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'Normal' is killing us.

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Kenny Stancil

Kenny Stancil, staff writer

Kenny Stancil is a staff writer for Common Dreams.


Articles by this author


"If It's on the Ground, Why Shoot?" Outrage After LA County Sheriff's Deputies Kill Man Who Allegedly Dropped Gun

"That means he was unarmed," said a neighborhood resident following the police killing of Dijon Kizzee, a 29-year old black bicyclist, in Los Angeles on Monday. 

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

'Fund Our Future': Nationwide Day of Action to Demand Safe Schools Planned for September 2

Despite need for crucial resources to keep students, teachers, and families safe during the pandemic, schools have not been given "one additional federal dollar" to open safely. 

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

'Nonsensical and Madness': Outrage After Trump Excludes US From WHO-Backed Global Vaccination Cooperation Pact

The administration's latest decision regarding vaccines and global cooperation denounced as "more self-inflicted damage."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

In Wake of Laura's Devastation and Amid Pandemic and Heat Wave, Calls Emerge to 'End Climate Silence'

Hurricane has left residents without power during a deadly heat wave while lack of running water and offline air quality monitors intensify Covid-19 threat, yet climate change is not mentioned once by ABC, CBS, and NBC. 

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

'Relief is Due!': Uprisings Against Evictions Planned for September 1 in Cities Across US

"Workers, families, small businesses, and communities desperately need the Senate to act in our interests—now. We'll be in the streets and at their doors on September 1st to tell them that #ReliefIsDue." 

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

Poverty and Petrochemicals Converge as Hurricane Laura's Devastation Exposes Entire Gulf Coast as 'Sacrificial Zone'

"The devastation wrought by Hurricane Laura is staggering. Climate denial is not a victimless crime, and it’s time for the fossil fuel industry to be held accountable."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

Video Shows Officers in Unmarked Vehicles Surround, Arrest Activists in Kenosha for the Crime of... Trying to Serve Free Food

When traveling from out of state with an AR-15 is not treated as a crime, but "filling up gas cans for your food truck" leads to immediate arrest.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

600+ Groups Representing Over Half of Jewish People in US Sign Full-Page Ad in NYT to 'Say Unequivocally: Black Lives Matter'

"By supporting this movement, we can build a country that fulfills the promise of freedom, unity, and safety for all of us, no exceptions."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

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