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December 2003

Wednesday, December 31
Medea Benjamin: 10 Good Things About a Bad Year
John Stauber: It's the Cow Feed, Stupid!
Edward Wenk Jr: Threats to Democracy at Code-Red Level
Ray McGovern: Don’t Be Fooled: Still No Independent Investigation of Leak of CIA Identity
Doug Ireland: Will the French Indict Cheney?
Madison Capital Times: What to Say About 2003
James Zogby: How US Manipulates News to Suit Its Interests
Warren Goldstein: In Search of True 'Security'
Joseph Mulligan: Season's Greetings, George
Danny Shechter: Their Media War and Ours in 2004: A Call to Educate, Organize and Mobilize
Edward Wasserman: Mogul Behind the Mother of All Media Buyouts
Ivan Eland: The Greatest Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself
Paul Campos: Profiting from Terror War
Ramzy Baroud: For The Sake of Its Own Virtue, Palestinian Resistance Must Spare Civilians
Sidney Drell/Raymond Jeanloz: California's Role in the Next Arms Race: Time for Debate over 'Usable' Policy

Tuesday, December 30
James Carroll: American 'Values' Cast a Global Shadow
Jimmy Breslin: Their Photos Tell the Story
Leah Wells: End Poverty by Supporting a Living Wage
James Ridgeway: Slaughterhouse Politics: Ranchers Fought Rules That Might Have Prevented Mad Cow
Ralph Nader: Smedley Butler's Memoir of a 'Racketeer for Capitalism'
John Nichols: Israelis Against Sharon Policies are Right
Joyce Walker: Why has Mary Robinson Never Appeared on 'Biography'?
Mark Weisbrot: Washington's Past Relationship with Saddam Hussein Worth Looking At
Steve Bergman: Better Doctors, But Worse Care
Paul Krugman: Our So-Called Boom
Robert Scheer: The US Winked at Hussein's Evil
Dana Briggs: The Rule of Law, Not of Men
Heather Gray: Agriculture, Corporate Greed and Bush

Monday, December 29
Amin Saikal: How Three Threats Interlock
Ruth Rosen: Time for Single Payer?
Mark Kurlansky: For Howard Dean to Win, He'll Have to Beat Nixon
Ray McGovern: Hijacking "Him" for Empire
Bob Herbert: The White-Collar Blues
Dave Zweifel: No Child Left Behind Act Leaves True Education Behind
Boston Globe: Green Energy
Jonathan Power: Nigeria: Happiest Nation on Earth?
Gary Younge: Why Democrats Must not Abandon the Old Stronghold
Karen Armstrong: When God Goes to War

Sunday, December 28
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush is Author of Dark Chapter for America
Antonia Zerbisias: Some Reporters Acted Bravely
Jeff Milchen: 'Free Trade' is a Real Misnomer
Les Payne: This Fog Isn't War-Related
Neal Peirce: A Better Deal for Ex-offenders
Robert Fisk: Hooded Men Executing Saddam Officials

Saturday, December 27
Martin Jacques: A Year of Thwarted Ambition: War in Iraq Revealed the Likely Limits to American Imperial Power
Madison Capital Times: Mad Cow Out of the Barn
Christopher Brauchli: White House AWOL on Casualty Numbers
Bennington Banner: Don't Have a Mad Cow, Man
Margaret Krome: Restorative Justice Offers Healing, Great Promise
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bush's Mercury Rules: Another Retreat on Public Health

Friday, December 26
William Sloane Coffin: Despair Is Not an Option
Norman Solomon: The Unpardonable Lenny Bruce
Kathy Kelly: From Baghdad: A Better World
Ira Chernus: Pick Your Favorite Jesus
Katha Pollitt: Good News for Women
Raj Patel: Bad Farm Policies Starve Millions; The 'Export Model of Agriculture' is a Globally Destructive Force
Paul Krugman: I Hereby Propose Some Rules for 2004 Political Reporting
John Nichols: On Nader's Fleeing the Greens
Robert Fisk: Deaths Mount on Both Sides on Christmas Day in Iraq
Seth Sandronsky: Mad Cows and the Market
Wayne Pacelle: The Politics of Cattle Slaughter
Brent Staples: Senator Strom Thurmond's Deception Ravaged Two Lives

Wednesday, December 24
G. Simon Harak: Becoming More Human on Christmas
Ann Lappe: Last Meals? How Corporate Power Taints Safety Rules
Derrick Jackson: Against the War, For the Soldiers
Salim Muwakkil: Is it Safe Yet? The Saddam Illusion
David Corn: Never Apologize, Never Explain
Margaret Krome: Restorative Justice Offers Healing, Great Promise
César Chelala: A Wrong Approach to Aid to Latin America
Robert Kuttner: Bush's 'Ownership' Scam
Robert Fisk: Gadahafi as Courageous Statesman? Please
Mark Weisbrot: NAFTA has Been a Big Flop
David Sneider: US Leaps Back into the Nuclear Weapons Race
Bruce Mulkey: The Electability of Dennis Kucinich, Candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Tuesday, December 23
Sean Gonsalves: All I Want for Christmas is a Fair and Open Trial for the Butcher of Baghdad and the Thugs in DC who Helped Create Him
Robert Steinback: Strom Thurmond Daughter's Silence Slowed America's Racial Reckoning
Paul Krugman: Citizen Conrad's Friends
Ramzy Baroud: Conflicted Feelings About the Capture of Saddam
Helen Thomas: Cheney Should Check his Own 'Facts'
Jim Mullins: Trial Could Dredge Up Sordid Role of US
Joy-Ann Reid: Hussein's Terror Links Still Unproved
Mary Schulken: A Dignified Daughter of a Man Who Practiced Duplicity
Ivan Eland: Hard-line US Foreign Policy: Symbolic Gain, Real Pain
David Hirst: Bush has Thrown Open Pandora's Box in a Paradise for International Terrorists
Sam Gardiner: Revealed -- Saddam's Network or a PSYOPS Campaign?
Paul Rockwell: Partners in Crime: U.S. Complicity in the War Crimes of Saddam Hussein
William Pfaff: Boeing and Airbus: When Good Business Practice Just Doesn't Fly
Harvey Wasserman: Was Willie Horton Gay? Will George W. Bush Be the Hate-Homosexuals Candidate?

Monday, December 22
Kathy Kelly: The Two Troublemakers: 'Guilty' of Being Palestinian in Baghdad
Norman Solomon: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2003
Neal Peirce: For Creative Communities, Think Outside the Big Box
Daniel Lee: This Republican Has Some Doubts
Bob Keeler: Beware of Attempts to Revive Military Draft
Ralph Nader: Small Businessman Whistleblower Risks it all in the Name of Conscience
Peter Preston: If Libya Can do it, Why Not Israel?
Steve Rosenfeld: A Time For Truth On Depleted Uranium
Jay Bookman: To Reclaim Power, Voters Must Crusade
Heather Gray: Everybody Wants to Claim God is on their Side
Harley Sorensen: Health Deteriorates in the Two-class Society
Marjorie Cohn: United Nations Should Convene Hybrid Court...

Sunday, December 21
Ross Gelbspan: 'Rewiring' The World's Energy
Eric Margolis: Saddam is The Man Who Knew too Much
Clare Short: A 'War' Fought on Half-Truths and Deceptions
Noam Chomsky: Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine
Clay Evans: The Bachelor and the Butcher
Linda McQuaig: Saddam Takes Heat Off Bush

Saturday, December 20
Naomi Klein: Not Neo-Con, Just Plain Greed
Medea Benjamin: Saddam is Captured, Let the Liberation Begin
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw: Primer on White Supremacy
Beverly Eckert: My Silence Cannot Be Bought
Christopher Brauchli: Govt. Bogeymen Turn Out to be Toothless
Thom Hartmann: Conservatives Target Testicles
Max Hastings: Bush Wants Saddam to Hang, But We Must Resist
Seth Sandronsky: Seizing Saddam, Deregulating Americans

Friday, December 19
Naomi Klein: Risky Business in Iraq
Tom Regan/Martin Rowe: Animal Rights: What the Nobel Committee Failed to Note
Errol Morris: Ounce of Preventive War, Pound of Destruction
Setha Low: Gated Communities: Imprisoned by the Walls Built to Keep 'the Others' Out
Richard Steiner: Bush & Global Warming: It's Time for Him to Crawl Out of His Hole
Paul Krugman: Telling Our History Right
Jody Aliesan: Embattled Farmers: 1776 and 2003
Ross Baker: Hussein May Be Weapon for Dems
John Sloboda: We Must Honor the Dead
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dean Takes on Big Media
Reggie Rivers: We Believed Because We Were Scared
Brigid O’Neil: Jose Padilla--A Constitutional Challenge for Us All
Dave Zweifel: War on Terror Far from Being Won
Helen Thomas: Saddam Should Face International Court

Thursday, December 18
William Pfaff: Saddam's Capture Bodes Ill for Bush's Re-election
Antonia Zerbisias: Live From the New Iraq: Happy Talk
Jay Bookman: World Knows our Foreign Policy Better Than We Do
Erna Paris: Legal Marker for the World
Johnjoe McFadden: The Unselfish Gene: Evolutionary Theory Says Self-Interest Dictates Our Behavior. So Why Do We Show Such Generosity at Christmas?
John Nichols: Dean's Right: Getting Saddam No Panacea
Nick Turse: Have Yourself a Pentagon Christmas
Connie Schultz: Hard to Swallow Objections to Pill
Arsalan Iftikhar: His Capture Changes Nothing: I'm Anti-Saddam and Anti-war
Heather Wokusch: Is It Really Hussein? Does It Matter?
Victoria Hobson/Constance Borde: Mobilizing in the Land of the Burka
James Goldsborough: Celebration Aside, Nothing has Changed in Iraq
Dean Baker: Who to Blame When the Next Bubble Bursts
Erin Solaro/Philip Gold: The War Will Go on for a Battered Army
Daniel Porras: Haitian Band Reunites to Inspire Unity in a Troubled Nation

Wednesday, December 17
Derrick Jackson: Still No Mass Weapons, No Ties To 9/11, No Truth
Kai Bird/Martin Sherwin: The Enola Gay: Ugly History Hides in Plain Sight
Ira Chernus: US "Torture Lite" Led To Saddam's Capture
Robert Fisk: Saddam Hussein, Like Adolf Hitler, Will Live on for Millions of People
Cole Campbell: 'Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths': A Big Story - but Little Noted by Big Media
Matthew Harwood: Bush Administration Newspeak on Iraq
Guy Reel: The New Partisan Press
Paul Krugman: Profiteering and Patriotism
Michael Sky: Domination by Humiliation
Robert Kuttner: Can a Tough Dean Rally Democrats?

Tuesday, December 16
Bill C. Davis: Saddamania
James Carroll: Amid the Cheers, Sobering Facts
Joan Ryan: Capture Doesn't Justify Invasion
Stanley Weintraub: Humiliating Photos Could Backfire in Islamic World
Marjorie Cohn: Pyhrric Victory?
Felicity Arbuthnot: 'We Got Him'
George Monbiot: A Weapon with Wings: The Centenary of the Wright Brothers' Flight Should be a Day of International Mourning
John Buell: Capturing the Wicked Witch of Iraq
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: After the Capture, War's Hard Truths Remain
Sean Gonsalves: One Bully Down, More to Go
John Nichols: Kucinich Makes Media an Issue
Thomas Walkom: Arrest of Celebrity Villain Just a Sideshow to the More Important Matter of American Ambitions in the Middle East
Robert Fisk: Capture Will Not Stop The Relentless Killings From Insurgents
Jimmy Breslin: Saddam on Lips At Ground Zero
Robert Scheer: We Got Him ... Now What?

Monday, December 15
US Sen Robert Byrd: Challenging 'Pre-emption'
Paul Knox: The Game's Not Over: Saddam May Have Another Ace Up His Sleeve: The Power to Embarrass the West
William Hartung: Capturing Saddam Hussein: Will It Mean a New Day for Iraq?
David Cunningham: Squelching Dissent in the Name of Security
Ira Chernus: Imitating Israel is Dumb U.S. Policy
David Corn: Saddam Gone
Sami Ramadani: Resistance to Occupation will Grow
Harley Sorensen: Dems Better Shape Up, Or Get Left Behind
Stephen Zunes: Saddam’s Arrest Raises Troubling Questions
Brigid O’Neil: Uncle Sam’s Guantanamo Prison: Outside the Rule of Law
Chip Ward: Home, Home on the (Radioactive) Range
Madison Capital Times: The Capture of Saddam
Kenneth Roth: Try Saddam in an International Court
Ron Kramer: Capture of Saddam Does Not Vindicate War Policy
John Burroughs: The Shameful US Record in 2003 Disarmament Votes at the United Nations

Sunday, December 14
Greg Palast: Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam; Ex-Dictator Demands Back Pay from Baker
Jim Lobe: Future Uncertain as Saddam Unearthed
Grace Paley: Israel: Ghosts of a Dream: How Did a Great and Persecuted People Become the Persecutors?
Eric Margolis: Who's Really in Charge at the White House?
Norman Solomon: For Telling the Truth
Howard Zinn: The Logic of Withdrawal
Sam Newlund: Free Health Care for All, Cradle to Grave? It's Time
Gar Alperovitz: Enola Gay: Was Using the Bomb Necessary?
Haroon Siddiqui: Nine Tales of a Society Scared into Stupidity
Jimmy Breslin: Young, Poor Off To War

Saturday, December 13
Tariq Ali: To the Victors, the Spoils: Bush's Colonialism Will Only Deepen Resistance
Jim Naureckas: ABC Orders Some Candidates Off the Stage
Barbara Ransby: Ella J Baker: Remember a Life Well Lived
Daniel Levitas: Our Enemies at Home: Is the Justice Department Making America's Far-Right Fanatics a Serious Priority?
Jim Lobe: Baker's Return = Cheney's Heartburn
Christopher Brauchli: Like Quicksilver, EPA Slips by Protections
Bruce Mulkey: We Americans Talk of 'Peace on Earth,' But Our Actions Speak Louder
Ralph Nader: Political Hot Potato: Congress Avoids Reform of 'Government Sponsored Enterprises'
Seth Sandronsky: In U.S., Jobs Market Blues

Friday, December 12
Derrick Jackson: US Evades Blame for Iraqi Deaths
Renana Brooks: The Character Myth: To Counter Bush, the Democrats Must Present a Different Version of a Safe World
Steven Rosenfeld: A Populist Tide: There's Something Going On in the Country's Political Pysche
Barbara Dudley: The Case for Protectionism
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Democracy on the Cheap: The Failure of America's Electoral Infrastructure
Paul Krugman: A Deliberate Debacle
Baltimore Sun: Paul Wolfowitz's Neo-Ineptitude
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: The Fallacy of the War on Terror
Marty Jezer: Hearts and Minds
Tony Norman: Things Are Just Ducky, Now That Cheney's Left Town
Leonard Williams/Neil Wollman: Playing Politics with Iraq
Faye Anderson: Voting Machines Need a Paper Trail
Julius Getman/F Ray Marshall: Nation of Hypocrites on Labor Rights
George Soros: A Lot of Name-Calling About My Donations
Madison Capital Times: Nixon Strange But Right on Reagan

Thursday, December 11
Patrick Doherty: Dream Dean: Howard Dean has an Amazing Opportunity in Front of Him
Shirin Ebadi: The Nobel Lecture Given by The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2003, Shirin Ebadi
John Nichols: Lieberman Doesn't Deserve Pity Party
Ruth Rosen: Ronald Reagan: Not On My Dime
Helena Cobban: 'Made in Israel' Crackdowns in Iraq Won't Work
Antonio Gonzalez/Stephanie Moore: Wealthy Campaign Donors Stifle Minority Voices
Norman Solomon: Breakthrough and Peril for the Green Party
James Goldsborough: Israel and the Rise of Anti-Semitism
César Chelala: Kissinger's Dark Legacy
Joan Vennochi: The Soldiers Bush Didn't Visit on Thanksgiving
Kumar Venkat: Global Trade = Global Warming
Michael Jones: 140,000 Reasons Not to Celebrate the Enola Gay Exhibit
Sidney Blumenthal: Gore of Today is Not the Gore of 2000: 'If I Had To Do It Over Again, I'd Let Rip'
Marty Bender/Stan Cox: Warning: This Diet is Not for Everyone
Matthew Hindman/Kenneth Neil Cukier: Keep the Web Worldly and Wide

Wednesday, December 10
Maher Arar: Delivered Into Hell by US War on Terror
Deborah Pearlstein: Detained at the Whim of the President
William Hartung: The Booming Defense Business
Eamonn Fingleton: America's Manufacturing Revival: A Dangerous Illusion
Angie Hougas: Protection of Human Rights Should Be Highest Priority
John Sweeney: Workers' Rights Inseparable from Basic Human Rights
Margaret Krome: Heavy-Handed Police Tactics Uncalled for In Democracy
Arlene Stein: You Can't Fight Right Wing By Avoiding Values
Pat Youngblood/Robert Jensen: US Workers Deserve Choice on Union Issues
Jeff Guntzel: On Killing Children: An Open Letter to US Military Spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty
Peter Phillips: Corporate Media Ignores US Hypocrisy on War Crimes
Heather Gray: Most Soldiers are Non-Killers in Battle: The Aftermath of State Sanctioned Violence and Who It Targets
Conor Foley/Mark Lattimer: The New Tragedy in Afghanistan

Tuesday, December 9
Robert Jay Lifton: American Apocalypse
Felicity Arbuthnot: Dear Mr President - About the Iraq National Symphony Orchestra
James Carroll: Why Peace Won't Come: The Answer is Money
Matthew Rothschild: The Gore Endorsement
John Nichols: Go-Along Media Ignoring Kucinich
Edith Friedman: All The Flags We've Hung
Leilla Matsui: Sex, Lies, Murder, and Videotape
Nicholas von Hoffman: This President Spoke for the People of the World
Mark Weisbrot: America's Hidden Human Rights Problem: Freedom of Association
Greg Palast: Baker Takes the Loaf: The President's Business Partner Slices Up Iraq
Michael Moore: Turkeys on the Moon
Robert Kuttner: Growth Without Jobs
Minneapolis Star Tribune: 'Moot Point': Andrew Card Goes Over the Line
Pierre Tristam: Good vs. Mob Evil in Network's Offering
Robert Steinback: Exporting Capitalism a Fool's Errand
David Muhly: A New Low Point in this President's Dismal Record

Monday, December 8
Ira Chernus: US Policy in Iraq Vanishing Down the Rabbit Hole
Ewen MacAskill: Jihad has Worked - The World is Now Split in Two
Sean Gonsalves: The Cockroaches are Celebrating: US Leads Way Toward New Nuclear Arms Race
John Dower: The President's Opportunistic Use of History
Robert Haynes/Kathleen Casavant: Protecting the Right to Unionize
Joseph Mulligan: Close the old School of the Americas -- for Good
New York Times: A Paper Trail for Voters
James Goldsborough: What's Left of Conservative Values?
Byron Williams: White Males Can Ease My Paranoia
Harley Sorensen: Wal-Mart's Big Squeeze Play
Dave Zweifel: Bush's Terror Policy Tore Families Apart
Neal Peirce: DC's Red Ink Stains Nation's Towns, Cities

Sunday, December 7
Chalmers Johnson: Three Rapes: The Status of Forces Agreement and Okinawa
Anthony Robbins: Science for Special Interests
David Bacon: North or South, Benefits of NAFTA Add Up to Nada
Matt Peiken: Bush's Campaign Ads - Bring 'Em On, But Keep Up Your Guard
Michael Meacher: The Kyoto Protocol and a Deadly Game of Russian Roulette
John Borowski: When a Patriot Falls in the Forest: Does Anyone Hear It?
Joseph Galloway: The Decision to Wage War Should Never Be Easy

Saturday, December 6
Andrew Kantor: Voting Process Too Important to Leave to Technology
Andrew Christie: If They Hated "The Reagans..." - "Angels in America" Swoops; Conservatives Better Duck & Cover
Leah Wells: Peace Education on Peaceboat
Mark Lawson: Stuffed by a Plastic Turkey: Bush's Gesture Politics Suggest a Man Seriously Worried About His Career
Deborah Alper: We Helped Pay for Miami's Reaction to Free Speech
David Benjamin: America: Fat Vinny to the World
Ralph Nader: Be Leery of Binding Arbitration Agreements
Robert Borosage: Bush Policies More Problem Than Solution
Jenni Russell: The Selfish Generation: We Allow Marketeers to Dictate Our Social Norms - With Dire Results
Minneapolis Star Tribune: SUV Loophole: A Gift from US Taxpayers

Friday, December 5
Jeremy Scahill: Oh The Little Saddams We Weave
Paul Krugman: Looting the Future
Nicholas Confessore: Big Words and Big Oil Don't Mix
Barbara Villela: The Next Step: Securing Our Democracy
Derrick Jackson: Spin Clouds Truth in Polls of Iraqis
Luke Eric Peterson: US Takes Aim at World's Cheaper Drugs
Matthew Rothschild: Rigging Iraq's Elections
Rick Mercier: Military Campaign in Iraq Has Made us less Safe from Terrorism
HDS Greenway: America's Eager Executioners
Jeremy Brecher: Amistad Revisited At Guantanamo?
John O'Farrell: The Logic of Cruella de Vil
Kristin Van Tassel: Mother's Milk: Natural, Healthful, but not Honored
Marty Jezer: Other People's History
Glenn Smith: The Symbolism's Perfect, But Not The Bird
Dick Meyer: Bush's Sybil-Like Foreign Policy

Thursday, December 4
Norman Solomon: Dean and the Corporate Media Machine
James Goldsborough: There's Force, and There's Resistance
Isabel Hilton: Just Poppycock: In Afghanistan and Colombia, America's Allies in the War on Terror Should be its Enemies in the War on Drugs
John Nichols: Why Partisanship Over Progressivism?
Mark Weisbrot: Signs of Economic Recovery Haven't Trickled Down
Harley Shaiken: Grocery Strike Animates Unions
David Corn: Fox News' Occupation Critic
Marianne Means: Hint of Draft Blowing in the Wind
Jared Malsin: Peace Movement is Still in Action
Marc Cooper: On the Border of Hyprocrisy: The Unintended Consequences of Getting Tough on Illegal Immigration
Byron Williams: Searching for James Baldwin: Great Black Authors Segregated from 'Literature' Shelves onto 'African American' Shelves
New York Times: Kyoto Protocol in Peril

Wednesday, December 3
Benjamin Barber: Democracy Cannot Coexist with Bush's Failed Doctrine of Preventive War
Derrick Jackson: Do Americans Know the Score?
Barbara Dudley: FTAA Collapse in Miami: Something to Celebrate
John Passacantando: Civil Disobedience On Trial
Charles Levendosky: Dismantling US Democracy
Stephen Zunes: Israelis and Palestinians Attempt to Jumpstart the Peace Process Despite Washington’s Support for Sharon
Jeffrey Sachs: Bush Ignores the Developing World
Kelly Bjorklund: Fed Up: Safety is Not More Guns and A Return of the Death Penalty in Progressive Minnesota
Eileen McNamara: The Buzz About Dean
Ivan Eland: Let Them Eat Turkey
Simon Tisdall: Phase Three: Civil War: The Post-Occupation Power Struggle in Iraq may yet be the Bloodiest Chapter in the Conflict
Robert Kuttner: Political 'Beat the Clock'
Alan Leshner: Right Wing Takes Bad Aim at Science
Dave Zweifel: Truth On Reagan Scarier Than Fiction

Tuesday, December 2
Paul Krugman: Hack the Vote
Maya Cole/Diane Farsetta: US Contributes to the Marginalization of Women Worldwide
Patrick Doherty: Last Chance: Will Democrats Propose a Vision for the Future That Could Save Us?
Nomi Prins: Iraq Could Produce Another Enron
George Monbiot: Bottom of the Barrel: The World is Running out of Oil - So why do Politicians Refuse to Talk About It?
Salim Muwakkil: Unanswered Questions: What is the Bush Administration Hiding from the 9/11 Commission?
Antonia Zerbisias: No Freedom Without Free Press
Roger Libby: Responsible Lust is Healthy, Normal
Harvey Wasserman: Was Bush's Turkey Trip to Baghdad Aimed at Hillary Clinton?
Lisa O'Neill: Rosa Parks: She was Tired...Sick and Tired
John Buell: Lessons Across the Pond About European Nations
Peter Gabel: Issues in the San Francisco Mayor's Race - Why the Democrats Need Matt Gonzalez
James Carroll: 20 Years of Struggle Against HIV/AIDS
Robert Scheer: Death Takes No Holiday in Iraq

Monday, December 1
Jeff Cohen: Bush and Iraq: Mass Media, Mass Ignorance
Norman Solomon: Pew Poll on "Trade" Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test
Jay Bookman: This War Not Against Terrorists
Felicity Arbuthnot: Samarra - Another Falluja?
Andy Mager: Ending Terrorism: What Would it Really Take?
Ira Chernus: Peace Activists Should Push Geneva Initiative
Sharon Sadeh: Geneva Initiative: A Flawed Plan, But it Could Pave the Way for Peace
Antonia Zerbisias: Talking Turkey About a 'Free' Press
Sean Gonsalves: Teaching Nonviolent Regime Change
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Anything But Brown
Harley Sorenson: Talking Turkey About The Bush Bros
James Goldsborough: Spend, Spend and Spend Some More
Dave Zweifel: Fox News 'Balance' is Just Plain Bogus
Gary Younge: A Nation Divided: Voters Either Adore or Abhor Bush




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