A New Day

A New Day

Craig Brown

To the CommonDreams.org Community,

As George Bush departs – hopefully taking the grievous lies, crimes and excesses of his Administration with him – we welcome President Barack Obama and what he has called "a new day in America." It has been a long time coming.

Just as change has come to the country, we here at CommonDreams.org are making changes as well.

Today, we launch a newly designed site. It is aimed at reaffirming our commitment to true, progressive change; our determination to build on the current, potentially transformative momentum toward that change; and our unwavering belief that, together, we can shape a better future.

None of it will be easy. We are hopeful, but not naive. We know about the power of corporate lobbies. We know about the entrenched powers in Washington. We know about the resources available to those who would stand in our way.

And we know we need to build our own numbers and resources to fight them.

Above all, we know that we must not just hope, starry-eyed, for change but work for it –– work to make Obama "do the right thing," work to organize our own community, work to bring others into it. Our new website will be a step in that direction.

Toward that end, we have made a number of technical improvements to the site. Our new software platform allows us to give you much faster updates to breaking news & views. And this new column, 'Further...' adds the voices of Abby Zimet, myself and the rest of our staff to our front page - to add some context and to post items which don't fit neatly into our traditional categories. We also feature a daily video clip to give you one more progressive take on the day's happenings.

We hope that all of these changes, coupled with the broad changes now underway in the country, will help lead us to a new day.



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