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The Demonstrations
Published on Monday, October 3, 2005 by
The Demonstrations
by Blase Bonpane

Congratulations to all of your who participated last Saturday in history making gatherings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle and many other places. We were overjoyed with the international response. But please understand that we need you every day. We need you to help remove the criminals who are driving our ship of state on to the rocks. We need you to realign and restructure the public sector of the United States. We need you to stop the looting of funds designated for the repair of the Gulf Coast as our government has become the world's largest center of organized crime. We can be soft on crime no longer. Could our criminal justice system be any worse if it had been designed by the KKK?

We need you to bring our troops home now. We need you to impeach and imprison those responsible for the deaths of our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need you to be a voice of repentance for the innocents who have been massacred in our name.

We need you to join the international quest for an authentic spiritual and moral revolution to achieve a universal common good. We need you to end divisive sectarianism and to bring that unity which is found in the struggle for justice, peace, love, joy, courage, compassion and endurance.

As we make restitution for the crimes of this corrupt era, let the word go forth:

We will not tolerate the violation of the public trust which we have mistakenly placed in our president and other officials as they blatantly conduct malfeasance of office.

Pay attention:

1. You don't privatize the Public Sector to funnel government funds to your corrupt cronies.
2. You don't loot funds which have been designated for widows and orphans.
3. You don't let third-rate religious charlatans canonize and demonize other faiths.

Yes, we have been entirely too soft on organized crime!

Our hard earned tax money has been used to kill millions of innocent people.

Our hard earned tax money has been looted by Halliburton and Bechtel. Our hard earned tax money has been used to hire international thugs for mercenary warfare. Our hard earned tax money has been used as part of an international lying machine. Our sycophant commercial media is creating a nation of political illiterates.

Yes, we need you to help us in building an international system of peace. The nation state is too small for our total allegiance. Let us pledge allegiance to this beautiful planet with justice and peace for all.


Dr. Bonpane is the founder of Office of the Americas.


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