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  September 2005

Friday, September 30

  • 3:09 PM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Court Rules DOD Must Release Hundreds of New Photos and Video of Abuse at Abu Ghraib

  • 1:01 PM
    ACLU Applauds Congress for Reigning in Secure Flight Program; Funding Measure Would Halt Launch, Bar Use of Commercial Databases

  • 1:07 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Ryan White CARE Act Expiration Threatens Millions Living with AIDS

  • 1:01 PM
    Amnesty International: Sudan: Aid Workers Kidnapped in Darfur

  • 1:01 PM
    Amnesty International: Russian Federation: No End to Gross Human Rights Violations in Russia's North Caucasus

  • 11:46 AM
    Sierra Club: Congress Takes Step Toward Razing Endangered Species Act

  • 11:16 AM
    Moving Ideas Network Releases Katrina Progressive Policy and Action Guide

  • 7:07 AM
    Médecins Sans Frontières: In Morocco, Violence from Both Authorities and Gangs are Major Threat to Immigrants

    Thursday, September 29

  • 2:47 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: DeLay Indictment

  • 2:56 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Court Orders Release of Images of Detainee Abuse at Abu Ghraib

  • 2:36 PM
    Center for Public Integrity: The Paper Trail Behind Tom DeLay's Indictment

  • 2:36 PM
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State Expresses Concern About New Chief Justice's Stance On Religious Liberty

  • 2:31 PM
    Americans for Democratic Action Calls Proposed FY 2006 Federal Budget a Formula for Homeland Insecurity

  • 2:07 PM
    NOW Denounces Roberts Confirmation, Looks to Next Battle

  • 2:06 PM
    Government Accountability Project: 20 Government Groups Praise House Committee’s Decision to Strengthen Whistleblower Rights

  • 1:56 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Nepal: Army Officers Avoid Jail Time for Torture, Murder

  • 1:56 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Ex-Chad Dictator Indicted in Belgium

  • 1:56 PM
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Urges Texas State and Federal Elected Officials to Return Donations

    1:40 PM
    Campaign to Defend the Constitution: Campaign Launched to Fight Religious Right

  • 1:31 PM
    Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal, Statement on the Confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States

  • 12:38 PM
    NARAL Pro-Choice America: Senate's Vote for John Roberts Disappoints Pro-Choice Americans

  • 12:05 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Roberts Confirmation Makes the Next Nominee Critical to Preserving Court Balance

  • 12:03 PM
    Center for Defense Information: U.S. Army Take on Military Reform: More Tail, Less Toot

  • 11:20 AM
    People For the American Way: Roberts Confirmed as Chief Justice; Stakes Huge with Replacement for Swing Vote O'Connor

  • 11:11 AM
    Clean Air Watch Warns House Energy Bill Is Biggest Clean Air Act Weakening in Histor

  • 11:03 AM
    Public Citizen: Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads Not Beneficial; Federal Government Should Do More to Educate Patients, Public Citizen Tells Senators

  • 11:02 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bipartisan Group Calls For Extension Of Key Medicare Benefit Before September 30th Deadline

  • 11:01 AM
    Meet with the Mothers: Cindy Sheehan Holds US Leaders 'Feet to the Fire' on Iraq

  • 8:38 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Feds Unable to Search Own Anti-Terrorism Database

    Wednesday, September 28

  • 2:58 PM
    ACLU Seeks Information on the Fate of 6,500 New Orleans Prisoners

  • 2:58 PM
    Public Citizen: DeLay Indictment Highlights Culture of Corruption in Washington

  • 1:58 PM
    Center for Public Integrity: Pentagon Doesn't Know How Much It's Spending

  • 1:58 PM
    Worldwatch Institute President Proclaims "Energy Tipping Point" at World Petroleum Congress

  • 1:58 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: 'MyPyramid for Kids' a Kid-Friendly Flop

  • 1:58 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: Farming, Pesticide Safety, and Religious Communities Rally Against Pombo Endangered Species Bill

  • 1:58 PM
    Environmental Defense: Ocean Protection in New Jersey: A Blueprint for State-level Action

  • 1:58 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Gulf Families' Recovery at Risk

  • 1:57 PM
    Amnesty International: Democratic Republic of Congo: Peace Process at Risk if Political and Military Rivalries in North-Kivu Province are not Addressed

  • 1:27 PM
    Rep. Henry Waxman / Minority Staff Committe on Government Reform: DHS IG Found FEMA Systems for Deploying Personnel and Supplies to Disaster Zones Inadequate

  • 1:01 PM
    Texans for Public Justice: Travis County Grand Jury Indicts DeLay

  • 12:46 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Does the Buck Stop at Lynndie England?

  • 12:11 PM
    Public Interest Research Group: Real Solutions to Rising Energy Prices; House Energy Proposals Line Oil Company Pockets

  • 12:30 PM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Online Calculator Converts Budget Numbers into Per Capita or Percentage Figures

  • 11:16 AM
    Moving Ideas Network Issues Report on Katrina, Global Warming, and the Future of Environmentalism Strategies Provide Roadmap for Progressive Movement as a Whole

  • 10:37 AM
    Sierra Club: Gulf Region Groups Oppose Bill to Waive Environmental Protections

  • 12:09 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: FCC Mandate Forces 'Backdoors' in Broadband ISPs and VoIP

    Tuesday, September 27

  • 6:32 PM
    Center for Corporate Policy / No Katrina Contracts for KBR and other Crooks and Cronies

  • 6:16 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Disappearing Antiwar Protests; Media Shrug off Mass Movement Against War

  • 5:08 PM
    Congressman John Conyers Requests Information on the Treatment of Arrested Peace Activists

  • 3:27 PM
    Media Matters for America: For the record: Media Figures Admit They Have Been Easy on Bush White House Since 9-11

  • 2:48 PM
    Council on American-Islamic Relations: U.S. Troops Use Photos of Iraqi Corpses to Access Porn; CAIR Calls for Pentagon Probe, Says Practice May Violate International Law

  • 12:56 PM
    Common Cause: Halpern as CPB Chairman May Mean More Politicizing for Public Broadcasting

  • 12:56 PM
    Amnesty International: Ukraine: Victims of Police Brutality

  • 12:56 PM
    Amnesty International: Ukraine: Decisive Action Against Torture Yet to be Taken

  • 11:16 AM
    Families USA: New Report Finds Medicare Drug Prices are 58.2% Higher Than Veterans' Prices

  • 10:26 AM
    Public Interest Research Group: Report Exposes Arctic Refuge Drilling Myths

  • 10:16 AM
    Rep. Henry A. Waxman and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Introduce Anti-Cronyism Bill

  • 6:16 AM
    Greenpeace: EU Ready to Lead the Way to a Clean Energy Future

  • 12:57 AM
    The Wilderness Society: New Energy Bill Would Grease the Skids for Unfettered Oil and Gas Drilling on Public Lands

    Monday, September 26

  • 6:26 PM
    Free Press: Another GOP Operative Named to Head the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

  • 2:39 PM
    Sierra Club: Conservation Call Should Apply To Automotive And Oil Industries

  • 2:20 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood: A Matter of Women’s Health

  • 2:20 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Sibel Edmonds v. Department of Justice: A Patriot Silenced, Fighting to Keep America Safe

  • 2:20 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Supreme Court Term Opens With Spotlight on Reproductive Rights and End-of-Life Decisions

  • 2:01 PM
    Campaign to Defend the Constitution: Dover Trial Triggers National Action by Scientists & Clergy

  • 1:42 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Arrests in D.C. / Killing in Puerto Rico / Terrorism Conviction in Spain

  • 1:17 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union Bill of Rights Event to Honor Local Law Professors, State Senate President Emil Jones, other Legislators and Activists from Across the State

  • 12:35 PM
    Human Rights Watch: New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops Soldiers Say Failures by Command Led to Abuse

  • 12:25 PM
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Releases New Report Revealing the Most Tainted Members of Congress

  • 11:58 AM
    Organic Consumers: Thousands of Consumers Mobilize Across U.S. to Stop 'Sneak Attack' in Congress on Organic Standards

  • 11:31 AM
    30+ Groups Call for Higher Sustainable Energy Program Funding

  • 10:24 AM
    Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Family Members, and 300 Others to Join Nonviolent Civil Disobedience at the White House on Monday, Sept. 26

  • 10:16 AM
    People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition and The National Lawyers Guild File Freedom of Information Act and Louisiana Open Records Act Requests to Locate Evacuees

  • 8:00 AM
    Greenpeace: Limits of Carbon Capture and Storage in Combating Climate Change

  • 5:16 AM
    Greenpeace Protests Against Atomic Agency's Promotion of Nuclear Proliferation

  • Friday, September 23

  • 5:15 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Still Covering for Wal-Mart; ABC Report Has No Space for Critics

  • 4:16 PM
    Bread for the World Leads Effort by Heads of Faith Communities to Combat Hunger in the United States: Religious Leaders Urge Congress to Protect the Food Stamp Program from Budget Cuts

  • 2:42 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Perspectives on Iraq War and Protests

  • 1:16 PM
    Community Labor United /People’s Fund Raises $150,000 For Relief; Plans South Carolina Grassroots Aid Conference; Sends Delegation to DC Anti-War Protest

  • 12:12 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Prisoners of Conscience Against the War

  • 9:59 AM
    Public Citizen: As Latest Round of AFTA Negotiations Continues, Andean Trade Agreement's Prospects Look Dim; Labor, Investment and National Security Concerns Raised

  • 9:30 AM
    National Organization for Women: Women and History Will Harshly Judge Votes for John Roberts

  • 9:20 AM
    Military Families, Veterans Hold Candlelight Vigil to Honor Fallen at 'Arlington West' Exhibit in D.C

  • 9:20 AM
    Military Families Speak Out / Gold Star Families for Peace: Contingent of Over 250 Military Families to Join Tens of Thousands in Massive March and Rally Against Iraq War

  • 4:31 AM
    Human Rights Watch: New Orleans: Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters

  • Thursday, September 22

  • 7:30 PM
    Amnesty International: USA: Police Mistreatment and Abuse Widespread in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities Nationwide

  • 7:22 PM
    Sierra Club Experts List for Hurricane Rita Coverage

  • 8:55 PM
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Calls Today's Judiciary Committee Vote "Beyond Disappointing - It is Astounding"

  • 8:55 PM
    CARE USA Food Aid Reaching the Hardest-Hit Families in Niger's Crisis

  • 5:25 PM
    AFL-CIO: America Needs a New Direction: Good jobs. Stronger Communities. A Just economy.

  • 4:31 PM
    CARE USA: Long Road to Recovery for Storm Survivors in Haiti

  • 4:31 PM
    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: Remembering Derrill Bodley, 1945-2005

  • 4:31 PM
    Feminist Majority: Molly Yard Passes Away

  • 2:31 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: With Wolfowitz at the Helm, World Bank Meeting Along with IMF

  • 11:40 AM
    National Priorities Project: Katrina and Iraq War Show Misguided Priorities

  • 11:40 AM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: How Safe is the Food in America’s Schools?

  • 11:31 AM
    St. Patrick's Four: Judge Charges St. Patrick's Four with Contempt

  • 11:24 AM
    Friends of the Earth: Orang-utan Face Extinction as Rainforest Destroyed for Palm Oil

  • 11:24 AM
    Friends of the Earth: Orang-utan Face Extinction as Rainforest Destroyed for Palm Oil

  • 11:22 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Hurricanes and Global Warming

  • 11:16 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Department of Labor Seeks to Block Federal Environmental Whistle Blowing

  • 9:05 AM
    Commerical Alert: Report Shows How Schools Promote Tobacco to Millions of Students

  • 2:58 AM
    Friends of the Earth International / OECD Watch: OECD Guidelines Failing to Deliver Corporate Accountability, New Report Shows

  • 1:11 AM
    National Organization for Women: FDA Poised to Approve Dangerous Implants, Shows Disdain for Women's Health

  • 4:01 AM
    United for Peace and Justice: Final Details on Sept 24-26 Mobilization

  • Wednesday, September 21

  • 4:11 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: NPR's "Extremist": Do only "extremist groups" connect war and terror?

  • 3:16 PM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Economists Document Long-Term Growth Fall-Off for Developing Countries, Suggest Topic for IMF/World Bank Fall Meetings

  • 11:51 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Credits Pressure from Advocacy Group and Public with CACI International Withdrawl from Iraq

  • 11:49 AM
    National Security Whistleblowers Criticize Legislative Markup As Pentagon Blocks Able Danger Testimony

  • 11:38 AM
    Louisiana Green Party: Greens Condemn EPA Rule Waiver After Katrina

  • 11:38 AM
    People For the American Way: Leahy Makes Case Against Roberts, Then Supports Him

  • 11:31 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Attorneys for Hunger Striking Gitmo Detainees Demand Immediate Access to Clients

  • 10:50 AM
    Sierra Club: Pombo Bill Will Raze the Endangered Species Act

  • 9:48 AM
    Jubilee USA Network: G-8 Debt Deal Hangs in the Balance On Eve of IMF/World Bank Meetings

  • 9:00 AM
    Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Frist Dumps HCA Stock After Ethics Complaint; Remaining Senators Must Follow Suit

  • 8:00 AM
    'Bring Them Home Now Tour': Three-Buses to Converge in D.C.; Will Arrive at US Capitol for Press Conference, Other Events Sept. 21

  • Tuesday, September 20

  • 9:01 PM
    Food Not Bombs Opens Community Center in New Orleans 9th Ward

  • 5:02 PM
    People For the American Way: Roberts Fails to Meet the Test

  • 3:30 PM
    Congressman John Conyers Jr. Demands that DOJ Enforce Section 7 of the NVRA

  • 2:31 PM
    Earth Island Institute: Nation's Most Prestigious Environmental Award for Young People to Honor Seven Inspiring Activists Ages 15-21

  • 2:01 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: The Economic Toll: War in Iraq and Disaster in New Orleans

  • 2:01 PM
    ACORN / Demos / Project Vote: Members of Congress Urge Justice Department To Enforce Decade-Old Voter Registration Law

  • 1:01 PM
    Greenpeace Intercepts Pirate Fishing Vessel and Demands Its Arrest

  • 12:46 PM
    People for the American Way: Under Cover of Katrina, Bush Advances Right-Wing School Voucher Plan

  • 12:26 PM
    True Spin Conference: National PR Conference for Progressives

  • 10:17 PM
    Voting Rights Network Responds To Carter-Baker Commission Report

  • 12:28 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Uzbekistan: Massive Crackdown Documented

  • 12:28 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Uganda: Army and Rebels Commit Atrocities in the North

  • 11:28 AM
    Consumer Federation of America: Consumer Understanding of and Access to Credit Scores Improves Over Past Year but Still Insufficient, Annual Survey Finds

  • 10:46 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Critiques of Today's Carter-Baker Election Commission Report

  • 9:53 AM
    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Henry Waxman Hold News Conference to Discuss Creation of Anti-Fraud Commission

  • 5:26 AM
    Amnesty International: Uzbekistan: Truth under siege

  • 1:46 AM
    Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour: Cindy Sheehan Arrives in DC Tomorrow: Calls for "Money for Hurricane Relief, Not for War"

  • 1:46 AM
    Green Institute: Election Reform Leaders Issue A Call to Democratize US Elections at Panel in Washington, DC

  • Monday, September 19

  • 3:23 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: Pombo Moving Legislation That Would Cripple Endangered Species Act

  • 11:16 AM
    Operation Ceasefire: Thousands to Protest War in Iraq This Weekend

  • 11:16 AM
    Gold Star and Military Families: 9/18-9/20: Cindy Sheehan in NYC (updated schedule) for Build Up to Sept. 24 Anti-War March in DC

  • 11:01 AM
    Greenpeace Exposes Pirate Fishing on the Arctic High Seas

  • 10:42 AM
    Refugees International: The UN Summit: U.S. Spoiler Role Weakens Draft Outcome Document

  • 8:15 AM
    Congressman John Conyers Opposes Baker/Carter Commission Report

  • Friday, September 16

  • 2:41 PM
    CARE: Afghan Elections: A Turning Point for Women

  • 11:53 AM
    Project on Government Oversight: "Disaster Profiteering Act" Makes Its Debut; Seeks to Waive Taxpayer Protections & Competition on Government Contracts

  • 10:48 AM
    Sierra Club: Clarion Ledger Exposes Bush Administration Efforts to Shift Katrina Blame to Environmentalists

  • 10:40 AM
    Iraqi Red Crescent Society and ICRC help displaced families in Tal-Afar

  • 10:40 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Prison Sex Slave Trial Set to Begin in Texas

  • 7:28 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Nationwide Legislative Elections will be Held in Afghanistan this Sunday

  • 4:53 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: UN World Summit: Empty Words on Climate Change

    Thursday, September 15

  • 5:37 PM
    AFL-CIO President John Sweeney Calls for Assistance for Jobless in Light of This Week's Unemployment Claims

  • 5:37 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Qualifications Decline Among Early Childhood Education Teachers

  • 5:37 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Vatican Scapegoats Gays and Leaves Criminals Unaccountable

  • 4:16 PM
    Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: Stakes High in U.S./EC Genetically Modified Crops Dispute at WTO

  • 4:40 PM
    Sierra Club: Seven Principles for Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

  • 1:58 PM
    Green Groups Oppose Bush Pick for Fish & Wildlife Service
    Illegal Orders, Altering Scientific Findings and Developer-Friendly Pattern Cited

  • 1:35 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Afghanistan: Campaigning Against Fear: Attacks, Intimidation as Parliamentary and Provincial Polls Launch
  • 1:35 PM
    AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on Workers' Rights in Delta and Northwest Bankruptcies

  • 1:30 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Administration Must Not Use Katrina To Push Extreme Right Wing Agenda

  • 12:41 PM
    Campaign for America's Future: Katrina Illustrates Failure of Right-Wing Policies; Congress Flooded With Tens of Thousands of Letters Calling for Bold Plan To 'Rebuild The Gulf Coast, Rebuild America'

  • 12:35 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Troops Say They Used Techniques "Remembered From the Movies"; Deaths Could Have Been Avoided with Better Training

  • 11:54 AM
    Gold Star and Military Families: Bring Them Home Now Tour to Stop in New York City

  • 11:34 AM
    Amnesty International : UK: Extension of Detention - Internment in All but Name

  • 11:15 AM
    Center for Economic Policy and Research: Taxing Oil Profits Could Generate $10 Billion for Katrina Efforts

  • 11:01 AM
    Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood to Scholastic: Stop Peddling TV In Preschools

  • 11:01 AM
    Public Citizen: Potentially Harmful Medical Devices Should Be Recalled When Safer Alternatives Are Developed, Public Citizen Tells FDA

  • 10:32 AM
    Americans for Insurance Reform: "Katrina Insurance Hotline" Reports Some Disturbing Trends and Highlights the Power of Complaining

  • Wednesday, September 14

  • 5:01 PM
    No on Roberts Caucus: Leading Women's & Civil Rights Organizations to Hold Rally Opposing John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

  • 3:15 PM
    Peace Action: Groups Rally at White House for Iraq Exit After Woolsey Iraq Hearings

  • 2:37 PM
    National Organization for Women: Roberts Refuses to Endorse Roe V. Wade or Personal Privacy, Lays Groundwork for Overturning Landmark Decision

  • 1:35 PM
    AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on Bush Administration's Use of Hurricane Katrina to Push Anti-Worker, Right-Wing Agenda

  • 1:18 PM
    Families USA: Over 100 Organizations Ask Congress to Establish Emergency Medicaid for Katrina Survivors

  • 1:18 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Supporters Give Thousands to Hurricane Relief Efforts

  • 12:28 PM
    Public Interest Research Group: 9/11 Commissioner’s First Report on Homeland Security Recommendations: Progress Lacking on Chemical Infrastructure Security

  • 11:46 AM
    Representative John Conyers Statement on Valerie Plame Resolution

  • 11:46 AM
    National Lawyers Guild Condemns Appalling Failure of Bush Administration to Prepare for and Respond to Katrina Disaster

  • 11:38 AM
    Green Institute / Fair Vote / Liberty Tree Foundation: Can US Democracy be Fixed? Panel, 9/16 at the Nat'l Press Club in DC

  • 11:35 AM
    Human Rights Campaign: Legislature Rejects Discrimination in Massachusetts Constitution

  • 11:16 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Create Cabinet Level Department of Peace And Nonviolence

  • 9:53 AM
    People for the American Way: Roberts' 'So-Called' Commitment to Privacy

  • 7:47 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: The United Nations Summit Being Derailed?

  • Tuesday, September 13

  • 10:16 PM
    Tim Robbins' Film "Embedded Live" to Street for International Day of Peace

  • 9:15 PM
    Global Exchange Blasts John Bolton in NY Times ad as UN World Summit Opens in New York

  • 7:55 PM
    Public Citizen: As Senate Nears Vote on Agriculture Agency’s Appropriations, Industry Cash Speaks Louder than Consumers’ Voices

  • 6:12 PM
    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Calls on Congress to Plan How to Bring Troops Home

  • 4:40 PM
    Global Exchange: US NGOs Denounce Bolton's UN Agenda as World Summit Open

  • 4:31 PM
    MADRE Partners with Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence to Protect Women and Children Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

  • 4:31 PM
    Daniel Pearl Foundation: Daniel Pearl Music Days "Harmony for Humanity" Scheduled for October 1-10

  • 3:18 PM
    Human Rights Watch: U.N. Reform: Key Human Rights Proposals Stymied

  • 2:48 PM
    Representative John Conyers Jr. Releases Nonpartisan CRS Report on Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina

  • 2:48 PM
    Oxfam America Launches Unprecedented Relief Effort Focusing on Bypassed Victims of Hurricane Katrina

  • 2:18 PM
    Amnesty International: UN Summit: Human Rights Betrayed by a Failure of Leadership

  • 2:02 PM
    Green Party: Let 1,500 Cuban Docs Enter US to Help Katrina Victims

  • 1:47 PM
    Sierra Club: Senate Vote Leaves Women and Children at Risk of Mercury Poisoning

  • 1:18 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: U.S. Military Policies: From New Orleans to the UN

  • 11:35 AM
    The Wilderness Society: Group Launches Online Campaign Urging Bush Administration to Protect our Last Remaining Unspoiled National Forests

  • 11:00 AM
    Environment Maine: Environmental Groups Call on Northeast Governors to Close Loopholes in Plan to Reduce Global Warming Pollution from Power Plants

  • 9:17 AM
    Doctors Without Borders Repeats Call for Rapid Mobilisation of Aid Agencies to Increase Assistance in Areas of Acute Malnutrition

  • 8:07 AM
    Human Rights Watch: U.N. Summit: Barriers to Schooling Undermine Goals

  • 8:07 AM
    World Vision Tsunami Response: August/September Situation Report

  • Monday, September 12

  • 6:19 PM
    Essential Information: Ralph Nader Statement on the Nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. by President George W. Bush to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
  • 6:01 PM
    Community Rights Counsel: Nomination to be Chief Justice Raises Ethics Stakes In Roberts’ Nomination

  • 5:31 PM
    Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Demands Justice for Katrina Survivors

  • 4:32 PM
    ACLU Calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to Fully Probe Roberts’ Record

  • 4:30 PM
    Amnesty International Deplores Failure to Arrest Israeli War Crimes Suspect

  • 4:05 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Covering Katrina: Has a More Critical Press Corps Emerged?

  • 4:03 PM
    "The Future of Food" Opens September 14 at Film Forum in New York

  • 3:46 PM
    National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: Citing Unresolved Questions, NCADP Urges Texas Officials to Commute Frances Newton's Death Sentence

  • 3:05 PM
    Feminist Majority Opposes Nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice

  • 3:05 PM
    Sierra Club Letter to Senate Jud. Committee Re: John Roberts Nomination

  • 2:45 PM
    Sierra Club: Giant Sequoia Monument Safe for Now

  • 2:04 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: 9-11: Loved Ones / WTC & Katrina - Environmental Impacts / Syria and Iran

  • 10:33 AM
    Americans for Insurance Reform Creates "Katrina Insurance Hotline"

  • Friday, September 9

  • 3:05 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Russia: HIV/AIDS Pioneer Fights for Vulnerable Populations

  • 2:38 PM
    Amnesty International USA's Statement of Curt Goering on Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision in Padilla vs. Hanft

  • 1:51 PM
    ACLU Responds to Court Ruling Upholding Detention of Jose Padilla

  • 12:50 PM
    Public Citizen: Approval of Private Fuel Storage Means Dangerous and Unnecessary Storage of Highly Radioactive Waste in Utah

  • 12:45 PM
    Senator Russ Feingold Debunks Myths About US Policy in Iraq

  • 11:16 AM
    "Words of Choice" Responds to Reproductive Rights Emergencies in Three States as Nation Looks at Roe v. Wade

  • 9:02 AM
    Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Tubbs Jones Call On President To Hire Local Residents And Pay A Living Wage In Rebuilding Gulf Region

  • 8:14 AM
    Congresswoman Diana DeGette: Hurricane Relief Does Not Contain Needed Oversight of FEMA

  • 6:58 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: New African Gas Pipeline Worries Civil Society

  • 4:16 AM
    Public Interest Research Group: With Energy Prices Rising in the Aftermath of Katrina and Federal Government Failing to Act, Citizens and State Governments Must Step In to Reduce Oil Consumption

  • 9:02 AM
    Chicago Hearing to Discuss Legality of Selling Foie Gras within City Limits; New Poll Shows Illinois Residents Overwhelmingly Back Ban on Foie Gras

  • 11:17 AM
    Oxfam International: World Bank and IMF Threaten G8's Critical Debt Relief Commitment

    7:01 AM
    Fellowship of Reconciliation: Hubris and the Hurricane

  • Thursday, September 8

  • 2:42 PM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Lawsuit: Feds Skip Energy Savings Standards, Stick Consumers with the Bill

  • 1:45 PM
    Public Citizen: FDA Reverses Course on Needle Sticks, Shows Profound Indifference to Worker Health

  • 12:58 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Devastation and Reconstruction of New Orleans

  • 12:58 PM
    Whole Woman's Health Has Opened their Doors to Serve Women Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina

  • 12:58 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Federal Government Kills More Than 2.7 Million Wildlife In '04

  • 12:31 PM
    Senator Russ Feingold Asks Television Networks to Provide Airtime for Hurricane Survivors in Search of Loved Ones

  • 12:24 PM
    Drug Policy News: British Reform Advocate in Race for Party Leadership

  • 12:24 PM
    ACORN: Wells Fargo Charges Minority Customers More

  • 12:14 PM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Student Debt Rising Due to Higher College Costs

  • 11:23 AM
    PFLAG Stunned and Exasperated Over Marriage Equality Veto; Calls for Statesmanship

  • 10:16 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights Releases Report on Hunger Strikes by Guantanamo Detainees Protesting their Indefinite Detention Without Legal Process

  • 11:10 AM
    Human Rights Campaign: Schwartzenegger Veto Would Alienate Millions of Families and Voters

  • 10:01 AM
    Sierra Club Announces 2005 National Awards

  • 10:01 AM
    Public Interest Research Group: New Report-American Electric Power is Nation's Worst Mercury Polluter

  • 8:27 AM
    Malteser International Prepares Medium-Term and Long-Term Assistance for Katrina

  • 3:16 AM
    Greenpeace: IAEA Deliberately Downplays Chernobyl Death Toll to Pave Way for Nuclear Renaissance

  • 3:16 AM
    Greenpeace Shuts Down Europe's Largest Coal Port

  • Wednesday, September 7

  • 2:04 PM
    ACLU Releases Dept of Justice Memo Justifying Controversial Policy Change

  • 2:04 PM
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: Urges Texas Elections Division to Investigate Rove's Illegal Voter Registration

  • 2:04 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Govnt Accountability Office Report Shows Junk Food in 9 out of 10 Schools

  • 2:04 PM
    Consumer Federation of America, Attorneys: Congress Should Give Katrina Victims Financial Relief by Delaying Severe New Bankruptcy Law

  • 2:04 PM
    Amnesty International: Chad-Cameroon Pipeline: New Report Accuses Oil Companies and Governments of Secretly Contracting Out of Human Rights

  • 12:50 PM
    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Urge Suspension of Budget Reconciliation to Focus on Needs of Victims of Hurricane Katrina

  • 10:52 AM
    Attorneys for Guantanamo Detainees to Argue Before US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on September 8th

  • 10:38 AM
    Public Interest Research Group: House Hearing on Gasoline Prices Should Focus on Conservation, Efficiency, and Oil Company Profits

  • 10:13 AM
    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows 9/11/05 Statement

  • 9:51 AM
    Sierra Club: Updated 9/11 Report Examines Failure to Protect Citizens

  • 3:16 AM
    Rep. Jesse Jackson, John Anderson on Panel on US Elections, 9/16 in DC

  • 9:00 AM
    Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Internal Memos Show Oil Companies Intentionally Limited Refining Capacity to Drive Up Gasoline Prices

  • 8:25 AM
    Business, Environmental Groups Call Upon Congress to Return to the Drawing Board: Develop New, Responsive Energy Legislation

  • Tuesday, September 6

  • 3:43 PM
    Public Interest Research Group: Senate Hearing on Gasoline Prices Unlikely to Result in Real Relief for Consumers

  • 3:21 PM
    Sierra Club Statement on Gas Prices, Congressional Hearings

  • 1:46 PM
    National Lawyers Guild Urges Democratic Senators to Use All Means - Including Filibuster - to Defeat Nomination of Roberts for Chief Justice

  • 1:44 PM
    Nuclear Information and Resource Service: Chernobyl Impacts Wrongly Downplayed

  • 1:31 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Gas Price Hikes Hit Hardest In Metro Areas Short on Transit

  • 1:31 PM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Katrina's Economic Fallout Could Slow Economy

  • 12:31 PM
    Democracy Now (Maine) to Challenge Far Right Agenda

  • 11:58 AM
    Representative Lynn Woolsey Calls on Democrats and Republicans to Plan Future of Iraq

  • 11:52 AM
    Human Rights Watch: United States: Accept Andean Proposal to Add Non-Discrimination Provision to U.S.-Andean Free Trade Agreement

  • 11:09 AM
    Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam International: Global Call to Action Against Poverty

  • 11:09 AM
    People For the American Way: Roberts Unfit to be Chief Justice of the United States

  • Monday, September 5

  • 9:46 PM
    Turkey: Greenpeace Activists' Freedom Restricted While Climate Criminals Go Unpunished

  • 5:01 PM
    Feminist Majority Opposes Nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice

  • 1:51 PM
    National Organization of Women: Nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice is an Outrage to Women

  • Friday, September 2

  • 4:46 PM
    Public Interest Research Group: Looting at the Pumps

  • 3:20 PM
    ACLU Files Federal Civil Lawsuit against Hawai’i Juvenile Detention Facility Citing Shocking Incidents of Harassment of Gay and Transgender Youth

  • 1:56 PM
    Union of Concerned Scientists: President Bush's Reserves Low on Solutions to Gas Shortages and Rising Fuel Costs

  • 12:20 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Floor Statement of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich: The Supplemental for Hurricane Katrina

  • 12:20 PM
    Environmental Working Group: National Transportation Policy At Odds With National Security: Drivers in Southern Cities with Few Transit Options Send Most Gas Dollars to Middle East

  • 12:20 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: New Orleans Disaster: Where’s the National Guard?

  • 12:19 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: In Legal Papers Unsealed Today, Librarian Speaks of Fear of Imprisonment Over Government Gag in Patriot Act Challenge

  • 12:01 PM
    Project On Government Oversight: Controversial Nuclear Security Report Released

  • 10:41 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Chemical Weapons Monitor Files Retaliation Complaint

  • 7:00 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Court Turns Down Irrigators Demand for Taxpayer Handout

  • 8:00 AM
    Future of Food Campaign: Activist Groups Nationwide Rally Behind "The Future of Food"

  • Thursday, September 1

  • 4:31 PM
    Representative Henry Waxman: Roberts Should Be Questioned on AIDS Advice

  • 3:16 PM
    Green Party Calls Katrina a Predictable Result of Global Warming

  • 3:01 PM
    Amnesty International USA Responds to Change In Military Commissions

  • 1:46 PM
    NOW Pulling Out the Stops to Stop Roberts

  • 1:45 PM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: New Hunger Strike Begins After the Department of Defense Reneges on Promises to Detainees

  • 12:44 PM
    Physicians for a National Health Program Decries 859,000 Rise in Uninsured: Medicaid Ranks Swell by 1.9 Million as Poverty Rises and Private Coverage Drops

  • 12:44 PM
    School of the Americas Watch: US Priest Awarded Prestigious Human Rights Prize

  • 8:00 AM
    Sierra Club: America Needs Real Solutions To Our Oil Dependence

  • 12:03 AM
    Oxfam: United States and Other Governments May Thwart Chance for Major UN Reforms

    August 2005


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