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We've made some changes

We've made some changes


We've made a few changes to our site recently. We are switching "content management systems" in preparation for some larger changes to come in the weeks and months ahead.  If you are experiencing difficulty reading articles, or posting comments, please bear with us.

What's new right now? We have heard from thousands of our readers who feel that allowing readers to comment on articles was a step backwards - that the tone and level of discourse by a few was driving readers away. So starting today articles will now by default appear with the reader comments "hidden". However, if you'd like to view and/or participate in the comments, just click "show all" at the end of each article.

Also new? Readers will now have the ability to let us know if a comment violates our Comment Policy by "flagging" the comment.

Because of the new system, if you're currently registered to comment you'll need to re-register (just this once) to continue participating in the comment section. We apologize for this inconvenience.

And finally, please read (and respect) our new Comment Policy. We encourage you to express your opinions on news and views, but please keep the tone civil so that can remain a reliable, credible source for all of our readers.

Thanks for your patience while we undergo these changes.




Craig Brown
Executive Director, for the team.

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