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News & Views | Tuesday, November 21, 2017


'Women Are Very Special,' Says Trump, But Roy Moore 'Totally Denies It' and 'We Don't Need a Liberal Person in There'
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
In a brief question and answer session just before departing to his Mar-a-Lago resort for the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday, President Donald Trump offered what many took to be an endorsement of the GOP's Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, saying "we don't need a liberal person in there" and reminding the press and the public that Moore "denies" the numerous sexual assault allegations that have been leveled against him.


Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC's 'Scorched-Earth' Attack on Net Neutrality
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Vindicating charges that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a "clear and present danger to democracy" that "isn't even pretending to be working in the public interest," FCC chair Ajit Pai on Tuesday unveiled his long-awaited plan to fully scrap net neutrality that critics characterized as a major gift to the telecom industry at the expense of the public.
Out of Spotlight and Across Industries, Surveys Reveal Pervasive Sexual Harassment of Women
by Common Dreams staff
Amid a wave of new sexual harassment and assault allegations in politics and news media this week, two polls released Tuesday illustrate how pervasive such behavior is in many other industries across America, with 35-40 percent of women reporting they have been harassed at work. The results follow a series of reports in recent weeks that have highlighted how women working in service industries, such as hotels and restaurants, are especially susceptible to sexual harassment and assault.
money and tax form New Report Details '13 Terrible Things' About Senate GOP Tax Plan
by Common Dreams staff
Americans for Tax Fairness, a campaign of more than 425 national, state, and local groups that advocate for comprehensive, progressive tax reform, released a new report Tuesday detailing 13 "terrible things" about the most recent Republican tax bill in the U.S. Senate. The report warns that the Senate bill gives most of the tax cuts to the richest 1%, makes 82 million middle-class families pay more in taxes, and endangers funding for public services.
Labour's Jeremy Corbyn Demands End to US-UK Complicity in Yemen's Suffering
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
As major U.S. media outlets continue to perpetuate the "power-serving" notion that the West has played no role in Yemen's worsening humanitarian crisis, U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn penned a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May slamming American and British forces for fueling the Saudi-led bombing campaign and demanding an independent war-crimes investigation.
Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe of Nuclear Radiation
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Greenpeace called for an investigation on Tuesday into the possible concealment of a nuclear incident in southern Russia, after Russian meteorologists confirmed on Tuesday that they recorded a rise in radiation coming from the Urals region in late September.
Trump's "Frightening" Pick for Top Census Job Thinks "Competitive Elections Are Bad for America"
by Julia Conley, staff writer
President Donald Trump's top pick for deputy director of the U.S. Census Bureau is the author of a book about the dangers of a competitive electoral system—leading to fears among voting rights advocates that the appointment would lead to a politicization of the agency which is heavily involved in how voting districts are drawn.


In America and Around the World, the Poor Will Pay for the GOP Tax Plan
by Léonce Ndikumana
A large cut in corporate rate in the U.S. would be perceived internationally as a full throttle acceleration of the global race to the bottom on corporate taxation.
The Biggest Turkey This Thanksgiving Is the Republican Tax Plan
by Josh Bivens
The reason to oppose the latest round of Republican tax cuts is that they’re simply unfair and stupid and solve no economic problem facing typical American families
What You Need to Know About the Trump FCC's Plan to End Net Neutrality
by Candace Clement
The details of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to destroy Net Neutrality are out. And they’re even worse than expected.
Don't Rehabilitate George W. Bush: Why the Enemy of Our Enemy Is Still a War Criminal
by Rebecca Gordon
Isn’t it a little early to begin rehabilitating the man responsible for indefinite detention at Guantánamo, a torture program, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and tens of thousands of Afghans—not to mention the trillions of U.S. dollars shoved down the memory hole in pursuit of...
The Justice Department Continues to Roll Back Civil Rights Protections
by Jesselyn McCurdy
A memo put out by AG Sessions is nothing less than an agenda to wipe out progress made in recent years in protecting the rights of people of color, those with disabilities, and women who are survivors of domestic violence among others.
Here’s What Your Workplace Can Do about Sexual Harassment
by Gina Scaramella
Bringing these conversations to your school or workplace is a massive disruption to business as usual, and that’s exactly what we need.

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