The Point of No Return

      August 15, 2016

Dear Friend,

My late father was a Canadian ex-pat who came to the US to work as an electrical engineer and carpenter. When I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s, my Dad often warned me that the big issue my generation would have to confront someday was the fiction of perpetual growth on a finite planet.

He was right. And, that someday is now.

As Jeffrey Sachs, economist and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, puts it:

“Whether it’s human-induced climate change or ocean acidification or change in the nitrogen cycle or freshwater scarcity or massive industrial pollutants or destroying habitat and losing biodiversity, this juggernaut of a world economy is pressing against the finite limits of the planet so strongly that we’re endangering millions of species, including the human one.”

But those who still rely on the corporate media for understanding our world and our role in it have blinders on. Our profit-driven media system spends enormous time and energy diverting attention away from the issues that matter.

Time is urgent and we are at a crossroads.

At this moment, we are at the point of no return - and there are really just two paths left to choose between:

  1. The Status Quo: Holding out hope that our governments and corporations will implement incremental changes that serve our best interests; or

  2. Revolution: Building on the people-powered political revolution that will fight for transformative and systemic change.

Which path will you choose?

Here at Common Dreams, our choice is clear: We are doubling down on our efforts to increase our coverage of the political revolution that we believe is our last chance to change course and save our planet.


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