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June 2002

Sunday, June 30
Wendy Pearlman: What Bush Doesn't Know About Palestine
Ros Davidson: Land Of Hype And Glory: Post-September 11, This Independence Day Will Eclipse All That's Gone Before
Juergen Todenhofer: We Can't Simply Bomb a Just World Into Shape
Eric Margolis: Bush's Mideast Vision is a Myopic Fantasy
Stephanie Salter: Living Their Faith: And Those Who Trespass
Barbara Ehrenreich: Two-Tiered Morality
David Broder: A New Questioning of the War: 'You Can Feel It Happening'

Saturday, June 29
John Berger: The First Fireball: The US Nuclear Attack on Hiroshima Paved the Way for September 11 and Its Aftermath
Tom Turnipseed: Crime in the Suites Enabled by Political Corruption Causes a Crisis in the Credibility of US Capitalism
Deborah Mathis: What if the Pledge of Allegiance is an Ideal, Not Reality?
Christopher Brauchli: Insurance Companies Protect ... Themselves
Denis Hayes: Crisis in the Deep Blue

Friday, June 28
Daniel Warner: Perpetual War Poses a Risk to US Power
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Get Them Before They Get You
Rick Mercier: You Don’t Need Union, Son, ’Cause You Don’t Work Here Anymore
Bruce Cole: The Resignation of a Local Democrat...Calling His Party to Account
Martin Woollacott: Marooned on His Fantasy Island, Bush Stands Firm
Molly Ivins: W. Exercises Hypocrisy
Norman Solomon: "Monomedia" and the First Amendment
Derrick Jackson: Rethinking the Pledge

Thursday, June 27
Ralph Nader: Reclaiming Our Commons
Robert Jensen: Alternative Futures: A Review of Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy
Mary McGrory: Bush's Speech: Standing by His 'Man of Peace'
Dean Baker: First the Hype, Now the Pain: Market's Fall Was Both Predictable and Predicted
Blaine Townsend: Proxy Season: The Votes They Are A-Changin'
EJ Dionne, Jr: The States' Rights Scam

Wednesday, June 26
Stephen Zunes: Bush's Speech A Setback for Peace
Ira Chernus: Bush is Irrelevant and Must Go
Robert Fisk: I Wonder Why Bush Doesn't Let Sharon Run His Press Office
Derrick Jackson: How to Wreck a Railroad
Jonathan Freedland: George W's Bloody Folly: Bush's Fantasy Middle East Plan Will Strengthen Those Who Want War, Not Peace
Stephanie Salter: Martha Stewart's Prison Living
Rahul Mahajan: Arafat Calls for Democratic Elections in the United States -- World Reaction is Mixed

Tuesday, June 25
Ali Abunimah: Bush's Speech - A Vision of Permanent War
Arsalan Tariq Iftikhar: Bush's Speech - An Interim Insult
Mokhiber/Weissman: Brokerman
Steve Chapman: No Reason Behind Iraq Attack
James Carroll: Murder By Suicide
Robert Scheer: It's 'Unpatriotic' to Say That Corrupt Business is Ruining Our Economy
Seth Sandronsky: What Drove Up the US Stock Market?
Paul Krugman: The Reality Thing

Monday, June 24
Heather Wokusch: Fear and Loathing in The States
Jonathan Steele: The West is Walking Away From Afghanistan - Again
Salim Muwakkil: Glenn Loury: The Conversion of a Black Conservative
Sarah Shields: A Looking Glass World
Kevin Martin: 'Strike First': Invitation to Global Anarchy
Anthony Clark Arend/Douglas Shaw: US on Risky Road if It Uses Nuclear Bluff

Friday, June 21
Norman Solomon: A Modest Proposal for Media Reform
Mark Hertsgaard: The Truth on Warming
Marty Jezer: September 11th: Conspiracy-itis
Felicity Arbuthnot: Hope's Burial Ground: The Slide Show That Moved Cherie Booth Blair
Salim Hoss: America Keeps Doing Israel's Bidding
Derrick Jackson: Amtrak Is About To Be Run Over
John Nichols: Progressives Ponder Presidential Politics
Tom Thompson: Drug War Strategy Fatally Flawed
The Nation: War on Iraq Is Wrong

Thursday, June 20
Edward Said: Arafat is Only Interested in Saving Himself
Patt Morrison: Americans Think They're Envy of the World
Simon Taylor: Corporate Secrecy Oils the Wheels of Poverty
David Krieger: Unusual Courage from 31 Members of Congress
Jacob Levich: Justice for Robert Jackson: The War on Terror Is Not a Suicide Pact
Bob Herbert: Global Warming: No Margin for Error
Hussein Ibish: 'Interim' State Equals No State at All
David Clark: What a Pity That Cherie Blair Isn't PM; She is Only Saying What Most of Us Think About the Middle East

Wednesday, June 19
Scott Ritter: Behind 'Plot' on Hussein, a Secret Agenda
Stephanie Salter: Rebuilding Afghanistan: Promises, Promises, Promises
John Nichols: Santa Monica Mayor Mike Feinstein: One Mayor Who Recognizes the Problem
Leah Wells: Struggle at Pictsweet Continues; Public Support of Boycott Sought
Jerome Richard: Settlers, Terrorists and Starry Skies Above
Robert Kuttner: Privatizing Social Security: A Third Rail for the GOP
Mark Weisbrot: What Are They Doing to Argentina?
John Borowski: Disney and Stossel Dance in the Gutter with 'Tampering with Nature'

Tuesday, June 18
Lee Drutman/Charlie Cray: It’s Hammer Time for Corporate Tax Dodgers
Norman Solomon: A Creeping Indifference and a Silent Hollowing Out
Richard Thieme: The End of Something
Gina Kim: Seattle Man Faces Fines, Prison After Taking Medicines to Iraq
Joseph Nevins: Time to End a Fatal Way of Life Along the U.S-Mexico Boundary
Arsalan Iftikhar: The New Berlin Wall
Thomas Walkom: War On Terror Little To Do With Terror

Monday, June 17
Matthew Rothschild: On Your Nuclear Mark, Get So, Go
Robert Jensen: Rhetoric Distorts Realities: In Today's Bizarre Political Climate, A Relativist is Someone Who Argues for Moral Consistency
Salim Muwakkil: Blacks, Sports and Lingering Racial Stereotypes
David Wallis: Questions for Ralph Nader: Give Them the Business
Jim Cullen: Democrats and Greens Seem Intent on Re-Fighting the Last War Indefinitely

Sunday, June 16
William Galston: Why a First Strike Will Surely Backfire
Linda McQuaig: Why Rich Nations Are Cozying Up To Africa
Amartya Sen: Why Half the Planet is Hungry
Joan Smith: GW Bush: The Man is Stupid
Boston Globe: Bad Business in Burma
Rupert Cornwell: A Dirty Bomb from Pakistan? Or a Dirty Trick from Washington?
San Jose Mercury News: Activists as Targets: The Lesson in Earth First Verdict:

Saturday, June 15
Theodore A. Postol: A Hole in Our Missile Defense System
Bernie Sanders: Congress Can No Longer Ignore Corporate Control of the Media
Leslie Brenner: Ashcroft's Incompetence Begets Power
Julian Borger: Cracks Show in Bush's White House; The President's Men Are At Odds With Themselves
Seth Sandronsky: The Color of Foreshadowing
Christopher Brauchli: Windfall for Executives, But Not for Shareholders

Friday, June 14
Paul Krugman: Plutocracy and Politics
Norman Solomon: Three Decades Later, Watergate Is A Cautionary Tale
Ralph Nader: A Corporate State
Tom Turnipseed: The Fear Factor to Promote War and Trample the Truth
Marty Jezer: Stalin and Bush: The Politicization of Science
Jeff Milchen: Is This Land Our Land? It's Time to Halt the Commodification of Public Lands
Brad Carlton: How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta' on 9/11--and the Public Lost Big-Time
Sonia Shah: Globalizing Clinical Research: Big Pharma Tries Out First World Drugs on Unsuspecting Third World Patients

Thursday, June 13
Nadia Martinez/Mark Engler: Bankrolling Enron's Global Exploitation
Rachel Giese: Few Scraps for Poor at Food Summit
Cherie Booth: US Lets Down World Justice
Mokhiber/Weissman: Stripping Away Big Pharma's Figleaf
Arianna Huffington: Tyco Chief's Art of Putting Himself First
Molly Ivins: GOP Get-Together Best Little Joke in Texas
Mark Weisbrot: US Trade Policy: "Do as We Say, Not as We Did"
Marian Wright Edelman: Congress Must Act to Rescue Children Living in Poverty

Wednesday, June 12
Mark Morford: Just In Time To Kill Any Sense of Hope and Progress, It's America's New "Attack First" Policy
Robert Fisk: Mr Bush's Titanic War on Terror Will Eventually Sink Beneath the Waves
Fran Shor: Dirty Bombs, Blowback, and Imperial Projections
John Liechty: S is for Sivilization
Harley Sorensen: Have You Had Your Bush Outrage This Week?
Richard Gwyn: Tainted Corporations Sing the Blues
Paul Foot: Is Capitalism Sick?
Dan Cornwell: Militarizing Space Would Lead to New Balance of Terror

Tuesday, June 11
Marcus Gee: Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal?
George Monbiot: Dangerous Waters: By Shipping Plutonium Around the World, Britain is Courting Catastrophe
Leah Wells: Leaving the ABM Treaty in the Dust
Robert C. Hinkley: Profits vs. Public Interest
Claire Braz-Valentine: An Open Letter to John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States
Robert Scheer: Arafat, by Feeding on Martyrdom, Dooms His People
Sean Gonsalves: A Reminder of the Power of Words

Monday, June 10
John Vidal: Time to Come Clean on the Dirty Secret of Starvation
Molly Ivins: Cheney's Mess Worth a Close Look
Bill C. Davis: Getting Caught
Salim Muwakkil: Perverse Incentives of Terrorism War
Robert Fisk: Afghanistan: Gangsters, Murderers and Stooges Used to Endorse Bush's Vision of 'Democracy'
James Ingalls/Sonali Kolhatkar: What Lies in Afghanistan's Future? Prospects for the Loya Jirga

Sunday, June 9
Rev. Charles Booker-Hirsch: Hypocrisy Mars the War on Terror
Bruce Mulkey: Going Largely Unnoticed, A Dramatic Shift in Our Culture is Underway
Tom Teepen: For Bush, Denial Has Become Tool of Choice
Boulder Daily Camera: United Spies of America
Pervez Hoodbhoy: India-Pakistan: What, Us Worry?

Saturday, June 8
Schell, Forsberg & Cortright: End the Nuclear Danger: An Urgent Call
Frida Berrigan: Eating Grass and Contemplating Armageddon in South Asia
Norman Solomon: Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog
Mary McGrory: We Face Endless War Everywhere
Fergal Keane: The Danger is That India and Pakistan Think They Could Survive a Nuclear War
Christopher Brauchli: Strange Solutions from Ashcroft and Dynegy
Frank Rich: Department of Homeland Insecurity
Seth Sandronsky: A Hoop Dream?

Friday, June 7
Arianna Huffington: Analyze This: Wall Street Gives Investors the Finger
Hanan Ashrawi: Reforming From Within
Marc Cooper: Red Over Green Party Moves
Brandon Keim:The Jihad Against 'Jihad'
Ira Chernus: The Durable Legacy of the Six Day War
Madison Capital Times: Arms Control Legacy at Risk
Arsalan Tariq Iftikhar: Free Kashmir From Occupation

Thursday, June 6
Bill McKibben: US Is Icing Our Warming Report
Huck Gutman: A South Asian Colloquy
Molly Ivins: Stupefying Stance on Global Warming
Andrew Weil: Stop the Federal War on Medical Marijuana
Laura Flanders: The Risks of 'Protection': Panic Over Youthful Sexuality Endangers Kids
Tom Turnipseed: A Crisis in Confidence in U. S. Leadership
Tina Empol: Trade is a Feminist Issue
Bob Herbert: Bush's EPA Report Was Called "US Climate Action Report-2002." It Should Have Been Called the "Inaction Report"

Wednesday, June 5
Dave Zweifel: Cheney's Money Has Roots in Evil
Arianna Huffington: Did The Drug War Claim Another 3,056 Casualties On 9-11?
John Balzar: The Business of America Is Out of Control
Robert Kuttner: Punishing the Poor on Workfare
Lora Lumpe: Military Training Programs: A Need for Oversight and Human Rights Courses
Mark Weisbrot: Spying and Lying: the FBI's Dirty Secrets
Mike Ruppert: Response to David Corn's 'The September 11 X-Files'

Tuesday, June 4
Michael Borucke/Oren Weinrib: The Graduation Message We Won't Hear
William Evan/Francis Boyle: Call an International Time-Out Over Kashmir
George Monbiot: Conflict in Kashmir Could Vaporize Millions, But The World's 'Moral Leaders' Are Looking Away
Martin Lee: Truth Serums & Torture
Mokhiber/Weissman: Restorative Justice for Corporate Crime
Robert Scheer: We've Had Enough Witch Hunts: War on Terrorism Does Not Justify Racial Profiling

Monday, June 3
John Buell: Casting Blame for September 11
Molly Ivins: Not All of Us Were Fooled by Market's Shell Game
Wendy Kaminer: Drugs, Terror, and Evictions
Jonathan Cook: Israel's Unexploded Ordnance is Claiming More Victims
William Safire: J. Edgar Mueller
Harley Sorensen: Heads-Up To Ashcroft Proves Threat Was Known Before 9/11
Scott Laderman/Barry Riesch: Veterans Wage Peace in Iraq

Sunday, June 2
Paul Hawken: On Corporate Responsibility: A Ronald McDonald Fantasy
Arundhati Roy: Under the Nuclear Shadow
Alec Dubro: Payback Time
Tom Oliphant: FBI's Shifting Versions on Missed 9/11 Warnings

Saturday, June 1
Norman Solomon: "War on Terrorism" Winking at Nuclear Terror
Bernard Weiner: The Bush 9/11 Scandal for Dummies
Fran Shor: Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan
Seth Sandronsky: Alienation Nation
Christopher Brauchli: Merrill Lynch Boldly Goes Beyond Arthur Andersen
Ted Rall: Meet the Press: The Corruption of Journalism in Wartime




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