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September 2003

Tuesday, September 30
Amy Goodman/Jeremy Scahill: Does A Felon Rove The White House?
John Nichols: Kerry Makes Another Big-Issue Mistake
Robert Steinback: It's Time For Troops To Come Home
Huck Gutman: Why is the USA in the Quagmire That It is in Today? The Answer Lies in Domestic Politics, Cowboy Diplomacy and Greed
Paul Krugman: Who's Sordid Now?
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Growing More Vulnerable on Credibility, War, and the Economy
Winona LaDuke: Democratizing Power Production is Better Solution Than Energy Bill
Laurie King-Irani: Edward Said: A Lesson That Will Not Die, A Vision That Cannot Fail
Charley Reese: The Road to Empire Leads to Darkness
Sonali Kolhatkar: Dirty Recall Games: Schwarzenegger and the Media
Pierre Tristam: Coming-Out-Parties For Censors' Ho-hum Targets in Hardcover

Monday, September 29
Betsy Barnum: Let's Act Like Citizens, Not Consumers
Naomi Klein: Once Strip-Mined, Twice Shy
Scott Taylor: Bogged Down in Baghdad
Dave Zweifel: High-Tech Voting Must be Fraud-Free
Harley Sorensen: The Real Clowns in Recall 'Circus' Are the Press
Jay Bookman: Blame Game Can Prove Destructive
Natasha Walter: There is One Country Left in the World Where Women are Specifically Denied the Vote
Oracle/U of So Florida: Human Shields Had Freedom of Speech on Their Side
Peter Preston: President Bush's Ratings in the US Opinion Polls are at an All-time Low
Mushahid Hussain: Debate Goes from 'War on Terror' to Anti-US Sentiment
Neil Peirce: The Case for Fresh Ideas on Waging the Drug War
Salim Muwakkil: Bias Curtails Blacks' Advancement

Sunday, September 28
Eric Margolis: No Wonder America Has So Many Enemies
Norman Solomon: California's Populist Revival
Antonia Zerbisias: Venezuelan News Media Dissected
Mike Davis: Our Summer Vacation: 20,000 Dead
Haroon Siddiqui: Edward Said Drew From His Great Moral Strength
Dennis Roddy: Why the Music Stopped
Micah Sifry: A 'Clean' Sweep for Elections
Michele Landsberg: Villagers' Struggle has Message for Filmgoers
Andrzej Lubowski: Admiration for America Is Replaced by Apprehension

Saturday, September 27
Sami Ramadani: Patriots and Invaders: Iraqi Resistance to Foreign Occupation Enjoys Great Popular Support
Madison Capital Times: Ashcroft is a False Patriot.
Andrew Murray: No More War, No More Lies
David Corn: Is Bush's War in Iraq A "Brain Fart"?
Helen Thomas: Hussein Link Was Sales Job
Christopher Brauchli: Standards and Testing Fine, But Not Enough
Wayne Madsen: Respect Rights of Protest Groups
Ira Chernus: Ten Days of Repentance: A Wise Tradition for Every Nation

Friday, September 26
William Pfaff: The Retreat From Baghdad
Tom Turnipseed: The Legacy of Military Solutions: Live by the Sword and Die by the Sword
Reggie Rivers: Will Break To Wal-Mart Really Pay?
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: All The President's Men
David Corn: The Other Lies of George Bush
Mark Engler: Ride Toward Freedom
Daniel Schorr: A War Still in Search of a Rationale
Marty Jezer: Year of the Blues
Roanoke Times: Patriotic Criticism
Stanley Karnow: Vietnam's Shadow Lies Across Iraq
Dave Zweifel: Skin's Thin on Far-Right Bush Backers
Mitch Earleywine: The Cannabis Crusades - Anti-Pot Ads Have Backfired

Thursday, September 25
John Nichols: Edward Said: Against Blind Imperial Arrogance
Seumas Milne: Iraq Has Now Become the Crucible of Global Politics
Richard Manning: A Conservatism That Once Conserved
Norman Solomon: "Wesley & Me": A Real-Life Docudrama
New York Times: The Presidential Bubble
Theodore Sorensen: Don't Blame Bush's Speechwriters
Mark Weisbrot: Washington Pursues Dangerous Policy in Venezuela
David Sarasohn: Bush Really Hits the Trifecta
Bill Youngs: Living Democracy
John Nichols: Clark Stumbles Out Of The Starting Gate
Jon Carroll: The Charm Offensive Gets Offensive
Todd Gitlin/Jay Rosen: Ashcroft Is Unprintable, and Glad of It
Ellen Goodman: Reason to Cheer Moseley Braun's Run For Office

Wednesday, September 24
Harvey Wasserman: California Nightmare: Arnold Stalks for Bush 2004
Robert Fisk: Iraqi Broadcasters Risk Being Closed If They Put Saddam's Voice On Air.
Steven Zunes: An Annotated Refutation of President George W. Bush’s September 23 Address Before the United Nations
Derrick Jackson: Owning Up to Deceptions on the Iraq War
Sgt. Leanne Duffy: With No Plan Apparent, GIs in Iraq Slowly Becoming Frantic
Jules Rabin: Fools, or Not -- Protesting the War
Stephen Schlesinger: More Than Ever, We Need the UN
Ian Williams: Bush Should Have Listened Instead
Bruce Ramsey: Let the Neo-cons Bellow, Just Bring the Troops Home
Robert Kuttner: NYSE: Ever the Insiders' Club.
Nicholas Von Hoffman: The Plutocrats Run Wild And Democracy Suffers

Tuesday, September 23
Andrea Buffa: Six Months After the Attack on Iraq, Was the Anti-war Movement Right?
Thomas Oliphant: Kennedy's 'Uncivil' Truths on Iraq
Jimmy Breslin: They Lied and Many Soldiers Died
William Jackson Jr: Miller's Latest Tale Questioned - When Will 'NY Times' Get Her off WMD Trail?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Nike Gets a Pass
John Buell: In Cancun It Was Paeans to the World's Wealthy
James Carroll: Antiterrorism Creed
Steve Chapman: The Truths About Iraq That Bush Isn't Telling
Sean Gonsalves: What Are You Talkin' About, Wes?
Douglas Mattern: Global Disaster Averted by a Forgotten Hero of Our Time
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Cheney's War Stock
Brian Halweil: Farm Subsidies Rightly Inspire Third World Trade Revolt
Ernest Partridge: After the Internet

Monday, September 22
Simon Tisdall: How the World Can Aid Iraq Without Helping Bush
Andrew Christie: Weep for Our Lost Cynicism - "Wag the Dog" Keeps on Barking
Anita Roddick: Business is Imposing Virtual Slavery in the Developing World - and Only We, the Consumers, Can Stop It
Neil Peirce: Promoting Ordinary Lives Over Flashy Glass Towers
Harley Sorensen: Sharon & Arafat: The Meaning of 'Remove'
John Borowski: Project Learning Tree: Education by Omission
Felicity Arbuthnot: Tiger and Zoo I Know!
Madison Capital Times: Talking Truth on Iraq
Rubin Navarrette: Bush Administration's Appetite for Power is Never Satisfied
John Pilger: What Good Friends Left Behind
Wayne O'Leary: Old Trickle Down is Back in Town
Les Gapay: How a Regular Guy Gets Homeless

Sunday, September 21
Les Payne: Wesley Clark: His First Bad Grade
Eric Margolis: Bush's Tame US Media May Yet Have Teeth
Sara Paretsky: For Those Who Wish to Dissent: Speech, Silence and Patriotism
Susan Lenfestey: Bush Team is Squandering Economy, Goodwill and Lives, With No End in Sight
Doris "Granny D" Haddock: Working Women Vote
Leonard Pitts Jr: We Broke Iraq, Now We Must Pay For It
Deborah Locke: Franken's Book Bravely Presents the Truth
G. Jefferson Price III: Truth About Iraq War Comes in Slivers

Saturday, September 20
Christian Parenti: Stretched Thin, Lied to & Mistreated: On the Ground with US Troops in Iraq
Martin Jacques: The Global Hierarchy of Race.
Katha Pollitt: Governor Groper?
Neve Gordon: Sharon’s Preemptive Zeal
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Inflicts 'Compassion' on Poor, Hungry, Jobless
John Passacantando: EPA Nominee Leavitt: He is No Friend of Imperiled Environment
Nicholas Kristof: Killing Them Softly

Friday, September 19
Bill Moyers: France and America, A Shared History
Robert Fisk: Another Day, Another Death-Trap For The US
Thom Hartmann: Might Bush's Blank Check for War Bounce If He Deceived Congress?
Walter Cronkite: US Battles Terror With a Touch of the Spanish Inquisition
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 9/11 and Missing Case for Iraq War
Derrick Jackson: Cheney's Conflict With the Truth
Andrew Greeley: Big Lie on Iraq Comes Full Circle
Baltimore Sun: Knocking Out the Props
Greg Palast: Tragedy in New York: French Fried Friedman
HDS Greenway: The Radical Hand Behind Bush's War Moves
Eric Alterman: 9/11/01: Where Was George?
Rodolfo Acuña: Immigrants Could End up Fighting War in Iraq
Bruce Mulkey: The Striking Similarities Between Vietnam and Iraq: Can You Say Quagmire?
John Sweeney: The Foxes Are Still Guarding the Henhouse

Thursday, September 18
Max Cleland: Mistakes of Vietnam Repeated with Iraq
Connie Schultz: It's Time for Women to Stand Against War
Howard Zinn: An Occupied Country
Karen Armstrong: Our Role in the Terror
Brian Foley: Power to the Purse!
Ira Chernus: Israel Destroys Chances for Peace By Destroying Palestinian Leadership
John Cavanagh/Robin Broad: A Turning Point for World Trade?
Ellen Goodman: Can't You be Civil, You Lying Idiot?
Michael Keane: Eighth Pillar of Wisdom? Iraq Is a Deep Morass
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Era of Bad Feelings - Domestic Fallout of Rising Anti-Americanism
Kumar Venkat: Globalization's Unanswered Questions
Ramzy Baroud: When Negroponte Raised His Hand, US Credibility Sunk to New Low

Wednesday, September 17
Robert Byrd: Losing Dollars and Sense in Iraq
Anti-War Candidate?: Wesley Clark: Bush and Blair Should Be Proud of Their Resolve in the Face of So Much Doubt.
Tim Predmore: For the Last Six Months I Have Participated in What I Believe to be the Great Modern Lie: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Derrick Jackson: Cheney's Misspeaking Streak
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Truth: Too Little of It on Iraq
Jason Leopold: Wolfowitz Contradicts Cheney, Iraq Not Involved In 9-11 Attacks
Madison Capital Times: WTO Loses; Farmers Win
Robert Kuttner: Poor Nations Revolt at Rigged Trade Talks
Rebecca Solnit: Victory in Cancún
John McKinnon: An Administration That Thinks And Acts As A Child
Lucy Boulanger/John Fogarty: On the Streets and Behind the Scenes at the WTO Meeting in Cancun - A Win for Democracy
Richard Gwyn: Rich States Turn Backs on Poor Once More
Sophie Thurber: Is Iran Next? History Says it Shouldn't Be
Joyce Marcel: Israel/Palestine: When the Law of the Jungle Prevails

Tuesday, September 16
James Carroll: Saying 'No!' To The War In Iraq
Antonia Zerbisias: The Press Self-muzzled' Its Coverage of Iraq War
Carol Rose: Ashcroft Bars the Doors to Democracy
Patrick Doherty: The Message from Cancun: The World Needs a New American Grand Strategy
Christian Science Monitor: Selling the Public Square
Sean Gonsalves: Are You Feeling 'Dragged Along'?
Pierre Tristam: Citizenship's Clarity in the Spirit of Liberty
George Monbiot: A Threat To The Rich: Forcing the Poor Countries to Walk Out of the Cancun Trade Talks May Rebound on the West
Mark Weisbrot: WTO Beached in Cancun
Robert Steinback: An American in Paris: No Hard Feelings Here
Dave Zweifel: Is George Bush the Most Dangerous President in US History?
Anuradha Mittal: Cancun: Why it's Good That the Trade Talks Broke Down
Thomas Walkom: A Chilling Message to Muslims

Monday, September 15
Harley Sorensen: Osama bin Laden: The Luckiest Man in the World
Bob Keeler: Letting the Troops Through the School Door
Bud McClure: Bush's War on Terror Failing
Joseph Wilson: Seeking Honesty in US Policy
Kevin Martin/Carrie Benzschawel: Usable Nukes
Ralph Nader: Big Snapple? Selling the City, Drink by Drink
Jason Leopold: Dems Scrap Plans To Look Into Claims White House Manipulated Intel On Iraqi Threat
Jay Bookman: Cost of War Our Burden, Not Our Kids'
Jonathan Zimmerman: 'Who Would Jesus Tax?'
Robert Higgs: The War Party's Enablers: All of Us
Robert Fisk: Powell's Baghdad Briefing Ignores High Price of Failure
Jim Zogby: Ten Years Later, the World is Upside Down

Sunday, September 14
Eric Margolis: The Crusade Against 'Terrorism': If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie and Lie Again
Stephen Zunes: Kerry, Lieberman, and the House Democratic Leadership Attack Dean
David Potorti: Mourner's Morning
Terry Haven: We Have the Will for War, But Neglect Our Children
Benjamin Barber: Our War's Mistaken Premise
Devin Nordberg: Corporations Win from War in Iraq. But the Iraqi People Should Be the Benefactors
Gene Collier: It's Payback Time for the Bush Bash in Iraq
Jimmy Breslin: Fascism In The Name Of Security

Saturday, September 13
Jeffrey Sachs: A Better Use for Our $87 Billion
John Nichols: Johnny Cash's Redemption Song
Michael Moore: A Citizen's Appeal to a General in a Time of War (at Home)
Heather Wokusch: China Upstages US at Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference
James Goldston: A Beacon of Freedom Grows Dim
Christopher Brauchli: The Patriotic Privilege of Reduced Pay Raises
Martin Wagner: WTO Undermining Democracy: Lessons from California
M. Shahid Alam: Dialectics of Terror

Friday, September 12
Johhny Cash: Man in Black
Paul Krugman: Exploiting the Atrocity
Naomi Klein: Free Trade Is War
Walter Cronkite: Latest Iraq Casualty: Our National Prestige
Benjamin Barber: Declare Our Interdependence!
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: US Truth And Justice Commission Needed
Patrick Doherty: Looking for a New Direction, America? Turn to Grand Strategy
John F. Borowski: Disney’s Deceit Tarnishes Jiminy Cricket’s Mission
John O'Farrell: Europes Largest Arms Fair: All the Fun of the Fair
Christine Ahn: Death at the WTO
Marty Jezer: Out of the Streets, Into the Voting Booths
Helen Thomas: Declare Victory and Leave
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Iraq: Creating a Threat Where None Existed

Thursday, September 11
David Potorti: Filling September 11th
Kathryn Casa: Where From Here?
Jim Hightower: Locking Down Democracy to Keep America Free
Ellen Goodman: Spinning Sept. 11 Into a Useful Political Ploy
Greg Palast: Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders
Joaquín Roy: Three Tragic Sept. 11ths
Independent/UK: Lessons of 11 September, And How the 'War on Terror' Has Brought Only More War and More Terror
Guardian/UK: September 11- Two Lost Years: George Bush Has Made a Bad Situation Worse
Danny Schecter: How Media Has Changed Since the Day that 'Changed Everything'
Mokhiber/Weissman: Other Things You Might Do With $87 Billion
Norman Solomon: Triumph of the Media Mill
Roger Burbach: Two 9/11s, One Story: To Understand Better What Happened in New York in 2001, Go Back to Chile in 1973
Kevin Danaher/Scott Lynch: The Patriot Act: Faking Out the Constitution
Gareth Evans: Why the War on Terror is Not Going Well
Anthony Robinson: Threats Real and Imagined

Wednesday, September 10
Thom Hartmann: The Genetically Modified Bomb
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Tin Cup - An $87 Billion Appeal
Ira Chernus: The Invisible War
Harvey Wasserman: Fabulous Farm Aid Rocks Corporate AG While Bush Babbles
Chalmers Johnson: The Scourge of Militarism - Rome and America
Robert Kuttner: Neo-Cons Have Hijacked US Foreign Policy
Mark Engler: Who Pays For Poverty?
Jim Lilly: Catch-22? Yearning for Yossarian
Carol Marin: Thinking Beyond Our Own Self-interest
Zoltan Grossman: Was Gen. Clark Also "Unprepared" for the Postwar?
Derrick Jackson: Money For War, But Not Much Else

Tuesday, September 9
James Carroll: To Honor the Victims, Let Us Make Peace, Instead of War
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: When Will Voters Finally Get Wise to the Shell Game?
John Nichols: Victims' Kin, Bush Take Different Paths
Margie Burns: The Sunday Night Presidential Address
Marjorie Kohn: How the Bush Administration's Opposition to the International Criminal Court Has Put Peacekeepers and Others in Danger
Paul Krugman: Other People's Sacrifice
Andrew Gumbel: What Americans Know: A Conformist Education System Ill at Ease with Dissent or Critical Thought
John Buell: Considering Iraq, Democracy, Free Labor
Mark Weisbrot: Protectionism Trumps Free Trade at the WTO
Pierre Tristam: Man's Deeds an Instructive Option to Moralism by Cudgel
Rebecca Zimmerman: Nuclear Bunker Buster: No Bang for the Buck
George Monbiot: The Myth of Localism
Sean Gonsalves: Political Jeopardy over Korea, Iraq
Anthony Westell: Who's Winning the War on Terror? Sorry, George

Monday, September 8
Robert Jamieson Jr: Marine Pays for Following His Heart
Scott Ritter: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Our Midst; America Can Be Its Own Worst Enemy
Stephen Zunes: Bush's Speech: The War in Iraq is Not Over and Neither Are the Lies to Justify
Rachel Shabi: The Torturers' Picnic: Repressive Regimes Will Be Stocking Up Again at This Week's Arms Fair - and We're Footing the Bill
Harley Sorensen: Oval Office Outrages Just Keep Coming
Robert Jensen: Through Eyes of Foreigners: US Political Crisis
Jay Bookman: What About the 90-day Occupation?
Ruth Rosen: The Timid Terminator
Christian Parenti: Letter from Baghdad: The Progress of Disaster
Madison Capital Times: Perpetual War, Waste

Sunday, September 7
Haroon Siddiqui: Two Years After 9/11 Attacks, A Report Card
Lawrence Donegan: Bush Might Be Nuts, But Not All of America's Gone Crazy
Norman Solomon: 9/11 Couldn't Eclipse the Truth
Sheila Johnson: The Battle of Algiers and Its Lessons
Noam Chomsky: There's Good Reason to Fear US
Eric Margolis: 'Cost of Empire': The High Price of US Policies
Maureen Dowd: From Swagger to Stagger
William Lutz: Bush's Rhetoric of Fear
Ralph Nader: Government Purchasing: Uncle Sam Needs to Be a a Responsible Consumer

Saturday, September 6
Michael Meacher: This War on Terrorism is Bogus
Willie Nelson: It's About America: 1983 Speech on Farm Policy Still True Today
Midge Miller: Kucinich's Record Shows He's an Antidote to Bush
Doug Saunders: The Fourth World War
John Carter: Schoolkids Go Begging as Military Gets Billions
Robert Byrd: From Bad to Worse: Billions for War on Iraq, A Fraction for Poor Kids Education
Anuradha Mittal: Open Fire and Open Markets: Strategy of an Empire
Christopher Brauchli: Droppin' Out and Droppin' Lies in Houston
Richard Thieme: Why We Are All Getting a Little Crazy

Friday, September 5
Jonathan Schell: The Importance of Losing
Helen Thomas: Who's Counting the Dead in Iraq?
Brewster Denny: Our Place In The World: We Must Follow Path Of Diplomacy
Carol Goar: The WTO Drug Deal: How Hope was Bargained Away
Jonathan Freedland: What If We'd Never Gone To War With Iraq?
Marc Cooper: The Real Cancun: Behind Globalization's Glitz
Mark Zepezauer: Election 2004: We Already Told You
John O'Farrell: The UN Should Leave George Bush to Clear Up the Mess He Created in Iraq
David Cole: On the Road With Ashcroft
Steve Chapman: Time to Face Reality of Failure in Iraq
Tony Norman: Has this Christian Nation Forgotten Jesus' Teachings?
Mark Morford: The Big Lie Of Jessica Lynch...

Thursday, September 4
William Pfaff: UN Role Won't Fix the US Mess in Iraq
Ira Chernus: Colonialism Creates Multicultural Society - Like It or Not
Greg Palast: The Pepsification of America
Norman Solomon: The Quagmire of Denouncing a "Quagmire"
Bernie Sanders: The Collapse of the Middle Class
Thom Hartmann: Blood, Oil, and Tears - and the 2004 Bush Campaign Strategy
Seth Ackerman: Who Knew? The Unanswered Questions of 9/11
Charleston Gazette: Private Military Firms - New Element in War
Matthew Miller: Something to Talk About
Jay Bookman: Reality in Iraq Requires Help
Toronto Star: Bailing Bush Out Of His Iraq Fiasco
Mark Steel: Looking For WMD? Come To London's Docklands
New York Times: Betraying the Sick in Africa

Wednesday, September 3
Jonathan Freedland: Before the War, President Bush Told us Iraq Was a Throbbing Hub of Terror. It Wasn't, of Course. But it is Now
Harvey Wasserman: Bush to New Yorkers: Drop Dead
Bill C. Davis: Why I Support Howard Dean
Derrick Jackson: It's Sink or Swim for School Kids
Carol Marin: Outrage and a 2nd Anniversary: Good Guys Tell the Truth, Bad Guys Don't
Mike Davis: Cry California
Floyd McKay: In Just Two Short Years, the Moment is Squandered
Joyce Marcel: As Dean Surges Ahead
Joy-Ann Reid: 2020 Democrats: Young Democrats' Vision
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Reelection Liabilities Mount
Maureen Dowd: Empire of Novices
Lowell Erdahl: If Our Leaders Had Seen 9/11 as a Crime Against Humanity
Neal Peirce: House's Pro-Auto Budget is a Big, Fat Mistake

Tuesday, September 2
James Carroll: Like Vietnam, the War in Iraq is Lost. What Will it Take to Face That Truth This Time?
Stephen Zunes: US Government Must Take a Consistent Stance Against Terrorism
Pierre Tristam: Labor Subdued as its Liberties Erode Within Corporate Culture
New York Times: Backward on Energy
George Monbiot: The Rich World's Brutal Diplomacy is Worsening the Plight of Poor Nations
Sean Gonsalves: A Basic Right: Living-Wage Jobs
Jason Leopold: The Business of E-Voting and How it Can Put the Wrong Candidate in Office
Harley Sorensen: Why We Need Strong Unions
Paul Krugman: Another Friday Outrage
David Morris: Blackout Proves Nation's Infrastructure is Still Vulnerable Since 9/11

Monday, September 1
Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan: Iraqi Liberation, Bush Style
Ruth Rosen: Aiming for the Moon: Energy Independence as an Act of Patriotism
Jeremy Rifkin: A Change of Heart About Animals
Ralph Nader: To Truly Honor American Workers, Taft-Hartley Has To Go
Bob Herbert: Home Alone: We Could Use Some Adult Supervision
Denver Post: Texas 11 Fight for Democracy
Dave Zweifel: CEOs Rewarded for Cutting Workers, Taxes
Maureen Dowd: Iraq Fallout Unnerves Bush Re-Election Team




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