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January 2002

Thursday, January 31
William Pfaff: As Captor, U.S. Risks Dehumanizing Itself
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Fraudulent Economic Plan
Hugo Young: Only American National Interest Counts Now
Paul Koring: America's Axis to Grind
Michelle Kelly/Morten Rostrup: Identify Yourselves: Coalition Soldiers in Afghanistan are Endangering Aid Workers

Wednesday, January 30
Abdel Rahman al-Ahmed: The Smile of Policeman Agadi
Clive Doucet: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Could Be a Train
Molly Ivins: Hands Up! This is Aggressive Accounting!
Nick Nyhart: Post-Enron Lesson: No Private Money for Campaigns
David Davis: Freedom, Hate and the Ministry of Truth
Laura Flanders: A Woman's Touch: A Female Suicide Bomber Challenges Our Preconception of the Macho Killer
Jonathan Freedland: The State of the Union Address George W Should Have Given Last Night - But Didn't Dare

Tuesday, January 29
Bernie Sanders: The Enron Debacle Tells Us That We Need Campaign Finance Reform Now
William Hartung: Donald Rumsfeld, Matinee Idol or Prevaricator-in-Chief?
Arlene Stein: Americans Need to Expand Their View of the World
George Monbiot: Both Savior and Victim: Black Hawk Down Creates a New and Dangerous Myth of American Nationhood
Sean Gonsalves: Getting Good 'Junk' Mail
Robert Scheer: A Walk in the Valley of Greed
Paul Krugman: I Predict Enron, Not Sept. 11, Will Come to be Seen as the Greater Turning Point in American Society
Rob Gaudet: Progressive and Proud
Michael Ratner: Follow the Geneva Convention

Monday, January 28
Bell Gale Chevigny: Poet Laureate of America's Damned
Mokhiber/Weissman: Unaccountable Accounting
Robert Kuttner: In Today's Capitalism, Regulators Not Relics
Salim Muwakkil: Drug Warriors: U.S.'s Internal Taliban
Madeline Bunting: Enron's Demise has Discredited a Vicious Market Ideology and Given a Boost to the Anti-Corporate Cause
Ruth Rosen: Enron's Secrets Are Safe
Robin Justig: Sharon's OK Corral

Sunday, January 27
Heather Wokusch: Leaving Wisdom Behind: Corporate Mentality Seizes National Consciousness
Paul Rogers: What is Right for America is Regarded by the White House as Right for the World
Stephanie Salter: Enron's Bustin' Out All Over
Dennis Hans: Memo to Media Moguls: Give Us Our Leftwing Blondes
Mark Hertsgaard: Appearances Count in Conflicts of Interest
Mark Weisbrot: How the IMF Sank Argentina
Russ Feingold: No. 1 Reason for Campaign-Finance Reform? Enron
John Balzar: Pipsqueak Politics Isn't the Only Option

Saturday, January 26
Tom Turnipseed: The Dream of Martin Luther King Distorted Into a Nightmare of Moderation and Militarism
Heather Mallick: The Heart of Darkness Beats Clear and Steady in Guantanamo Bay
Mokhiber/Weissman: Drip, Drip, Drip: Eroding the Barriers to Corporate Crime
Paul Wellstone: 'A Beautiful Mind' Affirms Need for Mental Health Coverage
Philadelphia Inquirer: Let Greens in Debate
Paul Krugman: The Muck Won't Stick Here
Seth Sandronsky: The Success of Failure

Friday, January 25
James K. Galbraith: Enron May Spark Revolt of Professionals
Howard Zinn: The Others: What If We Could See the Afghan Dead as We've Seen the September 11 Victims?
John Balzar: Warming Up to a New Crisis
Anna Greenberg: What Young Voters Want: They're Looking for Help with College and a Reason to Believe in Government
Mark Weisbrot: 'Vietnam Syndrome' is Alive and Thriving
David A. Love: U.S. Must Treat Guantanamo Prisoners Humanely
Marty Jezer: Enron's Fall: FDR's Ghost

Thursday, January 24
Norman Solomon: Ashcroft's Media Scam: A Confederacy of Amnesia
William Pfaff: The American Problem Is Domination of Politics by Money
Molly Ivins: A Lot of People Hate the Double Standard Nation
Marie Cocco: The Real Energy Crisis Is American Addiction to Oil
Scott Ritter: Iraq: The Phantom Threat
Dean Baker: The Country is Filled with Kenneth Lays, People Who Have Made It To the Top by Lying and Stealing
Jerome Richard: Missile Defense Shield: The Real Target
Paul Waldman: The Texas Two-Step

Wednesday, January 23
Laura Flanders: What Would MLK Do? After Sept. 11, Equality is Under Attack in the United States
Michael Ardon: To Head Off Mass Migrations, Set a Global Minimum Wage
John Moyers: Recuse Me! Conflicts of Interest in Congress
Matthew Engel: To Complain is to be UnAmerican: The President Wants to Make the US Safer for the Republican Party
Vincent Browne: Volcanos Are Televisual: War is Not
Howard Gardner: It's Time for Bush to Say, 'God Bless Us, Every One'
Max Hastings: US Branded Too Big To Take Advice

Tuesday, January 22
Sean Gonsalves: The 'Genius of Capitalism'
Mary Robinson: Globalisation Has to Take Human Rights into Account
Marie Cocco: Afghan Women Get Caught in U.S. Abortion Politics
Bill C. Davis: Perception is Reality - Not
Richard Norton-Taylor: The War Against Terror is Making Villains of Us All
Robert Scheer: Enron Got Its Money's Worth; Look No further than the National Energy Plan
John Nichols: With No Ideology, Corruption Fills Vacuum
Robert Reno: Incite Cheats, Give the Rich New Tax Cuts

Saturday, January 19
Frank Rich: The United States of Enron
Tom Turnipseed: The Enron Model: A Preamble for the Constitution of the Corporations of the United States
Robert Hinkley: How Corporate Law Inhibits Social Responsibility
Mary Robinson: Denying Captives Rights Will Return to Haunt Us
Adam Johnson: How to Really Leave No Child Behind
Peter Kinder: "Enron": the Embodiment of an Era
Glen Milner: Nonviolence or Nonexistence
Arianna Huffington: Dr. King And The Leader In The Mirror

Friday, January 18
Marwan Barghouti: To Get Deserved Security, End the Occupation
Maria Ivanova: America Must Reject Excessive Consumption, Embrace New Values
William Greider: Crime in the Suites: There Are More Enrons Out There; The Rot is Systemic
Dave Winkler: To Honor MLK, Let's Speak Out Against War on Terrorism
John Balzar: Enron: A Scandal So Good That It Hurts
Norman Solomon: A Communique From the Ghost of Mark Twain
Dave Zweifel: Just call O'Neill 'Mr. Sensitivity'
Paul Krugman: A System Corrupted

Thursday, January 17
David Potorti: MLK/911: I Have A Dream
Charles Levendosky: U.S. Will Be Judged on Captives' Fate
Molly Ivins: In Total Disregard Toward the Poor
Hugo Young: Guantanamo Could Be Where America and Europe Part Company
Marie Cocco: All Those Health-Care Promises Remain Unfulfilled
Michelle Ciarrocca: The Nuclear Posture Review: Reading Between the Lines
Keith Suter: Will George Jr Go the Same Way As His Father?
Mark Weisbrot: Rubin Shouldn't Escape Enron Investigation
Mary McGrory: Claws for Alarm
Jeremy Rifkin: The End of Pregnancy

Wednesday, January 16
Laura Flanders: Beloved Community Radio: Pacifica is Back in the Hunt for the Elusive Balance Between Conflict and Compassion
David Bacon: The Coca-Cola Killings: Is Plan Colombia Funding a Bloodbath of Union Activists?
Simon Tisdall: The United States is Engaged in a Strategic Power Grab in Central Asia of Epic Proportions
John Balzar: Bush Hears Local Voices--When It Suits His Agenda
Seth Sandronsky: Can the Fed Rescue the U.S. Economy or Not?
Hesham Hassaballa: A Terrorist By Any Other Name
Frida Ghitis: United States Must Take Steps To Reign in Colombia's Right-Wing Death Squads

Tuesday, January 15
Julian Borger: Bush, the Corporations' Flag-Carrier: Enron's Collapse Exposes the Folly of His Cash-for-Influence Policy
James Carroll: US Moves Fuel Bellicosity Elsewhere
Marie Cocco: Campaign Finance: Still Rotten After All These Years
Bill C. Davis: Chew Before Swallowing
Sean Gonsalves: Making Martin Luther King Jr Relevant
Paul Krugman: Crony Capitalism, USA
George Monbiot: Business of Betrayal: Greens Who Defect to the Corporate World Jeopardize the Very Survival of Environmentalism
Robert Scheer: Bush to Lay: What Was Your Name Again?
Paul Krugman: Crony Capitalism, USA

Monday, January 14
Pilita Clark: The Land of the Free Becomes the Home of the Hypocrite
Ruth Rosen: Bush's Political Payoff to His Right-Wing Flank
Ira Chernus: Why They Believe The Big Lie
Barbara Kingsolver: It's My Flag, Too
Salim Muwakkil: The Dangers of Premature Celebrations
Robert Kuttner: Daschle Too Timid To Take on Bush Tax Cut
Kathy Kelly: The Long Wait
William Pfaff: Tony Blair Tours the World, and the American Empire Expands

Sunday, January 13
Eric Margolis: Fighting for Oil: The U.S. is Determined to Dominate the World's Richest New Source
Clarence Page: Let's Also Profile Enron Casualties
Bill Maxwell: The Sept. 11 Attacks Have Left Us Behaving in Un-American Ways
Jeff Milchen: War is No Excuse to Surrender Hard-Won Civil Rights; It's Time To Do More Than Complain

Saturday, January 12
Mokhiber/Weissman: When In Doubt, Shred It
Terry Jones: Why Grammar is the First Casualty of War
Heather Mallick: Read My Lips. Not Even Stupidity Excuses Bush's 'Pakis' Slur
Lord Bhikhu Parekh: 'Sept 11’s Lesson: Different Cultures Need to Start Dialogue, Not Conflict'
Caryl Rivers: Liberal Bias in the Media? Look Again
Tom Crumpacker: Searching for Osama

Friday, January 11
Tom Turnipseed: A Creeping Collapse in Credibility at the White House
Marty Jezer: Fear of Fair Elections
Molly Ivins: Justice, Texas-style
Matthew Miller: The Clock Ticks as Democrats Stumble in the Fog
Stephen Metcalf: The New Education Law is a Victory for Bush -- And for His Corporate Allies
Norman Solomon: Determined Struggle Brings a Radio Network Back to Life

Thursday, January 10
Arianna Huffington: Compassionately Conserving Enron
Mark Weisbrot: Campaign 2002: It's the Economy, and It's Going to Be Stupid
Robert Reno: White House Was a Home For Enron
Kathryn Schulz: Homeland Security Revisited: Bioterrorism Should be the Least of Our Worries
Christina Wells: Ashcroft Ignores First Amendment
William Pfaff: The Politics of Terrorism, or Civilians vs. Civilians
Richard Norton-Taylor: No Military Solution to Terrorism

Wednesday, January 9
Jeff Lustig: Free Speech -- Casualty of War?
Joan Konner: Media's Patriotism Provides a Shield for Bush
Bill C. Davis: Blood and Oill
Bernard Weiner: A Peek Inside Osama bin Laden's Diary
Molly Ivins: As Politicians Waffle, Debate Will Be Taxing
William Hartung: War Shouldn't Bar U.S. Military Cuts

Tuesday, January 8
Ruth Rosen: The Day Ashcroft Censored Freedom of Information
Robert Scheer: Let Down His Rich Pals? Over His Dead Body
Laura Flanders: Reform-Politick: Despite Last Year’s Election Reform Rhetoric, Nothing’s Changed
Paul Stamler: Preventive Medicine
David Shipler: Palestinians Should Switch to Soothing Israelis' Valid Fears

Monday, January 7
Salim Muwakkil: Need for Secular Public Square
Robert Kuttner: US Fueled Argentina's Economic Collapse
John Ibbitson: The Detestable, Decrepit Strom Thurmond
Dave Zweifel: GOP, Enron in Bed But Press Snoozes
Seth Sandronsky: A Tale of Two Debts
Dan Carpenter: Changing World Meets Unchanged Worldview
John Lloyd: As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

Sunday, January 6
Eric Margolis: More Than Bush Bargained For? American Involvement Has South Asia on the Brink of Nuclear War
Ira Chernus: The Big Lie is Bush's Most Powerful Weapon
Stephanie Salter: Dissent's a Dirty Word
Andreas Toupadakis: Nuclear Weapons: Abolish or Perish
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Boeing Boondoggle
Ronald J. Sider: The Path to a Better Future: America Must Work With Other Nations to Improve the World
St Louis Post-Dispatch: Corporate Ethics: The Story of Anniston
David Grossman: Palestinian Arms Ship: What Had to Be Proved

Saturday, January 5
John MacArthur: The Hunt for Osama bin Laden: We Seek Him Here, We Seek Him There
Tom Turnipseed: Affluenza's Symptoms: Bankruptcies Burgeon With The Daunting Debt of Everyday Americans and Enron
Frank Rich: Patriotism on the Cheap
Heather Wokusch: The Emperor Is Butt-Naked (The Media Too)
Joseph Barbato: 10 Things to Do During the High Alert Through March 11

Friday, January 4
Norman Solomon: The Discreet Charm of the Straight Spin
Kathleen Kern: Settlers' Strikes Create Cold Fury
Huck Gutman: Immigrants Angst: Many Cannot Speak of a Past That Forced Them Away From Home and Country
Gwen Wurm: No Bombs Bursting in the Air
Molly Ivins: It's the New Year, So Let's Make a Deal

Thursday, January 3
Robert Hunter Wade: America's Empire Rules an Unbalanced World
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Ten Worst Corporations of 2001
Laura Flanders: On the Brink: Will India Follow the U.S. Example and Respond to 'Terrorists' with Military Strikes?
Ralph Nader: U.S. Students Focus on Foreign Sweatshops
John Nichols: Reich's Candidacy is Intriguing Idea
Michael Edwards: The Mouse That Roared: We're Witnessing the Birth of a New World Politics
Robert Sharpe: U.S. Should Follow Europe’s Lead in Drug-Law Reform
Reggie Rivers: FBI Acting In the Public's Best Interests?

Wednesday, January 2
Claude Lewis: Why I Won't Wave the Flag - Despite the Sorrows of Sept. 11
Stephanie Salter: A Game Plan for this New Year
Jonathan Freedland: It's Time for a New Bottom Line: A Spiritual Dimension
Roberto J. Gonzalez: Lack of Reporting Civilian Casualties from the War in Afghanistan is Keeping Americans in the Dark
Vincent Browne: Civilian Death Toll is Not Big News
Robert Scheer: Enron Is a Cancer on the Presidency

Tuesday, January 1
George Monbiot: This is The Year of the Right: But Progressives Can Fight Back if They Abandon All the Old Strategies
Ian Hunter: Nineteen Eighty-Four Seems Like Yesterday
John Nichols: Feingold Stands Firm as His Own Man
Matthew Carolan/Raymond Keating: Giuliani Stadium Deal Is Corporate Welfare
Jonathan Sacks: The Year 2001 Was Meant to Be The United Nations Year of Dialogue Between Civilizations
George McGovern: The Healing in Helping the World's Poor




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