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Fifteen Hundred
Published on Friday, March 4, 2005 by The Progressive
Fifteen Hundred
by Matthew Rothschild

Fifteen hundred U.S. soldiers have now given their lives for George Bush's misbegotten war in Iraq.

Fifteen hundred families devastated, a pain that will never fully go away, a void now never to be filled.

Fifteen hundred soldiers, who leave mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands or wives, sons and daughters, all to grieve in their own personal ways for a tragedy born of a national disgrace.

And then there are the Iraqi civilians who have died as a result of Bush's war. At least ten times as many, maybe 70 times as many.

And our men and women are now dying at a rate of almost 100 a month, and are now being wounded at a rate of about 1,000 a month.

Meanwhile, Iraqi civilians are being chewed up by the US and by the insurgency, which shows no signs of abating, despite the much-ballyhooed elections.

That's why Allawi just extended martial law.

If anything, the insurgency is getting bolder, using ever-more destructive bombs.

Fifteen hundred U.S. soldiers.

When will Bush have had enough?

At 2,500?

At 3,500?

At 5,500?

He doesn't seem to care what the American people think.

He never has, except on November 2.

He's got his counterfeit mandate, he's got the word from God, so all those Iraqi civilians killed and all those 1,500 soldiers are a sacrifice he's perfectly willing to make.

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