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News & Views | Friday, January 19, 2018


Amazon Short-List Proves Something "Deeply Wrong" With US Economy: Ellison
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Critics of Amazon's "race to the bottom" as it searches for a home for its second headquarters said on Thursday that the company's newly released list of 20 potential cities highlights a crisis in the U.S. economy—one exemplified by the huge incentives offered to Amazon in the bidding war among potential hosts.


As Trump Denies Science, 'Terrifying Trend' Continues With 2017 Among Hottest Years
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Environmental protection advocates urged action and pointed to the Trump administration's blatant disregard for human activity's impact on the planet, as two government agencies announced that 2017 was among the hottest year on record on Thursday.
screenshot of report Groundbreaking Study Maps 'Insidious' (and Alarmingly Successful) Strategy of Anti-Choice Movement
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
US Global Standing Plummets as Trump Threatens Human Rights at Home and Abroad
by Julia Conley, staff writer
The United States' global standing has plummeted under the Trump administration, according to Human Rights Watch's (HRW) annual report on human rights around the globe as well as a Gallup survey regarding the country's reputation as a world leader.
Senate Votes to Give Trump Vast Domestic Spying Powers "No President Should Have"
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Defenders of civil liberties and privacy advocates expressed their discontent on Thursday after the U.S. Senate passed a bill that reauthorizes and expands the ability of the goverment to spy on the digital communications without a warrant. "No president should have this power, much less one who has endorsed policies designed to unfairly target critics, immigrants, and minority communities."
Apple's $38 Billion Tax Payment Less Than Half of $79 Billion They Owe
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Tech giant Apple made international headlines and inspired President Donald Trump to brag overnight about his role in making it all possible after it was announced it would be repatriating $38 billion in overseas cash holdings—but that dollar figure is less than half of what tax analysts say the country should be paying for the earnings and only a fraction of the more than $200 billion still stashed away.
Anti-Trump protest Following Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks, DHS Cuts Off Haitians From Seasonal Work Visas
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Less than a week after President Donald Trump provoked international outrage by reportedly referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as" shithole" countries, the Department of Homeland Security is under fire for pushing the president's "racist anti-Haitian immigrant agenda" by specifically barring Haitians from applying for certain temporary work visas.


"For the past century the US has intervened aggressively against governments the Washington establishment does not like." (Photo: Woohae Cho/Getty Images) Peace Should Be Integral to the Women’s March
by Cindy Sheehan, Rick Sterling
Shouldn’t it be a priority to change the policies and acts of economic aggression and military intervention that result in violence, war and destruction?
There’s a White House—and GOP—Fungus Among Us
by Michael Winship
Almost as depressing and infuriating as the president’s racism have been the denials and obsequious lies of the congressional Republicans surrounding him
"Lincoln Park is coming back – so is Detroit – and it’s largely thanks to immigrants." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc) A New American Dream for Jorge Garcia and All Of Us
by Cindy Garcia
Our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it.
"Coming to terms with the reality of a nuclear-armed North Korea and trusting in deterrence may not sound like a perfect ending, but under the circumstances it’s undoubtedly the best way to avert catastrophe." (Photo: Getty) Avoiding Armageddon in Korea
by Rajan Menon
Or launching a war for the ages.
"A vigorous mass movement is growing, dedicated to immigrant rights that challenges mass deportations and the racism of President Trump and his supporters." (Photo: Thien / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Trump's Roundup of Immigrant Leaders Has Begun
by Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
"Until we get reform, we need to repeal the act that criminalizes immigrants, that makes us less than human because of a document.”
Apple Polishing: The Tech Giant’s Devious Attempt to Support Trump’s Tax-Cut Fantasies
by Will Rice
The company's real goal here is to obscure the fact that the new law is a massive giveaway to huge multinational corporations like Apple.

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