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May 2002

Friday, May 31
Arianna Huffington: How Big a Corporate Disaster Is Needed?
Marty Jezer: Palestinian Nonviolence: Would It Work?
David Corn: The September 11 X-Files
Laura Flanders: Gagged by Google: Body Shop Founder Censored by Search Engine
Sean Donahue: Colombia is Burning... And the U.S. is Pouring Gasoline on the Fire
Brandon Keim: Of Whales and Men
Paul Krugman: Heart of Cheapness
Robert Dodge: The Deadly Shell Game of Nuclear Arms Control
John Nichols: Gould Was a Scientist for the People

Thursday, May 30
David Potorti: Can I Get A Witness?
Dennis Kucinich: A New Horizon for the Democratic Party
William Pfaff: The Confusion Deepens Over US Foreign Policy
Marie Cocco: America Is Under Attack - By the Wealthy
Tom Turnipseed: Sex Among the Sacred
Matthew Rothschild: Crude Politics of Scandal
Mary McGrory: Hesitant Hawks
Mark Weisbrot: The Africa Tour: First, Do No Harm

Wednesday, May 29
Henry Porter: Wake-Up Call: For the First Time Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear War is Not a Distant Threat But a Real Possibility
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Age of Inequality
Peter Edelman: The True Purpose of Welfare Reform
Molly Ivins: Connect the Dots on Business Ethics
George Monbiot: Corporate Phantoms: The Web of Deceit Over GM Food
Sophia Murphy: Farm Bill Outrage Goes Global
Robert Jensen: Journalism Should Never Yield to ‘Patriotism’
Derrick Jackson: Stephen Jay Gould's Battle Against Racism
John Nichols: Fast Track May Tip Contenders' Hands

Tuesday, May 28
James Carroll: We Must All Prevent War. If We Human Beings Leave This Problem to Governments, We Are Doomed
Elizabeth Thomas: Speaking Out About Citizens' Silence
Sean Gonsalves: Aid to Africa Must Do Actual Good
Max Castro: Criticism is Not Self-Hatred
Marie Cocco: US Treads Lightly Over Disputed Fla.Votes

Monday, May 27
Harry Lonsdale: Where is the Outrage Against Our Outrageous and Dangerous Foreign Policy?
Salim Muwakkil: Making America Truly Safe
Joel Rogers: Has U.S. Forgotten Its Ideals?

Sunday, May 26
Eric Margolis: The World Holds Its Breath: Old Foes India and Pakistan Inch Ever Closer to Nuclear War
Rick Mercier: Activists Take New Tack to Promote Human Rights
Henry Porter: Don't Wag Your Finger at Us, Mr Bush
John Liechty: The Orneriness of Kings
Dan Plesch: Why Bush's Deal With Putin Doesn't Make the World Safer
Harvey Wasserman: Atomic Terror Alert: If the White House Knows Something About Future Attacks, The Time to Act is Now

Saturday, May 25
Ruth Conniff: Greens Go After Wellstone
Robert Fisk: There Is A Firestorm Coming, And It Is Being Provoked By Mr Bush
Adil Najam: The Tinderbox Called Kashmir
Benazir Bhutto: Don't Bet on Musharraf to Avert War
Steffie Woolhandler/David Himmelstein: National Health Insurance: Liberal Benefits, Conservative Spending
Seth Sandronsky: Not One of My Favorite Things
Christopher Brauchli: John Ashcroft, Friend of the Gun
Cesar Chelala: Cutbacks Imperil Health of World's Women
Mark Morford: Evildoers In The Hood: Another Batch of Fresh Terrorist Warnings from the Government, and You Without Your Skepticism

Friday, May 24
Martin Woollacott: Kashmir and Terrorism Aren't the Problem, It's the Bomb
Linda O'Brien: Why Don't We Recognize How Much Power We Have?
Molly Ivins: Terrorists are Terrible, So Are Financial Liars
Laura Flanders: Pilfering from Publishers: Have You Hugged an Indie Press Today?
Nigel Parry: The Nettle That Must Be Grasped
Rick Salutin: Bush: Dumb by Choice
Rachel Giese: A Basket of Goodies for White House Bashers
Marty Jezer: What Did Bush Know?

Thursday, May 23
Jonathan Steele: East Timor is Independent. So Long As It Does As It's Told
Marie Cocco: We're Buying Shame With Our Cuba Policy
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Administration Scandals: The Beginning of the End?
Norman Solomon: Media Strategy Memo to George, Dick and John
Natasha Walter: Face the Facts: Scientists Can Get Things Wrong
Dean Baker: Attack of the Clowns: The Real Bush is Back

Wednesday, May 22
Frances Moore Lappé/Anna Lappé: A Better Way to Feed the Hungry
Jonathan Freedland: At Last, Americans Are Asking Whether Their Government Did Enough to Protect Them on September 11
John Balzar: Pirates of the Caribbean: Compared with U.S. Tycoons, Castro is Mickey Mouse
Peter Ferenbach: The Arms Control Shell Game
Fran Shor: Follow the Money: Bush, 9/11, and Deep Threat
John Nichols: Time Shows Georgia Rep's No 'Wacko'
John Buell: Think It Can’t Happen Here? Political Degradation Hits Home

Tuesday, May 21
James Carroll: America is Being Led by Cowards
Marie Cocco: The Bush People Know How to Run and Hide
George Monbiot: Riddle of the Spores: Why Has the FBI Investigation into the Anthrax Attacks Stalled?
Arianna Huffington: Has The Patent Expired On The Pharmaceutical Industry's Invincibility?
Marc Fisher: Capitol Lockdown Defies Our Core Democratic Ideals
Dave Zweifel: Corporations Cash in on War on Terror
Robert Scheer: Hiding Behind a Veil of Executive Privilege?

Monday, May 20
Madeleine Bunting: This Futile Campaign: Western Intervention Has Done Little for the Afghans and Less to Beat Terrorism
Mike Jendrzejczyk: Indonesia 'Peacekeeper' Plan Sends the Wrong Message
Peter Erlinder: Revelations of Pre-September 11 Warnings Require PATRIOT ACT Repeal
Elizabeth Warren: US Bankruptcy Law: A Quiet Attack on Women
Salih Booker: To Help Africa Battle AIDS, Write Off Its Debt
Salim Muwakkil: Newark, N.J., and the Shifting Contours of Black Politics

Sunday, May 19
Eric Margolis: Cuba Si, Bush No! White House Attempt to Discredit Carter's Visit Was Reminiscent of the 1960s' Ugly Americans
Stephanie Salter: Carter the Force
Ian Willmore: Why The Earth Summit Matters
Robert C. Hinkley: Neither Enron Nor Deregulation
Jo-Ann Mort: An Unholy Alliance in Support of Israel
Brandon Keim: Lifting The Star-Spangled Shroud of Silence
Michael Sfard: Why Israel's 'Seruvniks' Say Enough is Enough
Mary McGrory: Lock-and-Load Ashcroft

Saturday, May 18
Mark Lawson: Events, Ol' Buddy, Events: Can Bush Survive the Speculation About What He Knew, and When?
Ira Chernus: I Criticize Israel Because I Am Jewish
Amy Bach: Post-Sept. 11: Vigilante Justice
Christopher Brauchli: Vanishing Signatures, Discarded Commitments
Michael Klare: Invading Iraq, Abandoning America
Madison Capital Times: The Politics of Sept. 11
Matthew Miller: Democrats Should Think About What They Have to Offer America in 2004

Friday, May 17
Jeremy Rifkin: The World's Problems on a Plate: Meat Production is Making the Rich Ill and the Poor Hungry
Molly Ivins: How Inept Can Bush Get?
Joseph Nevins: Time for a US Truth Commission on East Timor
Norman Solomon: The Case of the 9-11 Photo
Trudy Rubin: Bush Should Learn a Lesson from Carter's Visit to Cuba
Mary Schmich: Even at 90, Studs' Story is Still Unfolding
Nathan Newman: Bush's Assault on Workers Rights
Stuart Jeffries in Cannes: Michael Moore's TV Documentary About the US Love of Firearms Makes History

Thursday, May 16
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney: Statement on Terrorist Warnings
Jonathan Steele: New York is Starting to Feel Like Brezhnev's Moscow
Haroon Siddiqui: Tutu Likens Israeli Actions to Apartheid
Laura Flanders: Thank You, Katha. Single Voice Points Out Democrat Darling's Tragic Flaw
Lori Berenson: In Defense of the Rights of Political Prisoners
Paki Wright: Spiderman, Ho Hum
Mark Weisbrot: Derailing Fast Track
Michael Meacher: The Global Warning Bush Must Heed
Russ Feingold/Jon Corzine: Halt Executions Across the Nation

Wednesday, May 15
Andrew Murray: The Axis of Nonsense
Bernie Sanders: The Export-Import Bank: Corporate Welfare At Its Worst
Jeff Milchen: Reading the Constitution Through a Corporate Lens
Molly Ivins: A Call for Justice in Troubling Murders
Brandon Keim: The First Casualty of the Conflict in Israel and Palestine Has Been Objectivity. Et Tu, Elie?
Tom Teepen: Bush Wins, World's Children Lose at the United Nations
Rick Stahlhut: Skepticism By Peace Advocates Well-Founded
Arianna Huffington: Gee, Is There a Choice Between Profits and Patriotism?
Robert Kuttner: Fixing the Broken Part of Pensions

Tuesday, May 14
William Hartung: Bush-Putin Deal: Making the World Safe for Nuclear Weapons
Laura Orlando: Bush in Colombia: An Old War Gets a New Boost
Robert Scheer: Lights Out on Bush's Excuses; He Left California Hanging in the Energy Crisis
Mokhiber/Weissman: IMF and World Bank: Out of Control
George Monbiot: The Fake Persuaders: Corporations are Inventing People to Rubbish Their Opponents on the Internet
Robert Fisk: Why Does John Malkovich Want to Kill Me?
Arianna Huffington: Scooby Dooby Doo, Harvey Pitt, Where Are You?
Harley Sorensen: The Great Liberal Hope For '04

Monday, May 13
Jimmy Reid: Beware the Dangers of Dogma
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Israel Serves as a Convenient Foil for the United States
John Balzar: Enron's Lullaby Sang to Our Greedy Side
Molly Ivins: Enron, Sharon, Bush — Good for Laughs?
Richard Gwyn: Neo-Con Ideology Loses Shine
Salim Muwakkil: Hip-Hop and Blacks' Cultural Crisis

Saturday, May 11
John Liechty: God’s Dream? We Are Quick to Condemn the Violence of Others, Equally Quick to Justify Our Own
Noam Chomsky: The Solution is the Problem: The US Presents Itself as the Peace-Broker in the Middle East. The Reality is Different
Heather Mallick: Le Pen Vote Nailed It Exactly, 17.8 Per Cent of France is Racist
Chistopher Brauchli: US Pressure Helps Oust International Leaders
David Zonsheine: Why I Refuse to Fight for Sharon's Settlements
Russ Kick: US Military Proposes Illegal Bioweapons Research
Seth Sandronsky: In US, Work Intensity Helps Boost Productivity

Friday, May 10
Holly Sklar: Are Moms Worth Less Than Dads?
John Pat Leary: Aiding Colombia: History Is Repeating Itself in Latin America
John Nichols: Paul Wellstone is a Hunted Man
Paul Knox: Amnesty for the Global Good Guys
Michelle Kinnucan: What Star Wars Teaches Us
Norman Solomon: No Media Interest In A Basic Matter of Democracy
Jason Leopold: Army Secretary White Should Go --Now
Martin Woollacott: Don't Panic! The Far Right's Rise is Just a Historical Blip
Andrew Reding: Bush is Wrong on International Court

Thursday, May 9
Lee Drutman/Charlie Cray: After Enron: The Time Has Come to Establish a National Dialogue on the Role of Corporations in Society
Hady Amr: Why Capitol Hill Supports Israel
Dean Baker: Will Darth Vader Do Time? The Enron Saga Continues
Marie Cocco: These Washington Myths Are Breaking Us
Jonathan Reingold: US Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq
Seumas Milne: This Slur of Anti-Semitism is Used to Defend Repression
Robert Fisk: Israel's "Book of Terror" Purporting to Show Arafat's Role in Suicide Attacks is 'Riddled With Omissions and Falsehoods'
John Nichols: GOP's Rove Carries Spin to Extreme
Bob Herbert: Let's See. What America Needs is More Guns in the Hands of More People, Right?

Wednesday, May 8
Robert Fisk: There is a Solution to This Filthy War - Foreign Occupation
Robert Scheer: President Bush's Wag-the-Dog Policy on Iraq
Molly Ivins: Media Orgies Aside, It's All About Freedom
Steve Cobble: Hiding Behind A Curtain: The NRA Plays The Wizard Of Oz
Danny Schechter: Cable TV News Networks Are a Total Turnoff
Jonathan Freedland: Watch and Tremble: The Fallout From the Assassination of Pim Fortuyn Will Be Felt Not Just in Holland
Mark Weisbrot: Brazilian Democracy Faces Obstacles from the North

Tuesday, May 7
Gary Ferdman/Myriam Miedzian: Like Harry Truman, We Should Investigate the Pentagon
Dennis Hans: ANDDOVUS Nations Authorize Regime Change for USA: Pro-Democracy Coup to be Staged No Later Than Next Spring
Fran Shor: Invasion of Iraq: It's Sooner Than You Think
Carol Norris: Yucca Magic Mountain
Sean Gonsalves: Open Sandals, Closed Minds?
Paul Krugman: True Blue Americans
Marie Cocco: US Promises to Afghan Women Unfulfilled
Carol Bellamy: We Are Failing the Children of the World

Monday, May 6
Tom Turnipseed: A Travesty of Justice: South Carolina Executes an Innocent Man
Madeleine Bunting: Myth and Malice: Le Pen Taps Into the Growing Crisis of Identity in European Politics
Boston Globe: Addicting the World
Salim Muwakkil: Anti-Semitism: An Ally in Sharon's Campaign
William Pfaff: Bush, Abdullah and the Settlements
Haim Weiss: Haim Weiss, Who Was Once Glad to Serve in the Israeli Army, Tells His Defense Secretary Why He Will Not Go To the West Bank
Ted Rall: Enough is Enough! It's Time to Cut Israel Loose

Sunday, May 5
Stephanie Salter: A Liberal-Biased National News Media? In My Dreams
Will Hutton: Europe Can Defeat Fascism
Mary McGrory: DeLay Diplomacy
Barbara Ferguson: Profiles in Courage: US Lawmakers Stand Up for Moral Justice in Middle East
Ed Vulliamy: Bitter Taste of Conflict in the Sweetest Place on Earth: Hershey, PA

Saturday, May 4
Arlene Stein: Fortress Israel is Not the Promised Land
Bill Keller: Is the Pope Catholic?
Heather Wokusch: Fear As A Weapon (Rollback To The Right)
Robert Fisk: Sharon the Merciless and Arafat the Corrupt Have Nothing Meaningful to Offer Each Other
Seth Sandronsky: Centralize This—GM in Asia

Friday, May 3
Arundhati Roy: Democracy: Who's She When She's At Home?
Michael Ryan: The Spoiled Sequined Thong Under The Good Gray Lady's Skirts; Boobs Dominate News At The New York Times
Ray Krone: Take It From One Who Knows: Death Penalty System Is Broken
Alexandra Cox: Yale Fights the War on Drugs
Adrian Hamilton: The Palestinians Must Seize Back Their Pride
Norman Solomon: Still Not Good Enough - From Barbie to Botox
George Bisharat: Sanctions Against Iraq Are Genocide
Marty Jezer: Rediscovering John Adams: Mensch and New Englander
Arianna Huffington: Penny-Wise, Dirty Nuke Foolish

Thursday, May 2
Laura Flanders: Does Karen Hughes Protest Too Much? Flack for a Family-Unfriendly Administration Heads For The Comforts of Home
Duncan Campbell: Cheaper Drugs Attract Busloads of Elderly Citizens Over the Border
Tom Ackerman: Israelis Held Hostage By Settlements
David A. Love: Black Voices Provide Balance to the Mideast Debate
Leonard Pitts Jr: Church Should Be Ashamed for Blaming the Victims

Wednesday, May 1
Jeff Cohen: What Is A Terrorist?
Natasha Walter: Laugh If You Like, But Don't Ignore the Determination of Today's Protesters
John Buell: It Can’t Happen Here?
Molly Ivins: A Simple Lesson in Bush Logic
Dennis Fox: Challenging Ourselves on Israel and Palestine
Jules Witcover: What About the War Powers Act?
Gary Handschumacher: Justice and Freedom Continue To Elude Lori Berenson
Graca Machel/Nelson Mandela: We Must Teach All the Children




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