Ruth Rosen: Wait Until After the Revolution, Honey

Ruth Rosen: Wait Until After the Revolution, Honey

Craig Brown

At TPMCafe, Ruth Rosen writes this afternoon:


Wait Until After the Revolution, Honey


Today, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert asked, why listen to
Republicans? Indeed. And yet this morning came the shocking and
startling news that our new president has asked House Democrats to cut
a provision that would expand contraceptive family planning for
Medicaid patients.

Why? According to the AP/Austin American-Statesman, "several Democratic officials said that House leaders likely would abandon the provision at Obama's request, which was made 'at a time when the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.' A final decision is expected on Tuesday, when Obama is scheduled to meet separately with House and Senate Republicans. "

I don't know if this will happen, but if it does, President Obama will have denied contraceptive planning--we're not even discussing abortion here--to those women who can least afford it.

For years, reproductive justice activists have argued that the Religious Right has always wanted to eliminate more than abortion and that their real agenda is to limit women's reproductive health and choices, or to put it more bluntly, to end the rupture between sexuality and reproduction.

President Obama doesn't need to court Republicans, especially on the back of women's bodies. I hope that the outcry of opposition will cause him to reverse this misguided decision, which affects the poorest women and girls in our nation.

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