A Request from Michael Moore

Craig Brown

A Request from Michael Moore

Will You Help Me With My Next Film?


I am in the middle of shooting my next movie and I am looking for a few
brave people who work on Wall Street or in the financial industry to come
forward and share with me what they know. Based on those who have already
contacted me, I believe there are a number of you who know "the real deal"
about the abuses that have been happening. You have information that the
American people need to hear. I am humbly asking you for a moment of
courage, to be a hero and help me expose the biggest swindle in American

All correspondence with me will be kept confidential. Your identity will be
protected and you will decide to what extent you wish to participate in
telling the greatest crime story ever told.

The important thing here is for you to step up as an American and do your
duty of shedding some light on this financial collapse. A few good people
have already come forward, which leads me to believe there are many more of
you out there who know what's going on. Here's your chance to let your
fellow citizens in on the truth.

If you have any info that would help, please contact me at my private email
address: bailout@michaelmoore.com.

For the rest of you who don't work in the financial
industry, you're probably wondering, "What the heck is this all about? I
thought he said he was making a romantic comedy!"

Well, I just can't say much right now. I'm sure you can understand why. One
thing I can tell you is that you're gonna like this movie when I'm done with
it. Oh, yeah...

So, again, if you work for a bank, a brokerage firm or an insurance company
-- or if you have seen things or heard things that you believe the American
people have a right to know -- please contact me at

Thank you in advance for your help!

Michael Moore

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