Bush-Cheney administration – who argued it was all for the families – and God knows there were many.

Two Democratic
senators, John Kerry and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, have also asked President Obama to let news
photographers attend ceremonies when soldiers' remains come home. Obama is reviewing the ban. Lautenberg asked Obama to end "misguided policies of the past that seek to hide the sacrifice of
our soldiers and the public recognition and pride that should accompany
it." And, of course, the rage, shame and urge to act that would logically follow.



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