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News & Views | Sunday, April 5, 2020


US Government's Handling of Coronavirus Crisis Has Likely Led to Severe Undercounting of Deaths, Public Health Officials Say
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Decision-making by the U.S. government early on during the coronavirus outbreak has likely led to the country severely undercounting the number of deaths from the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, according to public health experts.
'This President Has Blood on His Hands': Trump Again Urges Public to Take Anti-Malaria Drug for Coronavirus, Despite Reports of Danger
by Julia Conley, staff writer
The nation's top expert on infectious diseases was forced once again on Sunday to negate President Donald Trump's latest claim that an anti-malaria drug can treat coronavirus, which the president made at his Saturday evening press conference.
'Reckless': Chaos Expected in Tuesday's Elections After Wisconsin Republicans Refuse to Cancel In-Person Voting
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Despite warnings from public health experts and legal challenges by voting rights groups, the Democratic primary and state and local elections are set to go forward on Tuesday after Republican state legislators refused to take up a proposal to cancel most in-person voting in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
WATCH: Bernie Sanders Hosts Livestream Detailing Priorities for Worker-Focused Coronavirus Relief Bill
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Sen. Bernie Sanders will host a livestream Saturday regarding the coronavirus pandemic and his priorities for a sweeping relief package which would center the needs of working Americans.
Trump to Nominate White House Lawyer to Oversee $4.5 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill
by Julia Conley, staff writer
A late Friday announcement regarding President Donald Trump's nominee to oversee the implementation of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill was regarded by government watchdogs as the president's latest attempt to protect the interests of powerful corporations while Americans are focused on the coronavirus pandemic.
Despite Threats From Management, Amazon Warehouse Workers in Chicago Strike to Demand Better Coronavirus Precautions
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Days after leaked email correspondence revealed Amazon executives' plan to publicly attack a Staten Island warehouse employee for organizing a protest over unsafe working conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic, workers at an Amazon facility in Chicago staged a walkout to demand protections from the virus.
'Pure Retaliation, Retribution, and Reprisal': Trump Fires Inspector General Who Sounded Alarm About Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Democratic lawmakers and government watchdogs on Saturday condemned President Donald Trump's abrupt dismissal of Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general who informed Congress last year of the whistleblower complaint which kicked off Trump's eventual impeachment proceedings.
'Drop the Medicare Eligibility Age to 0 Right Now': Study Warns 35 Million Could Lose Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The national health insurance system is crumbling more with every day that passes."
'This Is Despicable': Not Even COVID-19 Pandemic Can Halt Trump's Right-Wing Takeover of Federal Courts
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
As the coronavirus pandemic continued to ravage the United States this week, killing and infecting thousands while shuttering schools and businesses, President Donald Trump proceeded with his ongoing effort to shift the federal judiciary to the far-right by announcing a fresh pair of lifetime nominees to appellate courts.
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called on the state legislature to meet for a special session Saturday to take up legislation to postpone the Democratic primary along with state elections, set to take place April 7. (Photo: Getty) Wisconsin Governor Finally Moves to Postpone State's Primary Elections, Shift to Vote-by-Mail
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Friday called on the state's Republican-led legislature to hold a special session Saturday afternoon to take up legislation that would delay the state's Democratic primary and a number of state and local elections set to take place Tuesday, April 7.


COVID-19 and Black Workers
by Margaret Kimberley
The gross inequalities and declining standards of life in the US are magnified by the corona crisis, pushing already marginalized populations to the brink.
Efficiency vs. Resilience
by Jill Richardson
"Your grocery store probably did not have a warehouse full of toilet paper backstock sitting around somewhere when their customers bought out their entire supply. It would be expensive and inefficient to keep a huge supply of toilet paper on hand in the unlikely chance it would ever be needed."
Will the Media Help Elect Trump? Again?
by Robert Freeman
In the 2016 election the media gave more than $2 billion of free publicity to Donald Trump. It was voyeurism of his biting-off-the-heads-of-chickens campaign style. The nation had never seen anything like it, and it was, regrettably, newsworthy.
Trump’s Easter Fantasy: Stay Tuned
by Kirk Freudenburg
There was an odd moment, several weeks back, when I noted aloud to friends how unusual I thought it was that we Americans were, for the moment—and perhaps this was only a false impression—listening to experts.
We Need a Green New Deal for Farmland
by Liz Carlisle
"A lot of people want to be farmers now—especially young people who are aware of the effects of climate change... Why not offer the opportunity for meaningful and gainful work that is beneficial to everybody, to people and planet?"
A Tale of Two Stockpiles
by Brian Terrell
The United States Strategic National Stockpile of essential medical supplies maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, seems unable to respond to the present COVID-19 crisis.

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