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  February 2006

Tuesday, February 28

  • 6:44 PM
    Peace Action: At DC Gandhi Statue: Opposition to Bush’s Defiling of Gandhi Peace Memorial

  • 6:24 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bush is Dead Wrong-US Caught In A Civil War Of His Own Making In Iraq

  • 5:24 PM
    Institute for Southern Studies: "Mardi Gras Index" Finds NOLA Rebuilding Stalled

  • 4:01 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Zogby: Troops Want Out

  • 3:01 PM
    Feminist Majority Foundation: Supreme Court Ruling Could Imperil Women’s Health Clinics

  • 12:52 PM
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Sam Johnson; Breaks House Ethics Rules Through Improper Use of IRS

  • 12:49 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Vermont Campaign Finance Measure Would Limit Free Speech, ACLU Tells Supreme Court

  • 12:49 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union Welcomes Senate Oversight Hearing on NSA Warrantless Eavesdropping

  • 12:30 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Children's Drinks Contain Ingredients That Can Form Benzene

  • 11:54 AM
    New York City Women's Human Rights Action Team / Amnesty International USA / Mexico Solidarity Network: In Recognition of International Women's Day:A Discussion of Femicide in Juarez

  • 11:49 AM
    Public Citizen Petitions FDA to Ban Darvon Products

  • 11:49 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): New Jersey Proposes PCB Plan, but Leaves Out Numerical Limits

  • 11:41 AM
    BioETHICS 2006: Biotech is Coming to Save the World

  • 11:31 AM
    Opportunity Agenda and the Gulf Coast: The Six Month Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

  • 10:26 AM
    America's Second Harvest-The Nation's Food Bank Network Honors Bill Bolling For Service To Hungry Americans

  • 10:11 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: First Violation of McCain Torture Amendment Alleged in Emergency Injunction

  • 10:07 AM
    Zogby International: U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

  • 9:08 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): EPA Okays Chemical Testing On Fetal Tissue

  • 4:54 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: Leaked Report: US Misled the World on Biotech Foods "Victory"

  • 4:31 AM
    Greenpeace Launches Rescue Station to Protect Rainforest 'Paradise'

    Monday, February 27

  • 4:36 PM
    Military Families Speak Out: Military Wife Opposing War in Iraq to Testify Before House Appropriations Subcommitteees

  • 4:00 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) / Environmental Working Group: 3M Chemical Contamination Widespread In Minnesota

  • 3:14 PM
    Rep. Henry A. Waxman Calls for Subpoena of Documents on Halliburton Profits

  • 3:14 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Bush and Nukes in India

  • 2:58 PM
    Brennan Center for Justice: Wage Hike At Risk Due to Lack of Awareness

  • 2:58 PM
    Service Employees International Union: Statement from President Andy Stern on Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott's Address to the NGA

  • 2:42 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Russia: Gay Pride Parade Should Not Be Banned

  • 2:42 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Iran: Alarming Increase in Executions

  • 2:42 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Burundi: Donors Must Press for End to Continuing Abuses

  • 2:11 PM
    Amnesty International: U2 Receives Human Rights Award at Chile's National Stadium

  • 1:57 PM
    American Forests: Green Mountain Energy Company Launches eMission Solutions to Help Companies Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Mitigate Carbon Risk

  • 1:57 PM
    Greenpeace: Make Piracy History

  • 1:57 PM
    Public Citizen: Trucker Hours-of-Service Rule Creates Hazard, Allows Drivers on Road for Too Many Hours, Safety Groups and Teamsters Tell Court

  • 1:57 PM
    Consumer Federation of America: New Report Shows That Within Vehicle Class, Fuel Efficiency Varies Widely

  • 1:39 PM
    Brady Campaign: A New Approach to Law and Order for Kentucky -- Encourage Everyone to Be First to Shoot

  • 12:48 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Forest Service Eyes Outsourcing Two-Thirds Of Workforce

  • 11:58 AM
    Global Exchange: Iraqi Women Make Rare Trip to the US to Share Stories, Call for an End to Violence and Occupation

  • 11:02 AM
    Americans for Insurance Reform: New Report Confirms: Medical Malpractice Insurance "Crisis" Is Over

  • 10:57 AM
    Peace Action: Denounces Cynical Bush Plan to Lay Memorial Wreath in Honor of Mahatma Gandhi on Trip to India

  • 10:48 AM
    Center for Study of Responsive Law: Nader Rebukes Domestic Auto Industry for Failure to Innovate

  • 6:30 AM Free Email Service Conserves Rainforest Land and Jaguar Habitat

    Friday, February 24

  • 6:30 PM
    NOW: South Dakota Ban on Abortion Signals Pitched Court Battle Over Roe v. Wade

  • 3:32 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: New Poll Shows Americans Reject NSA Warrantless Surveillance Program

  • 2:59 PM
    Drug Policy Alliance: Walter Cronkite Urges People to Oppose Failed Drug War; Calls for New Policies Based on Science, Compassion, Health and Human Rights

  • 2:15 PM
    Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Welcomes IRS Crackdown On Unlawful Church Electioneering

  • 1:18 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Significant Health Risk from PFC Levels in Minnesota Fish

  • 1:09 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Pakistan: Bush Should Urge End to Military Rule

  • 1:09 PM
    Green Party of the United States Leads on City Votes for Troop Withdrawal, Impeachment

  • 12:25 PM
    Demos: American Families Pile Up Debt From 2001 to 2004 Federal Reserve Survey Finds

  • 12:24 PM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Federal Judge Orders Government to Release Guantanamo Detainees' Identities for the First Time as Attorneys Charge Violations of Due Process in New Review Boards

  • 11:46 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation / Free Press: Strange Bedfellows Unite to Fight AOL’s “Email Tax”

  • 11:43 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Attorneys Condemn US Violence Towards Guantanamo Prisoners on Hunger Strike

  • 11:24 AM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Conference Call Briefing: Post-Katrina Problems With Housing, Jobless Benefits Persist for Storm Evacuees

    Thursday, February 23

  • 3:57 PM
    Friends of the Earth: Dubai and Toxic Tank Cars: What are Bush’s Priorities?

  • 3:31 PM
    Oxfam America Releases Report: 'Recovering States: The Gulf Coast Six Months After The Storm'

  • 3:28 PM
    Congressman John Conyers, Jr.: Committee Members Challenge Administration's Interpretation of Foreign Investment Law

  • 3:08 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Sectarianism in Iraq: Roots and Alternatives

  • 2:54 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Government Testing of Chicken Shows Dramatic Jump in Salmonella in 2005

  • 2:53 PM
    Amnesty International: China: Torture Leaves Freed Tiananmen Dissident Mentally Ill

  • 2:53 PM
    Amnesty International: Italy: The Invisible Children

  • 2:53 PM
    Amnesty International: Jamaica: First Police Officer in over Six Years Convicted of Murder While on Duty

  • 2:53 PM
    Human Rights Watch: U.N.: Governments Must Back New Rights Council

  • 1:41 PM
    Alliance for Justice / ACLU: Organizations Come Together to Protect Free Speech; Letter to Congress Points to Flaws in Lobbying Reform Provisions

  • 1:39 PM
    Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Wants Answers for Anti-GLBT Actions at Health and Human Services; Praises Rep. Baldwin for Swift Call to Action

  • 1:36 PM
    Amnesty International: UK: Government’s "War on Terror" Policies Put People at Risk of Torture

  • 1:06 PM
    National Parks Conservation Association: Citizens, Congress Tell Administration to Abandon Controversial National Parks Policy Rewrite; Park Service Extends Comment Period

  • 12:41 PM
    Pacific Environment: Governor Takes Heat From Environmentalists on Climate Plan

  • 12:36 PM
    Brennan Center for Justice: Census Bureau Releases Superficial Report on Prison Counts

  • 12:20 PM
    Public Citizen: Chromium Industry Withheld Key Data from OSHA and Manipulated Them

  • 12:20 PM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Groups Sue EPA for Approving Unethical, Illegal Human Pesticide Testing

  • 12:20 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Housing Needs of Many Low-Income Hurricane Victims Remain Unmet; Study Outlines Additional Federal Steps Needed

  • 11:37 AM
    ACORN Rally in the Lower 9th Ward: 'The People Have the Right to Return'

  • 10:01 AM
    Campaign for America's Future: Gene Sperling, Jeff Faux to Argue Democratic Economic Agenda; Will Discuss Contrasting Economic Strategies For America's Future

  • 9:43 AM
    NARAL Pro-Choice America Urges Gov. Rounds to Veto Abortion Ban; South Dakota Legislature Passes Criminal Ban on Abortion

  • 1:01 AM
    America's Second Harvest Network: New Study: More Than 25 Million Americans Seek Emergency Food Assistance Each Year

    Wednesday, February 22

  • 4:31 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Port Security

  • 4:15 PM
    Project On Government Oversight: Nuke Plants Not Protected Against RPGs

  • 2:16 PM
    Families USA: New Medicare Drug Enrollment Figures are Both Disappointing and Misleading

  • 12:53 PM
    Doctors Without Borders Responding to Severe Cholera Outbreak in Southern Sudan

  • 12:53 PM
    Earthjustice: Bureau of Land Management Moves to Open South Shale Ridge to Oil and Gas Drilling

  • 12:53 PM
    Amnesty International: Ethiopia: Prisoners of Conscience Prepare to Face 'Trial'

  • 12:53 PM
    Amnesty International: Maldives: Release of Artist and Internet Dissident Highlights Failings of Justice System

  • 12:53 PM
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics: Files Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Santorum

  • 12:43 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Controversy in California: Physician Participation in Executions in the United States

  • 12:43 PM
    Brennan Center for Justice: Former Judges Denounce Detention of Innocent Men at Guantánamo

  • 12:01 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Interior Ignoring Hundreds Of HQ Worker Health Complaints

  • 12:00 PM
    ActionAid International: International Bird Flu Precautions Dangerously Ignore World's Poor

  • 11:10 AM
    Children's Defense Fund Finds Tax Refund Loans Cost Low-income Workers Cost $900 Million in Unnecessary, Unjust Fees

  • 10:35 AM
    Government Accountability Project: Client Exposes Flawed Procedure in Procter & Gamble Drug Study

  • 9:54 AM
    Center for Democracy and Technology: Digital Technology Makes Surveillance Easier; Stronger Laws Needed, Report Finds

  • 9:36 AM
    Jubilee USA: As World Bank Meets Thursday to Implement 2005 Agreement on Impoverished Country Debt, Jubilee USA Calls on Bank to Remove Deadly Delays to Debt Cancellation

  • 9:01 AM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: State Income Taxes Pushing Hawaii's Working-Poor Families Deeper Into Poverty

  • 6:00 AM
    Reps. Maloney, Shays, Udall and Thompson: As Civil Liberties Board Lies Dormant, a Congressional Call for White House Action

    Tuesday, February 21

  • 3:36 PM
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State: Praises Supreme Court Decision Protecting Religious Liberty

  • 3:36 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Execution and Medical Ethics: "Do No Harm"

  • 3:06 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union and National Abortion Federation Call On U.S. Supreme Court to Hold Women’s Health Paramount as Court Agrees to Review Federal Abortion Ban Ruling

  • 2:51 PM
    National Priorities Project: Cost of Iraq War Rises for Taxpayers

  • 2:50 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Chad: Darfur Conflict Spills Across Border

  • 2:50 PM
    National Resources Defense Council: Supreme Court Cases Threaten Scope of Clean Water Act

  • 2:50 PM
    Amnesty International: China: AI Fears for Missing Hunger-Strike Activists

  • 2:35 PM
    AFL-CIO Launches 'AFL-CIO Now: News That Works'

  • 12:27 PM
    Amnesty International Statement in Response to Execution of Michael Morales

  • 11:44 AM
    Sierra Club: Bush's Priorities Reflect More Oil and Nuclear--Not the Renewable Energy Solutions We Need

  • 11:34 AM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Briefing: State-by-State Program Cuts in Administration's Budget

  • 11:15 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): National Park Plan Allows Game Farms And Predator Reduction

  • 10:45 AM
    Rep. Henry A. Waxman: Three New Reports Show Medicare Drug Prices Rising Rapidly; Indicate CMS Had Warning of Problems Plaguing Transition

  • 10:33 AM
    Drug Policy Alliance: Drug War Bureaucrats Attempt to “Draft” Convenience Store Clerks Into Failed War on Drugs

  • 10:22 AM
    Global Call Iraq: Nobel Laureates and Religious Leaders Call on World to Resist Iraq Occupation

  • 9:12 AM
    Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN): New Report: The Battle For America's States

    Monday, February 20

  • 2:00 PM
    Oxfam International: Coldplay Campaigns to Make Trade Fair in Nebraska

  • 1:04 PM
    ActionAid International: Ethiopia Campaigners to Plead Not Guilty

  • 11:11 AM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: For Safer Communities, Safer Families, Brady Campaign Endorses Dan Kotowski for Illinois Senate

    Friday, February 17

  • 11:37 AM
    Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: Welcomes Alexandra Spieldoch as New Trade and Global Governance Director

  • 11:29 AM
    Michigan Peaceworks: Youth Activists to Conduct “Spy-in”

  • 11:07 AM
    Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: Conference Call Briefing: Hawaii's Tax on Working-Poor Families is Second Highest in Nation

  • 10:51 AM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Trans Traps

  • 10:35 AM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Elusive Chinese Nuclear Submarine Tunnel Photographed; Satellite Images Help Put Chinese Nuclear Arsenal in Perspective

  • 10:21 AM
    Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: Congressional Opposition to Civil Rights Progress Highlighted in New LCCR Report

  • 9:00 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Abu Ghraib

  • 8:00 AM
    Bill of Rights Defense Committee: California Enacts Resolution Critical of PATRIOT Act

    Thursday, February 16

  • 8:48 PM
    Amnesty International: Brazil: Carandiru Ruling – a Shock to the Human Rights Community

  • 6:27 PM
    East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN): Indonesia Must Confront Its Past, Accept Responsibility and Deliver Justice for Timor Atrocities

  • 6:00 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Urges Senate to Demand Information on Illegal NSA Spying Program, As Federal Court Orders Justice Department to Turn Over Documents

  • 5:46 PM
    Bread for the World: National Poll Shows Overwhelming Voter Support on Three Hunger Issues

  • 5:41 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to Hold Conference Call Briefing: Alabama Taxes Income of Poor More Than Any Other State

  • 5:26 PM
    Senator Russ Feingold Blasts Failure to Investigate Domestic Surveillance Program

  • 5:01 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Despite New Compromise, Patriot Act Debate Far From Over, Pledges to Continue to Work With Bipartisan Allies For Meaningful Changes

  • 4:45 PM
    Public Citizen Praises Senate Judiciary Committee Changes in Trademark Bill That Will Protect Free Speech

  • 3:20 PM
    Amnesty International: UN Report Reiterates Concerns Regarding Guantanamo Bay

  • 3:03 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich Calls For An End To Predator Attacks; Calls Attacks That Kill Innocent Civilians "Counterproductive"

  • 1:58 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Federal Farm Conservation Program Sparks Local Resistance

  • 1:58 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Cartoon Controversy: Drop Criminal Charges for Publication

  • 1:52 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: House Bill Undermines Efforts For Peaceful Resolution To Iran Nuclear Situation

  • 1:12 PM
    Amnesty International: Iran: New Government Fails to Address Human Rights

  • 1:12 PM
    Amnesty International: USA: Amnesty Welcomes UN Call to Close Guantánamo Bay – but it Is Tip of Iceberg

  • 1:00 PM
    Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC): Farmers, Ranchers and Consumers Challenge GM Alfalfa

  • 12:33 PM
    Center for Constitutional Rights Applauds UN Action on Guantanamo

  • 11:19 PM
    Green Party of the United States Sees Political Dissent under Sustained Attack by the Bush Administration

  • 9:31 AM
    The Wilderness Society: Ignoring Public Opinion, BLM Pursues Oil & Gas Development Over Protection of Utah's Cultural Artifacts and Natural Treasures

  • 12:00 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Sony BMG Settles Up with Music Fans for Copy-Protection Debacle

    Wednesday, February 15

  • 10:21 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Study: Administration's Health Savings Accounts Proposals Would Cause Net Increase in Number of Uninsured

  • 5:07 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Poland: Official Homophobia Threatens Human Rights

  • 3:41 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: The Rise of Immigrant Worker Centers

  • 3:40 PM
    Global Exchange: "Save Hockey, Stop Climate Change"

  • 3:28 PM
    Basel Action Network: Clemenceau: A Victory for International Law and Environmental Justice

  • 3:04 PM
    ACLU: New Abu Ghraib Photos Confirm Need for Independent Counsel

  • 3:04 PM
    ACLU Urges House to Adopt Request for Illegal NSA Spying Documents

  • 3:04 PM
    Public Citizen: Justice and Common Sense Prevail Over Special Interests in Senate’s Asbestos Bill Vote

  • 2:57 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich Introduces Resolution Demanding Documents On PR Contracts Used To 'Sell' The War

  • 2:50 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Health Care Speech at Wendy's HQ?

  • 2:46 PM
    Congressman John Conyers: House Republicans Block Official Investigation into NSA Spying Program; Democrats Press Ahead with Inquiry

  • 1:07 PM
    Amnesty International: Appalling New Torture Images Further Demonstrate U.S. Government's Disregard for Accountability and American Values

  • 12:46 PM
    Families USA: President's Proposal Would Make Health Care Less, Not More, Affordable

  • 12:00 PM
    Consumer Federation of America: African Americans Pay Higher Auto Loan Rates but Can Take Steps to Reduce This Expense

  • 10:38 AM
    Greenpeace: Justice for the Environment As French Government Takes Back the Clemenceau

  • 10:22 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Responds to Leak of Abu Ghraib Torture Photos

  • 10:01 AM
    Voices for Creative Nonviolence: Winter of Our Discontent: 34-day Fast to End the Iraq War February 15 to March 20 at U.S. Capitol

  • 8:52 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): EPA Continues To Screen All Interviews With Scientists

  • 5:29 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: Climate Change Treaty One Year Old But Emissions Still on the Rise

  • 2:12 AM
    Global Exchange / CODEPINK: US State Department Rejects Visa Applications of Iraqi Women Whose Families Were Killed by US Troops

    Tuesday, February 14

  • 6:35 PM
    Earthjustice: EPA Approval of Particulate Air Pollution Plan a Valentine's Day Gift to Big Ag in California

  • 5:24 PM
    Rep. Henry Waxman: Legal Scholars Agree: Budget Bill Did Not Pass Both Houses and Is Not Valid Law

  • 4:21 PM
    Amnesty International: Brazil: Carandiru, 13 Years of Impunity

  • 4:12 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio Demands Schools Stop Teaching Intelligent Design as Science

  • 3:19 PM
    Public Citizen: CBO to Gregg: Asbestos Trust Fund Will Violate Budget Law

  • 3:19 PM
    Free Press: Thousands Demand Investigation into Covert Propaganda

  • 3:19 PM
    Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington: Sends Letter to Senate Finance Committee Urging Investigation into Abuse of Charitable Organization Status

  • 2:28 PM
    NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Statement on Pharmacy Board Decision Requiring Wal-Mart to Stock Emergency Contraception

  • 1:56 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: * Haiti * Iran * Egypt

  • 1:19 PM
    Amnesty International Honors Expansion of Congressional Human Rights Caucus to U.S. Senate Reception

  • 11:42 AM
    Government Accountability Project: Testifies on National Security Whistleblower Protection

  • 11:01 AM
    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Visit U.S. Bank Building, Alleged Al Qaeda Target

  • 9:42 AM
    Media Matters for America Study Reveals Conservative Slant on Sunday Talk Shows; Study Finds Conservative Guests Outnumbered Progressives

  • 8:24 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Challenges Clear Channel Recording Patent

    Monday, February 13

  • 6:51 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: The Bush Budget: A Disaster for Wildlife

  • 6:18 PM
    National Security Archive: Department of Justice Concedes it Can Begin to Release Internal Warrantless Surveillance Records on March 3

  • 6:16 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Bush Administration Supports Farm Subsidy Reform

  • 5:07 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Study Hits EPA Plan To Censor Community Pollution Reports

  • 4:46 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: "Terror Plot" Reporting Lacks Skepticism

  • 4:34 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Senate to Vote on So-Called ‘Marriage Protection Amendment’ Prior to Fall Elections

  • 4:34 PM
    Amnesty International: Sudan: Students Beaten and Detained -- Reportedly Tortured in 'Ghost Houses'

  • 3:48 PM
    Earthjustice: Wyoming’s Elk Face Unnecessary Slaughter

  • 3:48 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest to Anheuser-Busch: Cancel the Torino Teen Kegger

  • 2:51 PM
    Government Accountability Project: Office of Special Counsel Vindicates Nuclear Security Whistleblower

  • 2:48 PM
    Brennan Center for Justice: Court Issues Injunction Blocking US Citizen’s Transfer to Torture Court Urge

  • 2:31 PM
    Families USA: Bush Administration Lowers Expectations for Seniors' Participation In Medicare Part D Program

  • 1:42 PM
    Media Matters for America to Release Report Detailing Conservative Slant on Sunday Morning Talk Shows Tuesday, Feb. 14

  • 1:16 PM
    Violence Policy Center: Cheney Shooting Latest Addition to Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Injured and Killed by Guns During Bush Administration

  • 11:00 AM
    Rep. Henry A. Waxman: Bush Administration Spent Over $1.6 Billion on Advertising and Public Relations Contracts Since 2003, GAO Finds

  • 10:05 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Response to Katrina: "One Failure After Another"

  • 9:23 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Army To Banish Whistleblower From Chemical Weapons Depot

  • 8:47 AM
    Oxfam America: Eight of the World's Leading Jewelry Retailers Urge Mining Industry to Clean Up 'Dirty' Gold

  • 12:02 AM
    Oxfam: Rich Countries Must Fund Ballot Boxes and Bread as 42 Million Lives in Balance Ahead of Congo Donors Conference

    Sunday, February 12

  • 5:40 PM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence James and Sarah Brady Comment on the Vice President's Hunting Mishap

    Friday, February 10

  • 4:10 PM
    Center for Constitutional Rights Applauds Confirmation of Guantanamo Detainees' Innocence in First Statistical Analysis of Military Documents

  • 3:52 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Sudan: Bush Should Back Robust U.N. Force in Darfur

  • 3:52 PM
    Public Citizen: SCE&G, SanteeCooper Should Not Receive Taxpayer Subsidies to Build New Nuclear Reactor; Nuclear Power Should Be Abandoned

  • 3:38 PM
    Bill of Rights Defense Committee Calls for PATRIOT Act Filibuster

  • 3:38 PM
    Government Accountability Project: Releases Internal World Bank Whistleblower Analysis

  • 3:38 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Record High Trade Deficit Driven by Oil Prices

  • 3:38 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Bush Axing Libraries While Pushing for More Research

  • 3:37 PM
    AFL-CIO: Statement by Secretary-Treasurer Richard L. Trumka on the 2005 Trade Deficit

  • 3:18 PM
    People for the American Way: Patriot Act Reauthorization Deal Fails to Protect Civil Liberties

  • 1:31 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: NBC Distorts Its Polling on Warrantless Wiretaps

  • 10:18 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Nominate a Pioneer for EFF's Pioneer Awards Awards

  • 9:01 AM
    Greenpeace Wins World Press Photo Award for Effects of Climate Change and Nuclear Power

  • 6:30 AM
    Peace Action, Montgomery: Raging Grannies Will Attempt to Enlist in Military on Valentine's Day

  • 6:00 AM
    Amnesty International: Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping Guide on 5 C's of Diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat and 'Conflict-Free'

    Thursday, February 9

  • 3:38 PM
    Free Press: Media Consolidation Spawns New Wave of Payola

  • 3:27 PM
    Union of Concerned Scientists: DOE Research Contradicts Administration Claims of Proliferation-Resistant Reprocessing New Initiative Would Make Nuclear Terrorism Easier

  • 1:46 PM
    Senators Russ Feingold and Edward Kennedy: Letter to Telecommunications Companies Regarding NSA Domestic Spying Program

  • 1:04 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Medicare: Rich HMOs, Sick Patients

  • 1:01 PM
    Fellowship of Reconciliation: Offensive Cartoons: Respecting What Is Sacred

  • 12:04 PM
    Amnesty International: Colombia: Attacks on Freedom of Expression Threaten Elections

  • 11:34 AM
    CARE Shares Expertise on Possible Pandemic; Avian Flu Update at United Nation

  • 10:42 AM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Florida Guns at Work Bill 'Needs Work?' No, It Needs to Die

  • 10:32 AM
    Public Citizen Unveils the “Ethics Hall of Shame” Identifying the Worst Ethics Offenders on Capitol Hill

  • 10:32 AM
    Brady Campaign: Maryland Sen. John Giannetti Says He Supports Tough Gun Laws, But Record Says Otherwise

  • 10:32 AM
    Jubilee USA Network: As G-8 Finance Ministers Prepare to Meet in Russia, Jubilee USA Calls on Leaders to Halt Delays to Debt Cancellation at World Bank

  • 8:00 AM
    Demos: Economic Security Group Demos Launches Online News Journal Around the Kitchen Table

  • 1:36 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Court TV and ACLU Raise Awareness of Civil Rights with New Series, The ACLU Freedom Files

  • 1:36 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Senate Intelligence Committee Holds Closed Hearing on Warrantless NSA Program; As Reports Indicate that Illegally Obtained Information Was Used to Obtain Warrants

  • 1:36 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union Calls for End to Secure Flight and Registered Traveler Programs, Says TSA Passenger Screening Plans Fail to Identify Threats

    Wednesday, February 8

  • 9:50 PM
    Buddhist Peace Fellowship: Religious and Activist Groups to Hold Teach-In and Vigil on U.S. Torture Policy Outside the UC Berkeley Classroom of Prof. John Yoo

  • 7:18 PM
    Sierra Club: Threats to America’s Coasts Intensify as Two Bills Circulate in Senate, Administration Releases 5-Year Drilling Plans

  • 6:18 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Israel: Military Must Account for Killings of Two Children; Judge Advocate General Must Ensure Quality of Investigations, Not Just Quantity

  • 4:21 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bush Proposes Stealth Social Security Privatization Plan In Budget

  • 3:03 PM
    National Priorities Project: Budget Breakdowns by State

  • 2:30 PM
    Humane Society US Urges Bush Administration To Strengthen Response To Avian Flu Threat

  • 2:17 PM
    The Wilderness Society: Proposed Sale of Prime Utah Recreational Areas to Oil and Gas Draws Fire from Outfitters

  • 2:17 PM
    New Hampshire Peace Action: Six New Hampshire Citizens Found Guilty of Wanting to Meet with Senator Gregg

  • 2:13 PM
    Amnesty International: Guatemala: Politically Motivated Charges Get in the Way of Justice for Massacre Survivors

  • 2:13 PM
    Amnesty International: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Kinshasa Must Meet its Responsibility to Protect Civilians

  • 1:57 PM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Federal Officials Agree Global Warming May Threaten Polar Bears' Survival, Advancing Endangered Species Act Claim

  • 1:35 PM
    American Friends Service Committee: Quaker Group Warns That President Bush's New Budget Undermines Basic Values

  • 1:34 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Military Spending: How Big? How Effective?

  • 1:26 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Six Same-Sex Couples Urge Florida Supreme Court to Strike Initiative Threatening Families of Same-Sex Couples

  • 12:56 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Zimbabwe: Crackdown on the Press Intensifies

  • 12:47 PM
    National Lawyers Guild: Haitian Citizens File Complaint before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for the Overthrow of Their Democracy

  • 12:45 PM
    Sierra Club: One in Five Women Tested Nationwide Has Mercury Levels Higher Than EPA Limit

  • 11:12 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Bush Budget Shoots Down Mississippi River Locks Project - No Expansion Needed “For the Next 50 Years or More”

  • 11:07 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Audit Finds State Whistleblower Program Needs Improvement

  • 10:25 AM
    US Public Interest Research Group: Clean Cars Programs in 10 States Will Cut Global Warming Emissions by More Than the National Emissions of 140 Countries

  • 9:12 AM
    Center for Study of Responsive Law: Letter From Ralph Nader to Governor Mitch Daniels on Toll Road Privatization

  • 8:50 AM
    Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy / Friends of the Earth Europe / Greenpeace: Groups Publish Conclusions of WTO Dispute

  • 8:50 AM
    Nobel Peace Prize Winning American Friends Service Committee and Grammy Award Winning Musician Robert Cray Collaborate on Music Video 'Twenty'

  • 8:29 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: Trade War on GMOs: Europe Must Fight WTO Ruling

    Tuesday, February 7

  • 5:03 PM
    Action Against Hunger: Lack of Rain Threatens the Most Fragile Populations in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia

  • 4:19 PM
    Nuclear Information and Resource Service: Bush Plan to Add Foreign Nuclear Garbage to Growing U.S. Waste Pile Digs Deeper Hole for Nuclear Waste Problem

  • 4:16 PM
    Greenpeace Dismisses WTO Ruling and Predicts Europe Will Stay Closed to GMOs

  • 4:01 PM
    Violence Policy Center: "Pro-Gun" States Lead Nation in Per Capita Firearm Death Rates

  • 3:26 PM
    Earth Island Institute: Canada Commits to Legislate Protection of More Than 5 Million Acres of Great Bear Rainforest

  • 3:19 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Cartoon Controversy: Beyond the Caricatures

  • 2:34 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Jordan/U.S.: Summit Should Address Torture Problem

  • 1:03 PM
    Witness Against Torture: U.S. Initiates Legal Processes Against Christian Group that Marched to Guantánamo

  • 9:52 AM
    Sustainable Energy Network: 60 Groups Urge Congress to Reject White House Energy Budget Proposals for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; Instead, Call for Funding up to Levels in 2005 Energy Policy Act

  • 9:01 AM
    Doctors Without Borders: Gilead's Tenofovir 'Access Program' for Developing Countries: A Case of False Promises?

    Monday, February 6

  • 5:15 PM
    Sierra Club: President Bush Won't Kick the Oil Habit

  • 5:00 PM
    Public Citizen: Bush Administration’s FY 2007 Budget for Nuclear Power Is Waste of Taxpayer Money, Threatens Global Security

  • 4:16 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bush Budget Chooses War over Health Care; Tax Cuts to the Super Wealthy over Education

  • 2:40 PM
    Amnesty International: Cambodia: Release of Prisoner of Conscience Cheam Channy

  • 2:32 PM
    Corporate Accountability International: More Than 110 Countries Meet as Parties to Global Tobacco Treaty

  • 2:32 PM
    Oxfam Reaction to President's Budget Proposal

  • 2:30 PM
    Violence Policy Center: Federal Indictment Confirms Again That the 50 Caliber Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle Is a Weapon of Choice Among Terrorists

  • 1:40 PM
    East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN): Rights Group Urges Veto of Timor- Leste Defamation Law

  • 1:39 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Haiti: Secure and Credible Elections Crucial for Stability

  • 12:57 AM
    American Civil Liberites Union Welcomes Senate Inquiry Into Warrantless NSA Spying Program, Urges Lawmakers to Ask Tough Questions, Reject Administration Spin

  • 10:06 AM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Top Hospitals Harming Hearts by Cooking with Trans Fat CSPI Tests Show Hospitals Using Partially Hydrogenated Oil

  • 9:01 AM
    Real News Project: FEMA Leaders' Secret History Explains Katrina Events

  • 8:03 AM
    After Downing Street: Coalition That Won Coverage of Downing Street Memo Promotes New Document

  • 6:00 AM
    Amnesty International: New Report Reveals that Former Guantanamo Detainees' Lives Are Ruined; 'No Longer Enemy Combatant' Label Does Not End Suffering

    Friday, February 3

  • 4:01 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Some Key Facts Concerning The President’s Budget Priorities For 2007

  • 2:00 PM
    Demos: Voting Rights Group Condemns Anti-Voter Bills in Three States, Urges Citizens to Take Action

  • 1:33 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Congress Should Reject Administration's Request For $70 Billion More For Iraq War; Calls War Policy A Failure

  • 1:28 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Iran and IAEA

  • 12:42 PM
    Amnesty International: United Kingdom: Government Attempts to Undermine its Legal Obligation to Bring War Criminals to Justice

  • 12:17 PM
    World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime: Tomorrow Feb. 4: Massive March to the White House; A New Movement With a Single Demand: Bush Step Down

  • 12:01 PM
    Greenpeace: IAEA Decision on Iran Will Be A Lose-Lose Outcome

  • 11:46 AM
    Public Citizen: Trademark Bill Would Severely Limit Speech of Artists, Small Business Owners, Others; Groups Urge Against Passage

  • 10:33 AM
    U.S. Senator Russ Feingold: Statement on the Patriot Act

  • 10:07 AM TV Ad Accuses President of Breaking Law by Wiretapping Americans Without Warrants; Compares Bush to Nixon, Calls for Special Prosecutor

  • 7:26 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: Draft Ruling Imminent on EU-US Biotech Trade Dispute

  • 12:00 AM
    Center for Defense Information: Expert Reveals U.S. Defense Plans for the 21st Century

    Thursday, February 2

  • 2:20 PM
    Government Accountability Project: Applauds DOE Worker Health & Safety Rule

  • 2:20 PM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Groups Present 'Green Budget' Recommendations to Congress, President; Health, Communities and Conservation Top Priorities

  • 1:50 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Anti-Gay Hate Crime in Massachusetts Is Enraging Reminder of Need to Pass Law

  • 1:50 PM
    Service Employees International Union: Statement by President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, on U.S. Vote to Ban Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Groups from the United Nations

  • 1:50 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: U.S. Ski Association Urged to Dump Beer Sponsor in Wake of Bode Miller Flap

  • 1:50 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: Groups Present 'Green Budget' Recommendations to Congress, President; Health, Communities and Conservation Top Priorities

  • 12:31 PM
    Senior House Democrats Pete Stark and Henry A. Waxman: New Government Accountability OfficeReport Raises Concerns About President's Health Proposal

  • 12:05 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Lawsuit To Find Industry Impetus Behind Park Policy Rewrite

  • 11:34 AM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Conference Call Briefing Feb. 3: Health Savings Accounts - Examining the President's Proposals

  • 11:02 AM
    Organic Consumer Association Says 'Buy Organic, Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Flowers in 2006'; New Flash Animation Release Feb. 6

  • 10:29 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: CD Copy Protection Firm Promises Fix for Software Problems

  • 10:16 AM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Study Finds Labor Dept. Overstates Share of Working Americans By 1.4 Percentage Points

  • 3:53 AM
    Americans for Democratic Action: Progressive Californians Say "Senator Dianne Feinstein Does Not Represent Us

    Wednesday, February 1

  • 5:59 PM
    ACLU Says Charges Against Southern Baptist Minister Accused of Soliciting Sex with Another Man Should be Dismissed

  • 5:46 PM
    Families USA: House Passes Budget Bill; Medicaid Beneficiaries are the Big Losers

  • 5:52 PM
    AFL-CIO: Statement by President John Sweeney On House Vote for Budget That Cuts Programs Vital to Working Families

  • 4:20 PM
    Stop CAFTA: More CAFTA Failures for the Bush Administration

  • 2:45 PM
    Commercial Alert Statement on First Sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby

  • 2:41 PM
    20/20 Vision: "America is Addicted to Oil"

  • 2:41PM
    Americans for Democratic Action: Windfall Profits Tax Redux

  • 2:05 PM
    ACLU Seeks Pentagon Files on Peace Groups

  • 2:05 PM
    ACLU Says President Ignored State of Civil Liberties in Address; Bush Failed to Answer Questions on Patriot Act, NSA Spying

  • 1:22 PM
    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Statement Regarding Cindy Sheehan

  • 1:07 PM
    Commission of Inquiry into Bush War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity to Present Preliminary Findings

  • 1:02 PM
    Peaceful Tomorrows: 9/11 Family Member to Address Terrorism Conference in Valencia, Spain

  • 12:46 PM
    Since Sliced Bread: Create Jobs, New Economy by Taxing Pollution to Support Sustainable Localized Energy Industries

  • 12:46 PM
    American Friends Service Committee (AFSC): Seeks Pentagon Surveillance Files

  • 12:36 PM
    AFL-CIO: Statement by President John Sweeney On the President’s State Of The Union Address

  • 12:36 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: New Report Details Environmental Damage From Illegal Immigration, Border Enforcement Activities in the American Southwest

  • 12:03 PM
    Brennan Center for Justice: Reformers Call for “Overhaul” of State Ethics Laws

  • 11:47 AM
    Common Cause: Loss of Federal Pension Likely a Strong Deterrent

  • 11:47 AM
    Consumers Union's Internet Prescription Drug Parody Lauded as Best Grassroots Technology Outreach; Wins Public Affairs Council Award

  • 11:46 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: Interior Official Responsible for Scientific Fraud Promoted

  • 11:32 AM
    Public Citizen Urges Congress to Restore Accountability in Oil and Gas Markets

  • 11:32 AM
    Public Citizen: Executive Branch Can Help Restore Public Confidence by Strengthening Ethics Rules and Enforcement

  • 11:18 AM
    Friends of the Earth: National Grassroots Conference Says No to Bush Nuclear Power Plan

  • 10:23 AM
    SOA Watch: Thirty-One Non-Violent Activists Sentenced to Prison in Columbus, Georgia

  • 8:00 AM
    Campaign for America's Future: State of the Union 2006: By the Numbers

  • 7:39 AM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Responses to State of the Union Address

  • 5:16 AM
    Families USA: President's Health Care Message is Most Notable for What Was Not Said

  • 5:16 AM
    Greenpeace Protests as Russia Tries to Muzzle its Own Experts on Environmental Impact of Plan to Build World's Biggest Oil Pipeline

    January 2006


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