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Common Dreams Homepage December 4, 2007December 4, 2007: 3,432 days ago.

The day before, the American College of Physicians - the nation's second-largest physician group - endorsed a single-payer healthcare system.

You wouldn't have known that if you relied on the corporate media. They buried the news.

It was Common Dreams’ top headline.

Every single developed country, except the US, has adopted a universal healthcare system.

But the US corporate media has shut out any serious coverage and debate of universal healthcare for decades. And whenever it was mentioned, it was framed as “socialized medicine” or “government-run.” Proponents of universal healthcare? Almost entirely blacked out.

But Common Dreams was there for you.

Since we began 20 years ago, Common Dreams has been steadfast - bringing you the voices calling for single-payer healthcare. Voices of people like RoseAnn DeMoro, Donna Smith, Steffie Wollhandler, Bernie Sanders, the Physicians for a National Health Program, and hundreds of others.

Just today, we reported: For First Time Ever, Majority of House Dems Support 'Medicare-for-All' Bill. And: 'The Time is Golden and Now': Single-Payer Bill Advances in California.

Common Dreams is still here for you -- and we intend to be here at least another 20 years.

Single-payer healthcare in the US is inevitable. But Common Dreams survival isn’t.

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