The Truth and Nothing But, Which is Way Overdue.

Abby Zimet

Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy's proposal of a "truth commission" to
examine the many abuses of the Bush-Cheney administration is welcome,
and long overdue (though if anyone had been listening to Dennis
Kucinich way back when, it wouldn't be.) Still, as John Nichols notes
in his CD Views piece here, its "the least that Congress can do to begin taping together a shredded Constitution."

Obama has been sounding reluctant on the issue, stressing that he wants
to focus on "moving forward." That's understandable, but not good
enough: We should push him and Congress to go with Leahy on "a
fair-minded pursuit" of the betrayals of the last eight years.

"Sometimes the best way to move forward is getting to the truth,
finding out what happened, so we can make sure it does not happen
again...We need to come to a shared understanding of the failures of
the recent past."

And geez. Between Leahy and the tireless Bernie Sanders, who proposed the aptly-named "Stop the Greed on Wall Street Act" to rein
in oblivious bankers getting bailout funds, Vermont is our hero.

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