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US "Enroned" by W
Published on Tuesday, February 8, 2005 by
US "Enroned" by W
by Salle Engelhardt

Yo, fellow Americans! Short attention span lifestyle is not an option anymore. Think back about W's modus operandi. This guy has never earned an honest dollar in his life, he was born to a wealthy family, and given "special privileges" only afforded to the wealthy during the Viet Nam war. Then his education, well, that was clearly "purchased" since it's obvious that he is barely capable of the independent cognitive functioning required for anything above the level of a drug dealer or bar room antagonist (my apologies to those drug dealers and bar room antagonists among you who actually can display evidence of a three-digit-positive-integer-IQ). Then look at all of his business dealings. Where did all that money come from? Certainly not his earned income, it was all borrowed from wealthy friends of his daddy--which he subsequently lost in a hurry. Oh well, wasn't his money. Just like what's in the U. S. treasury. . . not his, ours--and he is no more capable of handling that responsibly either.

Was he ever held accountable for any of those failed ventures? No. And then there was that Enron thing, you know, those rich pals of W and daddy who ripped off several states and millions of commonfolk for billions and never went to trial and are still incredibly rich and free? Just a test run for the raping of a nation, I'd say. Look at the fiscal situation in this country, what with the Enron-like appointees in powerful government positions, the non-accountability of anyone for anything, the lies, cover ups and "oh well" attitude about the falsely explained rolling blackouts and gas price hikes, and the missing billions of Iraqi oil revenues for the past couple years . . . sound familiar? You know, like the nonexistent WMD's and Saddam as an imminent threat and champion of terrorists--but that was so last year.

Why do we allow this gang to get away with bankrupting this supposed greatest nation on the planet? Because we the people haven't got enough interest in paying attention for more than the fifteen seconds it takes for the corporate media to tell us what our opinion should be. Of course, many of us don't care for the confrontational belittling the shouters espouse so we accept what we are told and leave it be, as long as it isn't keeping us from whatever instantaneously gratifying event we are interested in. (My apologies to those who actually do pay attention and participate in that part of the government requiring each citizen's responsibility to do so.)

When will Americans get it?

I fear that it may be too late. But I'll wager that more Americans will sit up and take notice as soon as the ramifications of this administration's policies have come to darken their individual homes and stifle their ideas of personal freedom and security.

Many of my friends were raised in former communist countries. They laugh at my fears for my country and tell me, "Get used to it, it's just like communists. They will take everything from you and you can do nothing because their police will stop you. They will spy on you, intimidate you, and take everything for themselves while they insist that you work like dogs and you will have nothing for yourself. The rich will have everything they want and the poor will live like serfs." This is profoundly disturbing, I think to myself, because I can actually see this happening and nobody, at least not that has a way of reaching the many, can sound an alarm to wake up the sleeping people of a nation that has already taken several turns for the worst. Mussolini would be proud of this administration.

Take a serious look at the budget proposed yesterday, the cost of the wars of late, the push to bankrupt social security, and education. Then there's the gutting of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and all the other regulatory laws that were implemented to protect us, and other living things, from pollution and destruction brought about by corporate non-accountability, responsibility or concern for anything above the bottom line. And the tax cuts that only benefit the wealthy who have no intention of paying their fair share. You couldn't have this kind of wealth in any other country, therefore, you should pay your taxes to support the system that made it possible for you to be rich. Both George Soros and Bill Gates Sr., two very wealthy but compassionate Americans, have been saying this for years now.

So what's up with this restructuring of social stratification to two layers? Soon there will be the very rich and the poor, nothing in between. Perhaps this has something to do with those who see themselves as the "chosen few" such that the fewer there are of them, the easier it will be to isolate and insulate themselves from the distastefully poor masses. A hypothetical rationale, though I suspect I may be wrong about the hypothetical quality of it, this could be related to the continuation of the concept of "manifest destiny" and other horrid perceptions of privilege, power, and domination. Only this time it isn't just a continent, it's the whole planet that is at stake-or the prize.

Consider this: If you cut all the social services, there will be massive die-off due to disease, starvation, and food wars leaving fewer mouths to feed or worry about since the medical option won't be available either-unless you're wealthy. You can work the poor harder since they aren't going to last long anyway and then you just throw them away--the "throw away society" as it has never before been envisioned. It makes using the nuclear option less offensive and more practical since there won't be troops to place in harm's way, so much more ease with which to conquer the world so that W can realize his dream of becoming emperor. Not that he will be necessary in the near future as there are far more intelligent and diabolical individuals who are poised to take over as soon as W gets the dirty work out of the way. Intellect, morality, and compassion could be mutually exclusive here. With no true education for the poor, eventually the wealthy can do anything they please and none of the poor will be able to recognize deception easily or be in any position to do anything about it. But then, this is already the case and it isn't necessarily due to failings of the educational system, rather, it is a product of conditioning through advertising, apathy, and propaganda.

I feel this way because I have been paying attention for decades and I am a life-long participant in my responsibilities as a citizen. I was taught, both at home and in school as a child, to understand the responsibility to participate in government as a component of citizenship. Maybe civics should be a theme of focus in education instead of just the name of a car.

What I see is a once great democratic nation unraveling to its ruin before my very eyes and it scares the hell out of me. I don't expect the rest of the world to mourn this event in the least. We don't deserve that much deference considering the way we have treated them this past half century or so. I have to admit that I'm ashamed to be an American because of the way we demonize everyone who isn't us or longing to be like what we want them to think we are.

As for W and this "born again colonialist agenda for the new American planet," it makes sense considering the afore mentioned rationale that this administration has a lust for weaponry with little regard for humanity, and all the other species on the planet. If you have all the big guns, you could be like John Wayne in the movies, always getting your way and so the winner/hero/bully in your own big fat fantasy from which you never have to awaken, until Judgment day that is. But then again, if nobody is there to tell you that what you're doing is immoral, is religion or morality really necessary?

As Mrs. Smith once told me, "If you want to gain control over a large population in a hurry, start a religion."

It's time to wake up and oust these bums. This administration has already proven that they have no concern for the rule of law, humanity or anything outside of their small circle of friends and loyalist shills. Since I'm not inside that small circle, and I suspect that the vast majority of "we the little people" (Dennis Hastert, 1997) aren't, perhaps we'd better start screaming bloody murder and take back the country from these charlatans before we lose our ability recover.

Remember, corporate shills do not equal public servants. Regime change starts at home.

Salle Engelhardt is a cultural Anthropologist and Political Scientist living in the Northern Rockies.

© 2005 Salle Engelhardt


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