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November 2003

Sunday, November 30
Richard Gwyn: Bush is Projecting Outwards an Image of American Lawlessness
Robyn Blumner: Miami Crowd Control Would Do Tyrant Proud
Jean Baker: Why Johnny, Shakela and Jose Can't Read: Schools are Rat Traps, Home is a Rescue Mission, Funerals Abound
Barbara Diamond: To Iraq, With Care: A Worried Mom Plays the Good Soldier as Her Daughter Heads Off to War
Andrea Buffa/Medea Benjamin: US Delegation of Military Families and Veterans Leaves for Iraq
Kevin Murray: Palestine: Administration is Undermining Democracy
Jeffrey Alexander/Ron Eyerman: Does the Suffering Around the Globe Matter to the Top Dogs?
Tom Brazaitis: Medicare: A Victory? Watch Your Wallet
Eric Margolis: Shevy's Big Mistake: Crossing Uncle Sam
Greg Morago: Can The Rich And Famous Get Away With Anything? It Certainly Seems That Way

Saturday, November 29
Fr. John Dear: The Soldiers At My Front Door
Catherine Ryan: Friends Protest; US Should Listen
Laura Paskus: Getting Ready to Wreck the Vote
Scott Taylor: Hearts and Minds - US Style
Emilio Degrazia: War Worth It? Depends on How We Do the Math
Nicholas Kristof: Name That War
Charles Levendosky: Bush Makes Protesters 'Disappear'
Jim Lobe: The Arrogance of Power

Friday, November 28
Robert Jensen/Sam Husseini: A Parody: New Purported Bush Tape Raises Fear of New Attacks
Matt Taibbi: Wesley Clark's True Colors
Elizabeth Barclay: FTAA/Miami: Protesters Face Intimidation by Police
Gordon Livingston: Worrisome Echoes of Vietnam in Iraq
Ralph Nader: If Sam's Club Can Negotiate for Lower Pharmaceutical Prices, Why Can't Uncle Sam?
David Corn: Sleeping With The Enemy: Why Do the Democrats Have to Help Bush?
Reggie Rivers: Gay Marriage: Hardly an Imposition
Dave Zweifel: Medicare 'Reform' Bill is a Disaster
Peter Cohen: The Guantanamo Inquisition

Thursday, November 27
Kathy Kelly: Hogtied and Abused at Fort Benning
Ira Chernus: A Thanksgiving Ritual for '60s-Style Activists
Robert Fisk: Telling the Truth Won't Set You Free
Johan Steyn: Guantánamo: A Monstrous Failure of Justice
Monika Jensen-Stevenson: No Wonder Morale is Down in Iraq
Helen Thomas: Raid On Arab TV Network Hardly A Democratic Move
Chris Jones: Criminalizing Dissent: What Miami Means
Marty Jezer: Who to be Thankful For

Wednesday, November 26
William Greider: Why I'm for Dean
Christopher Scheer: 'Evidence' for Saddam/bin Laden Link Is Administration Ploy
Susan Lenfestey: Enjoy the Forgiving Stillness of Snow
Mokhiber/Weissman: Militarization in Miami: Threatening the Right to Protest
Lori Wallach: The Miami FTAA Summit Last Week Was a Doozy
Joann Mariner: AIDS Drugs: Profit Margins and Mortality Rates
Derrick Jackson: Temporary Blackout on Energy Giveaway
Monica Casper: Pro-Life Government Decision is Unfair to American Families
Byron Williams: An Authentic War on Terror: Money for AIDS Prevention Would be Wise Investment in World Peace
Warren Goldstein: Miami's Ill-considered War on Dissent
Kamil Mahdi: Privatization Won't Make you Popular; Resistance has Forced a Military Rethink - but not an Economic One
Newsday: 'Battlefield' Arrest Makes Mockery of Constitution
Robert Kuttner: Shifting Norms Led to Gay Marriage Ruling

Tuesday, November 25
Naomi Klein: The War on Dissent: Heavy-handed Police and Propaganda Tactics Brought Baghdad to Miami
Bill Moyers: Essay on the Media and Democracy
James Carroll: Of Thanks and Mercy
Rebecca Solnit: Fragments of the Future: The FTAA in Miami
Jeremy Scahill: The Miami Model: Paramilitaries, Embedded Journalists and Illegal Protests. Think This is Iraq? It’s Your Country
Pierre Tristam: Piety's Ruse: Invoking Sanctity to Label Different as Second Class
George Monbiot: The Moral Myth: Superpowers Act Out of Self-interest, Not Morality, and the US in Iraq is No Different
Mark Weisbrot: "FTAA-Lite" Reflects Long-Term Economic Failure
Coky Michel: Chaotic, Forceful Police Muddy Peaceful Gathering
Robert Steinback: Occupation Not an End to Terrorism
Paul Krugman: The Uncivil War
Madison Capital Times: The Assault on Medicare
Warren Goldstein: Miami's Ill-considered War on Dissent
Robert Scheer: For the GOP, Criticism Is Next to Cowardice
Sean Gonsalves: 'The Politics of Obesity'
Mike Littwin: Bush Visits Fort Carson; Gag Order Leaves Troops, Reporters Speechless

Monday, November 24
Amy Kaplan: Guantánamo's Limbo is Too Convenient
Dale Van Atta: AARP Leaders Betray Their Members by Lobbying for Medicare Drug Bill
Ira Chernus: Bush Administration Split on Iran Nuke Policy
Morgan MacDonald: Patriot Act Stifles Dissent on Campus
New York Times: Campaigning in Wartime
Dave Zweifel: Touch-Screen Voting Isn't the Answer
Walter Cronkite: American Unilateralism Alienates Allies, Isolates Us
Madison Capital Times: Silencing the Majority on Trade
James Goldsborough: Re-Creating Iraq in the US Image
Jules Witcover: A Jolly Bad Show for Bush in London
Jim Defede: He Respected the Badge, But 'Not in Miami'
David Swanson: Why I Quit My Job to Work for Dennis Kucinich
Neal Gabler: Conservative Revolution? No -- Just Dazzlingly Effective PR
Neal Peirce: For Cities, it's Who Lives There, Not How Many
Ruth Rosen: Bowling Together

Sunday, November 23
Adam Werbach: Liquidation of the Commons
Antonia Zerbisias: Michael Jackson Story is a Plot
Eric Margolis: Mr. President, Oil Isn't Worth Dying For
Maureen Dowd: Scaring Up Votes: Instead of a Shining City, We Have a Dark Bunker
Michael Schudson: Faith in Truth: The Tragic Consequences of Nuclear Weapons
Ralph Nader: Energy Showdown
Randi Zimmerman: The Donkeys Rocket Tour: How I Know the Democrats Are Not Serious
Sandro Contenta: Duh! Britain's' Blair Has Turned Into Bush
Seth Sandronsky: California Cruelty, Arnold-Style
Haroon Siddiqui: New Canadian Heroine Emerges from Arar Case

Saturday, November 22
Jonathan Steele: Terrorism is a Technique, Not an Enemy State That Can Be Defeated
John Goldhammer: Why the Bush "War on Terror" is Fated to Fail
Caryl Phillips: A Beacon in Dark Times: Not Only are Lady Liberty's Eyes Closed Tight, She is Also Squirming in Shame
Andrew Christie: Conspiracy Dismissed: 40 Years Later, The Media Digs a Deeper Grave
Matthew Parris: Don't Look in the Rubble for Answers - Look Into Yourself
Laila Hlass: The Voting Game
Winona LaDuke: Bashing Greens Won't Help
Brian Gilmore: Why These Black Judicial Nominations Must Fail
Walden Bello: Original FTAA Draft Scrapped: People Pour into Miami to Protest FTAA

Friday, November 21
Sarah Anderson: Trade Ministers Get Out of Dodge
Orville Schell: No Exit Strategy?
Derrick Jackson: Court's Ruling Opens New Era in Civil Rights
Barbara Villela: A Sad Day for Miami
US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr: Dean's New Southern Strategy: Blacks and Whites Together--Focused on Education and Healthcare
Dra. Rosa Maria Pegueros: Mass. Court Ruling: Some Say the World Will End in Fire
John O'Farrell: An Imposter in the Palace
Greg Bates: An Open Letter to Ralph Nader: Run
Gwynne Dyer: Instead of Focusing on Al Qaeda and the Carnage in Places like Turkey, US Resources are Being Swallowed up by Iraq
David Benjamin: "Gone With The White House" - "Tara Redux" on Pennsylvania Avenue
Reggie Rivers: Same-Sex Marriage an Eventuality
Marty Jezer: We Need a New Old Deal
Paul Krugman: AARP Gone Astray
Thomas Powers: The Vanishing Case for War

Thursday, November 20
Frida Berrigan: Laughter and Lies in London: Smashing Sledgehammers in Iraq
Robert Fisk: Under US Control, Press Freedom Falls Short in Iraq
Norman Solomon: Linking the Occupation of Iraq With the "War on Terrorism"
Robert F Kennedy Jr: Crimes Against Nature
Thom Hartmann: The Founders Confront Judge Moore
Larry Weiss: We Need Sustainable Development Policies, Not 'NAFTA on Steroids'
Joan Vennochi: A 'Culture War' on Gay Marriage Could Hurt GOP
David Corn: A No-Compassion Conservative?
Felicity Arbuthnot: Recipe for Terror
Salim Lone: Only a True End to Occupation will Bring Peace
Jimmy Breslin: Bodies Sway Body Politic
Dennis Kucinich: Regain 'Essential American Optimism'
Roger Hollander: Free Trade May Not Be Fair Trade
Pat Elder: Activists Join Academics in Opposing Enola Gay Exhibit
Anne-Marie Slaughter: Use Courts, Not Combat, to Get the Bad Guys

Wednesday, November 19
Polly Toynbee: Bush & Blair: A Destiny Linked to Iraq is the Only Thing They Share
Eileen McNamara: On Marriage, Simple Justice
Martin van Creveld: A Lost Peace: When the Americans Leave
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Iranian Nukes: Why Should World Believe US?
Andrew Cockburn: Tired, Terrified, Trigger-Happy
Sarah Anderson: FTAA/Miami: Consider the EU
Derrick Jackson: Mass. Court Cuts Through the Homophobia
Mark Ritchie: FTAA and Agriculture: Tariffs Would Control Oversupply
Dick Meyer: The Predator Class
Joyce Marcel: It's the Paradigm, Stupid
Ivan Eland: “Turning Point” in the War in Iraq: But Which Way Is It Turning?
Joel Hirschhorn: Time to Recognize the Politics of Suburban Sprawl
Katharine Ainger: In the Line of Fire: The Policing of Mass Demonstrations is Becoming Increasingly Repressive and Politicized
Robert Kuttner: The Rush to Kill Medicare

Tuesday, November 18
Leah Wells: Hidden In Plain Sight: The School of the Americas
John Buell: Candidate Dean and the Matter of Liberal Elitism
James Carroll: JFK's November
Dedrick Muhammad: The Conning of Black America
Robert Scheer: The Echoes of Vietnam Emanating From Iraq Are All Too Clear
Byron Williams: Dean's $77 Gamble: Decision to Reject Public Funding Could Advance Campaign Finance Reform Beyond McCain-Feingold
Joan Vennochi: Is Dean Another McGovern?
John Nichols: Brits' Protests of Bush to Stay on Course
Peter Kilfoyle: US and Them: Criticizing the Bush Administration's Belligerent Foreign Policy Does Not Add up to Visceral Anti-Americanism
Mary Robinson: FTAA: Latin America Deserves Better
Mary Turck: School of Assassins
Doug Knick: The Freedom to Assemble, The Freedom Not to Assemble: The Day I Served Detention
George Monbiot: Rattling the Bars: A Huge Gathering in Paris at the Weekend Showed the Young Don't Reject Politics, Just Politicians
Michael Keane: The Guerrilla Advantage in Iraq
Sean Gonsalves: Forget Oswald: Conspiracies Happen

Monday, November 17
Chalmers Johnson: Assassins R Us
Lewis Collins: Is 'Pass the Buck' Our Epitaph?
John Nichols: Tell Us The Truth!
Heather Gray: Resistance to US Military Occupation: The Case of the Philippines
David Bacon: NAFTA at Ten
Gary Younge: Get Mad - And Get Even: Bush Deserves Our Rage, But Blair Should Take the Brunt of it
Bob Keeler: Bishops Should Have Been Bolder on Nuke Ban
Colleen Redman: Voting Machine Voodoo: Democracy at Risk
Jay Bookman: Confusion Outpaces Technology
Harley Sorenson: National Endowment for Democracy's Feel-good Name Belies Its Corrupt Intent
Clay Evans: Elections Must Be Verifiable
Johann Christoph Arnold: Draft Offered Courageous Choice
Oliver Morton: The Tarps of Kilimanjaro
Jonathan Turley: 60 Years On, Again Battling an Abomination of Power
James Goldsborough: Blair, the British Public and Iraq

Sunday, November 16
Sarah Shields: Sami Al-Arian and the Dungeon: A Fable for Our Time?
Haroon Siddiqui: What Iraq Will Get Isn't Self-Rule
Newsday: American Gulag: No American President Should Have the Absolute Power to Imprison People at Will, Even When the Nation is at War
Marc Krizack: Don’t Reward Liars and Thieves: Why the American People Should Demand Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq
Seth Sandronsky: In California's Capital, Treetops and Grassroots Politics
Robert Schoene: Burying the Dead: We Have Returned to the World of Romantic Oil Paintings, Chest-Beating and Heroic Sculptures, and We Should Be Ashamed
Cyril Mychalejko: FTAA: Trading Away Democracy
Will Hutton: Death of Community Spirit: Whether It's the School-Run Mum or the Conniving Business Boss, Putting Self Before Society Harms Us All
Robert Freeman: How We Know Bush Will "Cut and Run" from Iraq
Mokhiber/Weissman: Howard Clinton?

Saturday, November 15
Patrick C. Doherty: Beyond Bush Lite
Masuda Sultan: Women are Still Awaiting Freedom from the Taliban
Stan Goff: Hold On to Your Humanity: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq
David Donnelly: If Lincoln Were Alive Today, What Would He Say to Bush?
Amy Issacs: Replace 'No Child Left Behind Act' with Laws That are Effective
Glenn Scherer: 20 Questions for George W. Bush: Americans Must Demand Straight Answers from Their President
Nicholas Kristof: If Afghanistan is a White House Model for Iraq, Heaven Help Us
Zbigniew Brzezinski: To Lead, U.S. Must Give Up Paranoid Policies
Christopher Brauchli: Economy 'Robust,' Never Mind Hungry, Jobless
Michael Bengwayan: US Forces in the Philippines Rekindles Memories of 'Vietnamization'

Friday, November 14
Mike Davis: The Scalping Party
Sarah Anderson/John Cavanagh: From Seattle to Miami
Norman Solomon: Media Clash in Brazil: A Distant Mirror
Michael Brennan: Health Care Reform: Maine Becomes the First State to Enact Universal Health Care
Derrick Jackson: US Stays Blind to Iraqi Casualties
Ralph Nader: The Word "Chaos" Cannot Do Justice to the Omnibus Energy Bill
Ed McManus: Nails Under Israel's Hammer
George Farah: Get Debates Out of Parties' Grasp
Ellen Bravo: Wage Gap Persists Between Men, Women
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush and Blair - The Betrayal: America's First Loyalty was to Ariel Sharon, Not the Prime Minister
Kristen Gardner: A Visit with Lori Berenson in Huacariz Prison, Peru
Paul Krugman: The Trojan Horse Laying Seige to Medicare
Daniel Schorr: The Military-Media Complex

Thursday, November 13
Haroon Siddiqui: American Hypocrisy on Democracy
Progressive Populist: Wishing Won't Beat W
Bill C Davis: “…Like They Were Crazy.”
Ruth Rosen: Arming Outer Space: Rumsfeld's Vision of Global Domination
Jay Bookman: Blame Leaders as Support for War Wanes
David Corn: Bush's Unreliable Intelligence
Marc Cooper: Uncensored Gore: The Take-No-Prisoners Social Critic Gore Vidal Skewers Bush, Ashcroft and the Whole Damn Lot of Us for Letting Despots Rule
Kathryn Welch: Can Watching Oprah Be Hazardous to Women's Political Health?
Harvey Wasserman: Bush to Veterans: Drop Dead
Sascha Bollag: Free Trade Ain’t So Free
Maureen Dowd: Dick Cheney's Darkness: Their Master's Voice
James Goldsborough: Charting a New Course in Iraq

Wednesday, November 12
Bill Moyers: Keynote Address to the National Conference on Media Reform
Cyril Mychalejko: FTAA Agreement Would Bring More Poverty
Robert Fisk: Riyadh's War on Terror Bites Back
Paul Weyrich/Randall Robinson: End the Debates Before They Start
John Pilger: The Silence of the Writers
Derrick Jackson: America is More Divided Than Ever
Jonathan Freedland: So Who Did Invite Him? George Bush's Visit is a Nightmare for Tony Blair - But Not for the White House, Which Badly Wanted It
Ivan Eland: Double Standards in Double Time: Bush’s Plan to “Democratize” the World
Juan Gonzalez: Bottling Coke and Spilling Blood
Paul Ginnetty: Limbaugh's Fans Are Certain They're Right

Tuesday, November 11
Studs Terkel: Studs Terkel on Hope and Activism
Ellen Barfield: A Pacifist Veteran Looks at Armistice/Veterans Day
James Carroll: The Lessons We Remember Today
Amy Goodman/Jeremy Scahill: 'Nothing but Poison Plants Can Grow from Poison Seeds': Another Former Intelligence Official Blows the Whistle on Iraq/9-11 Connection
Heather Wokusch: From Bring 'Em On To Bring 'Em Home
Michael Takiff: Don't Deny Horrors of War
George Monbiot: Dreamers and Idiots: Britain and the US Did Everything to Avoid a Peaceful Solution in Iraq and Afghanistan
Jimmy Breslin: The Names They Still Won't Mention
Sean Gonsalves: Listening to War Vets
Maile Melkonian: Veterans Battle on the Home Front
Paul Krugman: Support the Troops
Joan Vennochi: Kerry's Irreversible Error

Monday, November 10
Sandy Smith Madsen: Take It From A Patient: Canada's System Works
Scott Ritter: Defining the Resistance in Iraq - It's not Foreign and It's Well Prepared
Adam Cohen: Hiding the War Dead: What a Great Poet Would Tell Bush
Al Gore: Freedom & Security: Speech to
Boulder Daily Camera: Mount Reagan? Propagandists Working to Cement His Legacy
Ruth Rosen: Our Common Wound: All People Whose Lives Have Been Affected by Environmental Contaminants Share a Common Experience
Gabriel Kolko: Iraq Already Looks Ominously Like Vietnam
Neil Peirce: Get Smart, States: Subsidize Education Before Industry
Jay Bookman: Israel May Soon Take Path U.S. Can't Follow
James Goldsborough: Bringing an End to the Iraq Conflict
Morton Sklar: The Blood Doesn't Wash Off
Dave Zweifel: Amtrak Funding Still on Wrong Track

Sunday, November 9
Andrew Gumbel: 'No President has Lied so Baldly and so Often and so Demonstrably'
Alice Vachss: The Charge of Rape, The Force of Myth
Linda McQuaig : We Used to Feel Protected by the Law
Madison Capital Times: Untamed Media Vital to America
The Philadelphia Inquirer: "The Reagans" Controversy - Must Not See TV?
Tom Brazaitis : Balancing the Political Books
Maureen Dowd: The Chicago Way.
Patrick Connors: Blocking Aid Workers From Israel Is A Mistake
The Boston Globe: Women's Work in Iraq
Miami Herald: Iraq War is America's Burden to Bear

Saturday, November 8
John Nichols: Cronkite Fears Media Mergers Threaten Democracy
Norman Solomon: War, Social Justice, Media and Democracy: Speech to the Brazilian Social Forum
Russell Mokhiber/Robert Weissman: Say No to Silicone
Boston Globe: The Demands of Democracy
Brooks Yeager: Pristine Wilderness Can Become Toxic Swamp
Robert Fisk : How We Denied Democracy to the Middle East
Marc Cooper: Iraq Spins Out of Control: Where are the Democrats and the Peace Movement?
Christopher Brauchli: Iraq Casualties: Bush Doesn't Want us to Know
Sidney Blumenthal: Look Away, Dixieland. US Democrats Won't Win in the South While They Keep Quiet On Race
Michelangelo Signorile: Heroes or Lepers? America's Dressed Up President Won't Go Near the Wounded. But Cher Will
Stephen Zunes : Noble Rhetoric Supports Democracy While Ignoble Policies Support Repression
Kari Lydersen: DeadlyDéjà Vu - Guatemalans Watch in Horror as Ex-dictator Ríos Montt Attempts to Regain Power
Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Man in Havana
New York Times: The Fruits of Secrecy

Friday, November 7
Naomi Klein: Iraq is Not America's to Sell
Tony Norman: Add Iraq to the Long List of Bellicose National Blunders
Micah Sifry: Ralph Redux? Not Only Democrats but Many Greens Oppose a Nader Run in 2004
Tom Engelhardt: From the Mailbag: Responses to "The Time of Withdrawal"
Sally Lieber: Wal-Mart's Welfare Dependency
Ralph Nader: The Blue Frontier Campaign to Save Our Living Seas
Fritz Hollings: Mr. President, I Come to Acknowledge My "Cambodian Moment" in the Iraq War.
Derrick Jackson: Dean's Appeal to South Cuts Across Race
Helen Thomas: The Buck Stops on Bush's Desk
Thom Rutledge: What I Have to Say About George W. Bush, Blood-Thirsty Christians, Homophobes & People Who Don't Use Their Blinkers
Andrew Greeley: Out of Iraq Before the Election
Gary Chapman: Failing History's Lessons About Wars Without End
Al Neuharth: Cowardly Senators Duck Iraq $s Vote...

Thursday, November 6
Danny Schechter/Timothy Karr: On Wisconsin: Mainstreaming the Media Movement
Norman Solomon: The Iraq Trap: Watch Out What You Ask For
Maureen Dowd: Death Be Not Loud: Funerals vs Fundraisers
Sean Sellers: Fight the FTAA! Why You Should Come to Miami
Seth Zuckerman: Congress Fails the Panic Test
Constance Rice: Confederate Flap: Stand Firm, Howard Dean
John Nichols: Spirit of Old Rabble-Rousers Returns at Media Conference
Richard Behan: A Citizen's Challenge to the Democratic Presidential Candidates
Charles Levendosky: Keeping the Protesters Out of Sight and Out of Hearing
Antonia Zerbisias: Saluting Those Who Risk All to Bring You the News
Declan McCullagh: In the Name of National Security: Bush Shrouds Federal Web Sites in Secrecy
Nick Turse: The Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex Takes Training Over "There"
Pierre Tristam: Asleep on the Edge of Empire With Barbarians Inside the Gate
Jay Bookman: Zell Miller Wears the Crown of King Sneer

Wednesday, November 5
Jesse Jackson: Troops Suffer While Bush Cronies Make Out Like Bandits
Jonathan Freedland: Public Hunger for Peace Could Force Sharon and Arafat to Give the Geneva Accord the Chance it Deserves
Maria Tomchick: Mass Transit: What Your Tax Dollars Should Be Paying For
Derrick Jackson: How the White House Deletes the Truth
Mark Weisbrot: Anti-Sweatshop Movement Provides Needed Counterweight in the Global Economy
John Shattuck: In Iraq, US Ignores Human Rights Lessons
John Buell: Working Hours and Progressive Politics
Robert Jensen: They'll 'Watch' But Won't Hear of Prof's Politics
John Zall: Futile Chase for WMD Has Cost American Lives
US Rep Major Owens: A Rap Poem: Let the Rich Go First
Greg Mitchell: Steve Earle: Self-Professed Newspaper Addict

Tuesday, November 4
Sean Gonsalves: Do We Value Commonwealth?
Frida Berrigan: Progress in Iraq? Shot Down, Killed, Wounded, Depressed
Ira Chernus: Focus on 'Will and Resolve' Could Get Bush Re-elected
John MacArthur: Looking at Iraq: The Con Game Persists
James Carroll: Problems That Can't be Solved
Simon Tisdall: Resist the Official Pol-speak of Bush's 'War on Terror'
James K Galbraith: War and Economy Don't Wear Well
Lee Drutman: Corporate Crime Acts Like a Thief in the Night
Robert Scheer: How Many Body Bags?
Antonia Zerbisias: Neo-cons Brace for Reagan Series
Thom Hartmann: Free Yourself from Conservative Talk Radio: 12 Steps to Recovery
John Nichols: Rebel Flag Flap Shows Media Failure
Nancy Dahlberg: Hit the Streets to Defend Abortion Rights
Joseph Nevins: 'Tiger Force' and the Costs of Forgetting U.S. Crimes in Vietnam

Monday, November 3
Robert Byrd: A High Price for a Hollow Victory
Ray McGovern: Helicopter Down: The Weekend Deaths in Iraq - and the Pentagon's Response - Remind One Former CIA Analyst of Vietnam
Andy Rooney: If I Were Bush's Speechwriter
Tariq Ali: Resistance is the First Step Towards Iraqi Independence
Harley Sorensen: Hmm, The Wounded Who Never Die
Karyn Strickler: When Opponents of Legal Abortion Dream
James Goldsborough: Sprawl's Push Ravages the Land
Norman Solomon: The Steady Theft of Our Time
Jay Bookman: Bush Team's Info-phobia Hurts Us, Them
Ruth Rosen: Walmart: Shopping for Voters
Guardian/UK: Iraq: Spinning Out of Control
Ray Ring: Fire Comes With the Territory
Seth Sandronsky: Temporary Work Grows in Bush's America
Gordon Bennett: Global Wellness Fund Treaty: From Negative to Positive Peacemaking

Sunday, November 2
Linda McQuaig: Sugar-Coating US Motives in Iraq
Eric Margolis: No Light at the End of This Tunnel, George
Holly Sklar: Deadly Tunnel Vision in Iraq
Jeffrey Chester: Determining Our Digital Destiny
Tom Brazaitis: High-Sea Hijinks Haunting Bush
Dennis Roddy: School Choice? School for Scandal
Michael Schwalbe: Worker Rights Must Be Trade Policy Bottom Line
Richard Caplan: Scientists Confirm Risks Of Genetically Engineered Crops

Saturday, November 1
William Pfaff: A Fiction Shattered by America's Aggression
Matthew Rothschild: Arsonist Burns Peace Activists' Home
Christopher Brauchli: One Man's God Another's Idol - And So What?
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's Other War: US Intelligence is Being Scapegoated for Getting It Right on Iraq
Gary Payinda/Luisa Blue: The Health of All Is at Stake in the Grocery Strike
Ralph Nader: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Failing Their Mission
Arjun Chowdhury: Breaking Iraq, Then Charging to Fix It Up?
Harvey Wasserman: The Cheney-Bush Energy Disaster is About to Come to a Vote
Bruce Mulkey: We, the People, Will Soon Have Our Day




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