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A tree-line street in the city of Brookline, Massachusetts outside Boston. The city council this week voted overwhelmingly to approve new rules that would forbid fossil fuel infrastructure for new residential construction. (Photo: John Allspaw/flicker/cc) News
Friday, November 22, 2019
Offering National Model, This New England Town Just Banned Natural Gas and Oil in New Home Construction
Setting a new standard for other communities in the United States and elsewhere to follow in this age of climate emergency, the suburban town of Brookline, Massachusetts this week passed a sweeping new bylaw that prohibits nearly all use of natural gas and oil in the construction of new homes or in...
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Sponsored by the Sanders campaign, the exchange between the two political heavyweights included discussion of the need for long socks—"You never know when the weather could turn!" declared one Bernie—and other "revolutionary plans" like national rent control to end the issue of leaking sinks. (Screenshot: Underculture/BernieSanders) News
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Bernie vs. Bernie: 2020 Candidate Sits Down for Interview With... Himself
Comedian and political impersonation virtuoso James Adomian, creator of the UnderCulture podcast , released on Thursday an interview with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders interviewing... Bernie Sanders. "It was an honor to talk to myself." —Sen. Bernie Sanders Though ultimately...
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (L) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) embrace after the Democratic Presidential Debate at the Fox Theatre July 30, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) News
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Top Economist Robert Pollin Answers Key Questions on the Emerging Divide Between Sanders and Warren on Medicare for All
Economist Robert Pollin, co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, admits there is no "perfect way to fund" Medicare for All but he remains on a mission to explain why simplicity is key when it comes to building a more efficient,...
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U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (3rd L) listens during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol January 4, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo:  Alex Wong/Getty Images) News
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Rep. Ilhan Omar Asks Judge to 'Show Compassion' for Hateful Man Who Threatened to Put Bullet in Her Head
After a man accused of threatening her life pled guilty to the crime in a U.S. District Court, Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday released publicly a letter she wrote asking the federal judge presiding over the case to "show compassion" in his sentencing. Patrick W. Carlineo Jr., a 55-year-old man from...
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U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks during the Climate Crisis Summit before introducing Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at Drake University on November 9, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. Ocasio-Cortez has been campaigning in support of Sanders after endorsing him last month in New York City. (Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) News
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Democrats Not Headed Too Far Left, Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'We Are Bringing the Party Home'
As part of a wave of reaction to comments made by former President Barack Obama who reportedly suggested to "liberal wealthy" party donors late last week that some Democrats were going "too far left," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded by saying progressives are not pushing in some new,...
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Democratic presidential hopeful Massachusetts' Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to members of SEA/SEIU Local 1984, state employees, at the Holiday Inn in Concord New Hampshire, after signing papers to officially enter the New Hampshire Primary race on November 13, 2019. Two hundred union members attend the exclusive town hall to hear Warren speak and ask her questions. (Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images) News
Sunday, November 17, 2019
'Too Clever for Its Own Good': Progressives Concerned Over Warren's New Medicare for All Strategy
While Sen. Elizabeth Warren received praise from some high-profile Medicare for All proponents after the 2020 Democratic candidate released a detailed " transition plan " on Friday, progressive critics of the proposal openly worried the proposal reveals gaps in her commitment to the goal of...
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People cheer as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on June 2, 2019. (Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images) News
Sunday, November 17, 2019
With 67% of the Vote, California Young Democrats Endorse Bernie Sanders for President
On Saturday night, members of the California Young Democrats—one of the largest caucuses within the California Democratic Party (CDP) representing members in local chapters across the state— voted to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential primary. Sanders won 67 percent of the votes—...
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Democratic presidential hopeful, Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders speaks at the California Democratic Party 2019 Fall Endorsing Convention in Long Beach, California on November 16, 2019. (Photo by Chris Carlson / Pool / AFP / Getty Images) News
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Did Obama Make a Mistake by Deporting 3 Million People? Bernie Sanders: 'Yes'
Asked at a presidential candidate forum in California Saturday night if the Obama administration made a mistake by deporting an estimated 3 million people during its 8-year tenure, 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders offered a direct and one word response: "Yes." The forum, hosted by the Spanish-language...
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Former President Barack Obama in the White House briefing room on Aug. 7, 2013. (Photo: DoD/flickr/cc) News
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Left Twitter Responds With Viral #TooFarLeft Hashtag After Obama Counsels Democrats to Tamp Down Progressive Ambitions
If you want to see the hashtag #TooFarLeft go viral, just get a former world leader—preferably one who is a Democrat—to denounce Left Twitter. After it was reported Friday that former U.S. President Barack Obama told a room full of " wealthy liberal " Democratic Party donors that voters ultimately...
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Saturday, November 16, 2019
While Warning of Nazi-Like Fascism and Corporate Crimes, Pope Francis Proposes Adding 'Ecological Sin' to Church Teachings
Pope Francis on Friday issued a warning against the rise of fascist forces worldwide that remind him of the Nazis of the 20th Century as he also railed against corporate crimes and announced consideration of adding "sins against ecology" to the church's official teachings. During a speech at the...
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