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April 2008

Wednesday, April 30
Robert Scheer: No Country for Old Men
Chalmers Johnson: A Litany of Horrors: America’s University of Imperialism
Pat LaMarche: Cartoon Hero Will Save the Day
Ted Rall: Arrest Bush
Paul Campos: A Nation of Hysterics
Thom Hartmann: Interview With Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman
Stephen Zunes: The Clinton Smear Campaign Against Obama
Barbara Ehrenreich: Truckers Take Their Case to the Capitol
Charlie Cray: War Profiteers: The Bush Baghdad Bubble
Peter Cole: Longshore Union Strikes Against War
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Where Is Justice?
Cecile Richards: Message to McCain: Prevention Works
Susan Walsh/Wilhelmina Pelegrina: Wealthy Nations Fuelling Unrest
Stephen Mathis: Protect America, Not Just George Bush

Tuesday, April 29
Pierre Tristam: But Does Business Really Outperform Government?
Sheldon Rampton: Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law
Sarah Stillman: Bloated in Baghdad
Glenn Greenwald: Brian Williams Nominates Peggy Noonan for a Pulitzer Prize
Gary Kamiya: Taking Back the Debate Over Israel
Marie Cocco: The Cutting Edge of Backward Thinking
Sean Gonsalves: Who’s Feeding the Watchdog?
Robert Reich: The Best Thing Not to Have Happened During the Bush Administration
Dean Baker: Developing the New “Capitalists’ Man”
Michael Winship: Mom and Hamas: Carter Back in the Middle East
Jesse Jackson: Starving Haiti Needs Help From America
John Buell: Obama Appears to Take Social Values Seriously

Monday, April 28
Jeff Cohen: Military Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV
Ann Wright: Is There an Army Cover Up of Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers?
Erica Jong: Inspiration Versus Degradation
Michael Klare: The US and China Are Over a Barrel
Danny Schechter: On the Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s Election: Why Political Campaigns Are Only One Road to Social Change
Tom Engelhardt: Selling the President’s General: The Petraeus Story
Mollie Matteson: On a Freefall Toward Extinction
Raj Patel: The Angry Hungry
Johann Hari: Israel Is Suppressing a Secret It Must Face
Lauren Stevens: Bush of the Yellow Stockings
Thomas Palley: Curse of the Clintons
James Carroll: Hunger Affects Us All
Jimmy Carter: Talking to ‘Terrorists’
Marie Marchand: Mothers Know the Cost of War
Gary Younge: Hillary Has Cynically Turned to the One Argument She Has Left: Race

Sunday, April 27
Nancy Grape: TV Military ‘Analysts’ Are Part of What Ike Warned Against
Audrey Schulman: How to Be a Climate Hero
Glenn Greenwald: John McCain’s Serious Foreign Policy
Thomas Axworthy: Eat Locally, Survive Globally
Eric Margolis: The Neoconning of a Nation
Mark Weisbrot: The IMF’s Dwindling Fortunes

Saturday, April 26
Harvey Wasserman: Making YOU Pay for the Next Chernobyls…in Advance!
Bryan Farrell: Penn State’s Frightening Defense
Andrew Wimmer: Obliterate Them!
Tim Rutten: Diamond Lanes for the Rich
Laurie King-Irani: Amen, Rev. Wright!
Christopher Brauchli: The Prostitute and the Moderators — A Suggestion
Errol Louis: It’s Our Duty to Protest Bell Decision

Friday, April 25
Dan Hamburg: Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?
George Hunsinger: History Will Not Absolve Us
John Nichols: The World Food Crisis
Robert Fisk: ‘You Become Accustomed to the Smell of Blood During War’
Mark Morford: All the President’s Liars
David Sirota: Matthews vs. McNulty
Tony Norman: We’ve Got Dreams to Remember
Ryan Blethen: All Eyes on Media Glutton Murdoch
Nick Turse: The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades Your Life
Mark Hertsgaard: Running on Empty
David Michael Green: Get Out, Hillary
Jonathan Stein: John McCain’s Miserable Record on Hurricane Katrina
Conor Foley: Avoidable Hunger: The Role of Agricultural Subsidies

Thursday, April 24
Amy Goodman: The Single-Payer Solution
Josh Silver: TV’s Response to Pentagon Propaganda? Never Happened
Robert Weissman: Opening the Schoolhouse: Undoing the World Bank’s Damage
Robert Koehler: Shattering the War Consensus
Mark Engler: The Democrats ‘Free Trade’ Divide
Laura Santina: Hillary: Another Feminist Perspective
Tad Daley: Backyard Democracy
Joe Conason: The Ritual Flaying of Jimmy Carter
San Francisco Chronicle: Torture of the Law

Wednesday, April 23
Robert Scheer: Clinton Threatens to ‘Obliterate’ Iran
Leonard Pitts Jr.: A Hunger for National Purpose
Shahid Buttar: Subsidizing Corporate Crime and Rewarding Constitutional Abuses
Steve Fraser: The Great Silence: Our Gilded Age and Theirs
Ted Rall: One Nation, Under a Heartless God
Lester Brown/Jonathan Lewis: End Food-to-Fuel Diversion: The World Is Getting Hungry
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Gender Wars: Make Pay Equal
Dave Lindorff: Rounding Out the Pennsylvania Primary Story
J. Peter Scoblic: Meet John ‘Dubya’ McCain
John Nichols: Chaos? Not in Pennsylvania
Tom Hayden: Why Hillary Makes My Wife Scream

Tuesday, April 22
Sheldon Rampton: This Earth Day, Let’s Scrape Off the Greenwash
Robyn Blumner: Obama Chose Right Word: Who Wouldn’t Be ‘Bitter’ About Being Bushed?
George Monbiot: The Most Potent Weapon Wielded by the Empires of Murdoch and China
Sean Gonsalves: A Bad Week for Journalism
Steve Niva: The New Walls of Baghdad
Peter Asmus: The Power of Grassroots: Stop Waiting for ‘Leaders’ to Act on Global Warming
David Domke/Kevin Coe: The ‘God Bless America’ Test
Peter Fulham: When Will Young Americans Get Angry About the War?
The Boston Globe: Propaganda at Home
Brendan Smith: From Scorched Political Earth to Scorched Actual Earth
Pierre Tristam: A Black Eye for Beijing, Cameras Rolling
Jesse Jackson: US Needs to Take Lead Against World Hunger
The Salt Lake Tribune: Uranium Bonfire: Air Force Incinerated Radioactive Waste

Monday, April 21
Tom Engelhardt: Unraveling Iraq: 12 Answers to Questions No One Is Bothering to Ask about Iraq
Norman Solomon: Party Like It’s 1932: The Obama Option
Charles Derber/Yale Magrass: Rethinking ‘War Hero’
Ira Chernus: Carter’s Hamas Talks Could Aid Exodus to Peace
Chris Hedges: The Left Has Lost Its Nerve and Its Direction
Cindy Sheehan: In Love and Hope for a Peaceful World
Lucinda Marshall: Reproductive Rights: The Abortion Conversation That We Should Be Having
Michael Moore: My Vote’s for Obama (If I Could Vote)
Glenn Greenwald: Major Revelation: US Media Deceitfully Disseminates Government Propaganda
Gareth Porter: The Pentagon’s Corrupt Sock Puppet ‘Military Analysts’ Exposed
Harvey Wasserman: Where’s George?
Glenn Hurowitz: The Twisted Logic of the Border Wall
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Tuesday Is Earth Day: The Drops of Life

Sunday, April 20
Frank Rich: Shoddy! Tawdry! A Televised Train Wreck!
Shelley Berkley: There's Only Toxic Waste at the End of Yucca Mtn. Rainbow
Arthur J. Magida: The Shackles that Remain
Haroon Siddiqui: Mbeki Looks on Sphinx-Like While Zimbabwe Simmers
Susan Jacoby: Talking to Ourselves
Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Favorite Planet
Joan Vennochi: Obama's Patriotism
Les Payne: Ask Not What We Want to Hear
Mark Kurlansky: Turn the Other Cheek, or Pop Him on the Nose?

Saturday, April 19
Bob Herbert: Road Map to Defeat
Derrick Z. Jackson: Tough Questions or Just Plain Bias?
Carolyn Bennett: Papal Pomp, Millions' Misery
David Edgar: With Friends Like These . . .
Christopher Brauchli: Funerals and Abortions
Casey Bush and Joshua Seeds: Apocalpse Found: Coltan, Cell Phones and Crisis in the Congo
Paul Reyes: Government Authority is Crossing a Line

Friday, April 18
Christopher Cook: Sowing Disaster: Why We Need a New Farm Bill
Clive Stafford Smith: Cruel and Unusual
Olga Bonfiglio: The Way to Peace Can Be Paved With Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Negotiation
David Michael Green: Let’s All Pretend
Karen Houppert: KBR’s Rape Problem
Gwen DuBois: Don’t Dismiss Nuclear Risks
David Sirota: Colorado Still Sneers at Labor
The Montreal Gazette: It’s Time to Scrap the Ethanol Boondoggle
Andrew Greeley: Bush’s Victory: Blame the Democrats
Christine Ahn/GRAIN: Food Safety on the Butcher’s Block
John Nichols: Edwards Wins Colbert ‘Debate’

Thursday, April 17
Marjorie Cohn: Center for Constitutional Rights Supports National Lawyers Guild Call for Dismissal and Prosecution of John Yoo
Amy Goodman: The Orangeburg Massacre
Kathy Kelly: Weary of War? Don’t Collaborate
Robert Shetterly: One Hand Clapping in the Coal Fields
Paul Rogat Loeb: Letter to Hillary: Remember When John McCain Slimed Your Daughter
Jerry Lanson: A Pathetic Round of ‘Gotcha’ Questioning
Lawrence Lessig/Ben Scott: Public Must Fight to Maintain Net Neutrality
Sally Kohn: The War on Immigrants
William Astore: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Loathe the Bomb
Joyce Marcel: Houses Built on Sand
Robert Koehler: The Done Deal
Will Bunch: An Open Letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos
Ira Chernus: Obama’s ‘Other Wordly’ Gaffe
Joe Conason: Whose Elitism Is Worse?

Wednesday, April 16
Robert Scheer: The Man Who Would Be Bush
Paul Campos: A Tortured Defense
Pat LaMarche: US Won’t Get a Gold Medal for Human Rights
Sally Kohn: The Unmaking of the Market
Ted Rall: The Cavalry Isn’t Coming
Jennifer Wilkins: Good Reasons to Support Local Farmers
Katrina vanden Heuvel/Greg Kaufmann: Ending Slavery for Pennies
Conn Hallinan: Basra: Echoes of Vietnam
Jim Goodman: Food Shortage Looming if Crop Focus Isn’t Altered
Peter Singer: Righting Wrongs

Tuesday, April 15
Robert Reich: Obama, Bitterness, Meet the Press, and the Old Politics
Holly Sklar: Tax Day Gifts for the Rich
Derrick Jackson: One Less Burger, One Safer Planet
Michael Klare: The End of the World As You Know It … and the Rise of the New Energy World Order
Stacey Warde: Fascism Is Creepy
Barbara Koeppel: Clinton’s Experience: Fact and Fancy
George Monbiot: Credit Crunch? The Real Crisis Is Global Hunger. And If You Care, Eat Less Meat
John Nichols: The Pope and the President
Eugene Robinson: Just a Regular Gal
John Buell: Real Worry Is Medicare, Not Social Security
David Cronin: Fueling the Food Crisis
Dean Baker: Sanctity of Contracts: Mortgages and Credit Cards
Roger Smith: Some Voters Are Bitter, but More Voters Are Sweet
Manuel Pérez Rocha/Sarah Anderson: Three Amigos Summit
Jesse Jackson: As Food Costs Soar, US Must Step Up to Plate

Monday, April 14
Charles Derber & Yale Magrass: What Does It Mean To Call McCain A ‘War Hero’ Candidate?
James Carroll: America’s Whipping Boy For 9/11
Sidney Blumenthal: Dick Cheney Was Never a “Grown Up”
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama Is Right
Robert Weissman: IMF: The Times They Are A-Changin’
Floyd Rudmin: The Hypocrisy and Danger of Anti-China Demonstrations
Joe Lauria: The Coming War with Iran: It’s About the Oil, Stupid
Gary Younge: The US Needs To Talk About Class, But Politicians Don’t Have The Vocabulary
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Torture: Beyond The Pale
Bradley Burston: I Want the Palestinians to Win
Matthew Rothschild: Irish Peace Activist Denied Entry Into the United States
James Martin: How Iraq Spawned Wider Terrorist Chaos

Sunday, April 13
John Nichols: Cheney, Torture and the Chance to Restore the Rule of Law
Bill McKibben: Where Have All The Joiners Gone?
Dave Lindorff: Finding Voters ‘Bitter and Frustrated,’ Obama is Sounding Like Nader
Rebecca Solnit: Men Explain Things to Me
Tony Judt: What Have We Learned, If Anything?
Joe Galloway: In Iraq and In Washington, Reality Bites
Frank Rich: The Petraeus-Crocker Show Gets the Hook
Boston Globe: Can’t Eat Ethanol

Saturday, April 12

Glenn Greenwald: John Yoo: Spearhead or Scapegoat?
Helen Thomas: War Without End
Robert Fisk: Semantics Can’t Mask Bush’s Chicanery
Barbara Cook Spencer: When We Abuse Animals We Debase Ourselves
Robert Weitzel: ‘Suffer The Little Children’ Takes On A New Meaning
Christopher Brauchli: Savoir Faire

Friday, April 11

Chris Cooper: I’m Goin’ Down In It Three Times, But Lord I’m Only Comin’ Up Twice
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Hypes Threat from Iran in Surge “Success” Speech
Janet Redman: The World Bank’s Carbon Deals
Tom Engelhardt: Catch 2,200: 9 Propositions On The US Air War For Terror
Michael Parenti: Dubious Design
David Michael Green: Seven Ridiculously Practical Recommendations For Curbing America's Addiction To War
Peter Tatchell: Not Just Tibet, China Too
Joe Conason: McCain’s Lack of Candor on Reproductive Rights
Helen De Michiel: Next President Should Launch The Digital New Deal
John Nichols: Colombia Trade Fight is a Human Rights Test
David Sirota : The Long, Sorrowful Ludlow Legacy

Thursday, April 10

Amy Goodman: A Torture Debate Among Healers
Robert Koehler: Truth’s Wreckage
Patrick Cockburn: Riding the Tiger: Muqtada al-Sadr and the American Dilemma in Iraq
Frida Berrigan: Bush Woos Europe
Maryam Roberts: April Fools – Lessons From Inside the Peace Movement
Daniel Imhoff: We’ll Reap What We Sow
Indra Sinha: Victims of the Bhopal Disaster: Abandoned to Their Fate
Marie Cocco: Failing the Troops
Jay Bookman: We’re Locked and Loaded Into Our Rambo Fantasy

Wednesday, April 9

Robert Scheer: Everything His President Wants to Hear
Tom Andrews: It’s Time to Challenge Gen. Petraeus
Bill Moyers: Journalists As Truth-Tellers
Sean Gonsalves: Where – and What – in the World Is Diego Garcia?
Pat LaMarche: Bigger Will Never Be Eco Friendly
Jeremy Seabrook: India: Disappearing the Poor
Robin Mittenthal: Enough Already
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Arrogance, Indiscipline Come Down From the Top
Aaron Glantz: Petraeus’ Testimony

Tuesday, April 8
Olga Bonfiglio: What the Peace Movement Has Wrought and Opportunities for the Future
Michael Winship: John Yoo’s Tortured Explanations
Joseph Stiglitz: A Deficit of Leadership
Dean Baker: The Foreclosure Prevention Act (aka the Bank and Builder Bailout Act)
Dilip Hiro: A Convenient Culprit
Jesse Jackson: America Should Invest in the ‘Front Side of Life’
Pierre Tristam: Dog and Petraeus Show
Barbara Ehrenreich: Truckers Hit the Brakes
Marie Cocco: Seven Years of Scandal
Leonard Doyle: Hillary’s Mr Fix-It: The Rise and Fall of Mark Penn

Monday, April 7
Jeremy Scahill: Contract Justice
Ira Chernus: General Entrap-Us or General Entrapped?
Caroline Arnold: Soldiers in Modern Wars All Die in Vain
David Rovics: The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’
Paul Krugman: Grains Gone Wild
Tom Engelhardt: Petraeus’s Ponzi Scheme
Dave Zirin: Common Bond for Uncommon Men: Roberto Clemente and Martin Luther King
Glenn Greenwald: Cokie Roberts Speaks Out on the War on Behalf of the American People
Patrick Quirk: Democracy Promotion Doublespeak
Chris Hedges: On Secular Fundamentalism
Iain Hunter: Canada Turns Its Back on Thirsty World
James Carroll: Paranoia Backed by Just Cause
Oliver Miles: Still Occupied

Sunday, April 6
Joseph Stiglitz/Linda Bilmes: $3 Trillion May Be Too Low
Dave Lindorff: Listen to the General (No Not Petraeus!)
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bernie Sanders Does Small ‘d’ Democracy
Queen Rania Al Abdullah: Gaza’s Crushed Childhoods
Jim Doherty: Wolves 'Wanted: Dead'

Saturday, April 5
Jameel Jaffer: Notes on Torture
Glenn Greenwald: The US Establishment Media in a Nutshell
Grace Lee Boggs: Living for Change: Obama and MLK
Christopher Brauchli: The Quick and the Dead and McCain
Robert Fisk: The Fearful Lives in a Land of the Free
Jessica Mosby: The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

Friday, April 4
Jeff Cohen: 40 Years Later, (The Late) Martin Luther King Still Silenced
David Sirota: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
John Nichols: Dems Flunking Trade 101
Martin Luther King Jr.: Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Larry Beinhart: The Road to Esfahan
Tom Engelhardt: American Grand Delusions
Tom Devine: The Biggest Threat to Freedom
Jonathan Steele: In Backing the Basra Assault, the US Has Only Helped Sadr
Las Vegas Review-Journal: The Fox and the Henhouse: Conflict of Interest at Yucca Mountain

Thursday, April 3
Amy Goodman: Where Do We Go From Here?
Glenn Greenwald: Why Doesn’t the 9/11 Commission Know About Mukasey’s 9/11 Story?
Martin Luther King III: Speaking Truth to Poverty
Peter Dreier: HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson’s Resignation — A Window Into Bush Administration’s Corruption, Indifference, and Incompetence
Michael Takiff: Oh, What a Lovely War! So?
Alison Mondi: Students Pay the Price for Inadequate Sex Education
David Vine: The Other Guantánamo
Gary Olson: The Emotional Power of Photography: From the Civil Rights Movement to Iraq, How Empathy Can Impact Change
Bob Hepburn: Calling on Youth to Save Our Planet
Carol Hamilton: Obama, JFK, and ‘A Sense of History’
Robert Koehler: Fire and Race
Margaret Krome: Health System Keeps Stigma on Mental Care
Jesse Jackson: MLK’s Legacy Is Alive and Well
Marie Cocco: Doctors and Patients Agree

Wednesday, April 2
Ted Rall: Don’t Move On. Start Over
Yifat Susskind: The US-Colombia Unfair Trade Agreement: Just Say No!
Harvey Wasserman: Will Al Gore Help Shut the Nuke Power Loophole?
Howard Zinn: Empire or Humanity?
Robert Scheer: A Submarine to Fight al-Qaida’s Navy
Dennis Martinez: Land Grab on a Global Scale
Pat LaMarche: Our Leaders Don’t Care: ‘So?’
John Dear: The Last Words of Dr. King
Marko Beljac: Arms Race in Space
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Can You See the Promised Land of Equality?
Michael Tomasky: Lieberman's Smears: Rolling Back History
Aijaz Husain: Counting the Cost in Iraq

Tuesday, April 1
Daphne Wysham/Shakuntala Makhijani: World Bank Climate Profiteering
Robert Weissman: Philip Morris International Commences New Plans to Spread Death and Disease
Michael Kroll: A Lesson on Protest From the 1980 Olympics
Wayne Barrett: Could the Republicans Pick the Democratic Nominee? — The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan
Michael Winship: 'The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo' Illuminates and Devastates
Nomi Prins: Why Fed Reform Won’t Work
Jeff Leys: Fracturing the Peace to End the Iraq War
Michael Hansen/Rhonda Perry: Lobbyists Try to Keep Milk Information From Consumers
Dave Zirin: Sportswriters Swoon Over DC Ballpark
The Guardian: Biofuels: An Unsustainable Scam
Juan Cole: Why al-Maliki Attacked Basra
Bud McClure: War Math
John Buell: Current Tax System Unfair to Working Class
Jesse Jackson: We Mustn’t Give Up Fight for King’s Cause

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