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April 2002

Tuesday, April 30
Paul Farhi: When the Blue Chips Are Down, in Gov We Trust
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Bush, Arafat & Jenin: This Deal Smells
Huck Gutman: President Bush and the Middle East
Bill C. Davis: The Fish Rots From The Head
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Women for Peace
Jonathan Rowe: Our Neglected Wealth: Protect 'The Commons' - Our Shared Property and Heritage
Marie Cocco: Politics As Usual Turns Off Our Young Leaders
Robert Scheer: Blame Church Arrogance, Not Oversexed Society

Monday, April 29
Harley Sorensen: Fear Can Turn Us All Into 'Good Germans.' We Must Resist It
Herbert Foerstel: A Chilling Intrusion
Sheryl McCarthy: Judge Takes an Admirable Stand on the Death Penalty
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Apartheid in the Holy Land
Salim Muwakkil: Can A Common Mother Bring Diplomacy to the World?
Bob Kerrey: Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage is Bad for Nevada and the Nation
Gary Younge: The Good Dictators

Sunday, April 28
Michael Lerner: Israel's Jewish Critics Aren't 'Self-Hating'
Stephanie Salter: I'm Not Buying Zubaydah
Will Hutton: The US Can No Longer Lay Claim to Being the Land of Opportunity
Mary McGrory: Bush & Venezuela: Democracy Takes a Hit
Seth Sandronsky: A Silent Revolution Is Underway in Human Rights, Activist Says
Ed Vulliamy: Bush Promotes Virgin Values to Curb Teen Sex
Dan Jaffee: Mexican Legislation Strikes a Blow Against Privatization, Secrecy

Saturday, April 27
Boston Globe: 430 Heroes in Israel
Frank Rich: Religion for Dummies
Mary McGrory: Church Still Defensive, Not Penitent
Christopher Brauchli: US Shuns Treaties But Feels Free to Meddle
Will Youmans: Twisted Sister: How UC-Berkeley Neglects its Sister School in Bethlehem
Robert Fisk: Gaza Braces for Sharon to Send in Tanks in Next Phase of War

Friday, April 26
Jeremy Rifkin: Pumping Up the Pressure: Saudi Arabia May Join Other Arab States in Using Oil as a Weapon in the Middle East Conflict
Molly Ivins: Sharon and Bush are the Problem for Peace in the Middle East
Mokhiber/Weissman: No Kidding: Anti-Bribery Law Takes a Hit
Tom Turnipseed: Let's Stop the Killing of an Innocent Person
Marty Jezer: On Anti-Semitism
Norman Solomon: Media and the Hazards of Political Faith
Michael Valpy: The Pope Just Doesn't Get It

Thursday, April 25
Laura Flanders: What a Difference 20 Years Make: The Time is Now to Speak Out for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
Paul Rogat Loeb: A Thousand Points of Hype
Bernard Weiner: Time Out! A Pause for Longer-Range Thinking
Sheryl McCarthy: The Church Stumbles to Lay Blame on Gays
Juan Gabriel Tokatlian:A 'Benevolent' Coup?
Margaret Krome: Feds Need Energy Education
Gabriel Ash: Call the Army Home. Call the Occupation Off. And Get Out of the Occupied Territories. Just Get Out!
Arianna Huffington: Bingeing On Blake: The Media Falls Off The Wagon
Dan Brook: Questions of Liberty

Wednesday, April 24
John Dear: The Scandal of the Church's Support of War
Naomi Klein: Old Hates Fueled By Fear
Mokhiber/Weissman: Shredded: Justice Delivered to BAT
Robert Kuttner: A New Gore, Same as the Old Gore
Robert Fisk: Brutalized by War, A Savage Mob Turns On Its Own
Duncan Campbell: Bush's Bay of Piglets
Duane Silverstein: Paradise Lost?
Amira Hass: Operation Destroy the Data

Tuesday, April 23
Robert Scheer: The Palestinian Side Must Be Told
Jeremy Brecher: A Hope for Peace in the Middle East
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Attack on Refugee Camp Shows How Israel Fights
James Carroll: The Quiet After the Siege
Marie Cocco: In His Foreign Policy, Bush Engages in Oily Politics
Kathy Kelly et al: An Open Letter to IDF Soldiers
Leah Wells: Ants Marching
George Monbiot: Diplomacy US Style: The Removal of Jose Bustani Demonstrates George Bush's Contempt for Cooperation

Monday, April 22
William E. Rees: Squeezing the Poor: Maybe Castro's Right. Maybe That's All Globalization Really Is About
Nancy Snow: Catching the Z(inn) Train
Salim Muwakkil: McKinney Draws Fire With Call for Probe
Mark Weisbrot: When Surrender Isn't Good Enough for The IMF and World Bank

Saturday, April 20
Ira Chernus: Is It Good or Bad for the Jews?
Dick Bernard: 9-11 Was Excuse To Go To 'War'
Barbara Robinson: Israel Has Gone Too Far
Madison Capital Times: U.S. Should Aid Jenin
Mary McGrory: Pope, President Have Failed To Take Charge
Christopher Brauchli: Fighting Terrorism in...Colombia?

Friday, April 19
Studs Terkel: Kucinich Is the One
Tom Turnipseed: Latin America's Dilemma: Otto Reich's Propaganda is Reminiscent of the Third Reich
Elizabeth Hartmann: America's Climate of Fear and Loathing
Robert Hinkley: Toppling the Corporate Aristocracy
Dennis Hans: Did Bush Administration Dust Off CIA Destabilization Template for Venezuela?
Rick Salutin: That's the Way the Coup Crumbles
Norman Solomon: Alice's New Adventures in Medialand
Edward Said: What Israel Has Done
Marty Jezer: Kill For Peace

Thursday, April 18
Laura Flanders: Come Together! In a Time of War, People Who Prioritize Peace and Justice Are Special
Frances Moore Lappe/Anna Lappe: Dispel the Myth That Cheap Food Comes Without High Costs
Bill C Davis: Time To Dote On "The Second Coming"
Floyd McKay: A Different Image of Israel
Amos Oz: What We Israelis Must Do to Bring Peace to Our Land
Molly Ivins: Whew! The Rich Still Are Safe
Franz Schneiderman: Undermining Democracy in Venezuela
Marie Cocco: Dealing With Arab Ire Will Save American Lives

Wednesday, April 17
Robert Fisk: Fear and Learning in America
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Why I'm Boycotting Anything 'Made in Israel'
Robert Kuttner: The Scam of Airline Deregulation
John Balzar: Charging to the End of Paradise
Jonathan Freedland: Most of the World Sees Palestinians as the Victims, But in Israel and the US Events are Given a Different Meaning
Guy Grossman: Why Some Soldiers Refuse to Fight
Robert Scheer: Sharon Wears Oppressor's Cloak

Tuesday, April 16
Arturo Valenzuela: Bush's Betrayal of Democracy
Thomas Walkom: Chavez Fell Foul of Bush Doctrine
Ann Clwyd: Europe Must Show Its Mettle and Punish Israel
Sean Gonsalves: The Pacified Ads
Timothy Brennan/Doug Rossinow: Withdraw Support and Assist the Palestinians
Marie Cocco: How About This: Business Will Just Want to Be Good
George Monbiot: Chemical Coup D'Etat: The US Wants to Depose the Diplomat Who Could Take Away Its Pretext for War With Iraq
Wade Hudson: Stop Taking Sides: Petition for Peace in Palestine

Monday, April 15
Osha Gray Davidson: Lasting Peace Grows One Olive Leaf at a Time
Salim Muwakkil: America's Lonesome Diplomatic Strategy: Bush Vision Puts US Out On a Limb
Gregory Wilpert: Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic after All
Richard Neville: Beyond Good and Evil: Is the US Really on the Side of Angels in Its New War?
Mary Lord: Can Love Really Overcome Violence and Hate?
Sam Bahour/Michael Dahan: There is a Way Out of the Mideast Crisis
Norman Solomon: NPR and the Fallow Triumph of Public Radio
Harley Sorensen: It's Time To Turn Tables On War On Drugs

Sunday, April 14
John McKenzie: Fight Terrorism By Aiding Poor
Molly Ivins: Where is the Principled Opposition?
Louise Branson: The American View: Biased in Favor of Israel ...Who, Us?
Shamai Leibowitz: Some Israelis Refuse to Serve as the Only Honorable Option
Immanuel Wallerstein: Iraq War: The Coming Disaster
Robert Fisk: Mr Powell Must See For Himself What Israel Inflicted on Jenin

Saturday, April 13
Breyten Breytenbach: 'You Won't Break Them': An Open Letter to General Ariel Sharon
Ira Chernus: Israeli Offensive May Transform US Judaism
Fergal Keane: President Bush Has Reached the Limit of His Abilities
Lawrence Pintak/John Mack MD: Beyond the Arafat-Sharon Blood Feud
Heather Wokusch: And The DICK Goes To...(Awarding our Leaders)
Jim Hightower: Take Two Aspirin and Make a Lot of Noise
Walter Shapiro: Wobbly Dems Unleash Timid Thunder
Ralph Nader: General Motors - Backwards Into the Future

Friday, April 12
Gregory Wilpert: Coup in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account
Mokhiber/Weissman: Don't Defer, Don't Prefer -- Prosecute
Michelle Kinnucan: War Tax Resistance: An Idea Whose Time Has Come . . . Again?
Nancy Stohlman: International Nonviolence and Inner Disarmament
Jonathan Rowe: Global Growth, Global Trash
Mubarak Awad: To Win, Palestinians Must Adopt a Nonviolent Strategy
Jonathan Fanton: US The Loser by Opposing World Court
Arianna Huffington: Will Saddam's Oily Scheme Help Save Bush's ANWR Dream?

Thursday, April 11
Laura Flanders: A Dream Denied: A Heart-to-Heart Talk About the Middle East in the Heart of Manhattan
Jef Raskin: The Flawed Calculus of Torture
Leah C. Wells: Our Taxes, Our Voices
Anne Winkler-Morey: Resist Temptation of Unchecked Nationalism
George McGovern: Questions for Mr. Bush
Seumas Milne: Our Friends in Jenin: The US Will Only Exert Real Pressure on Israel to Reach a Settlement If It Feels Its Own Interests Are Threatened
Linda O'Brien: Taking A Stand
Jon Carroll: New Policy: We Now Have a Policy, Maybe

Wednesday, April 10
Sarah Shields: Please, Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit?
Matthew Rothschild: Eyewitness to Invasion
Robert Kuttner: Enron Cuts to Capitalism's Core
Molly Ivins: Well, Things Do Seem to be Going to Hell, Don't They?
David Clark: The Brilliant Offer Israel Never Made
Richard Gwyn: Powell Peace Mission a Red Herring
Jeremy Rifkin: The Pressure Is On to Play the Oil Card
Stacey Warde: Courageous People of the World Today Don't Carry Guns or Depend on War to Make Things Right
Nir Eisikovits: Let's Stop Being 'Psychotic Gladiators' in Mideast
Jacob Lerner: My Tax Dollars
John Nichols: Many Israelis Shun Sharon's Madness

Tuesday, April 9
Yossi Beilin: True Friends of Israel Oppose Sharon's War
George Monbiot: World Bank to West Bank: The Movement Written Off After September 11 is Demonstrating Its Worth in Palestine
Sean Gonsalves: Caught in 'The Long Run'
Susan Strong: Mainstreaming Our Message re Iraq
Robert Scheer: US Jews Cannot Acquiesce to Sharon's Monstrous Behavior
Robert Jensen: We Bought and Paid for Carnage of Palestinians
Madison Capital Times: Welcome to Wal-Martland
William Raspberry: Why Is It So Much Easier for Us in America to See Sharon's Actions as in Israel's Legitimate Interest Than to See the Suicide Bombers' as Serving Theirs?

Monday, April 8
Arianna Huffington: The New Bush Doctrine: "See You Next Week"
Salim Muwakkil: US Media Biased in Mideast Coverage
Dan Brook: Israel, Palestine, & Justice
William Pfaff: America's Imperial Instinct
Melanie Feliciano: A Different Kind of 'Terrorism' on Vieques
Mark Shields: Democrats Too Wimpy to Criticize President's Policies
Boston Globe: Bush Adminstration's Chilling of Science
Robert Fisk: This Will Be the Week When We See Who Runs the US-Israeli Alliance

Sunday, April 7
Robert F. Kennedy Jr/Joe Lovett: Obliterating Clean Water
Edward Said: Thinking Ahead: After Survival, What Happens?
Frida Berrigan: President Bush is Deepening US Ties with Countries That Commit Human-Rights Abuses
Hussein Ibish: Little for Palestinians in Bush Rhetoric
Eric Margolis: Bush's Reckless Talk Gives China the Jitters
Haroon Siddiqui: Israel and America vs. the Rest of the World
Robert Fisk: Unholy War: The Bethlehem Bellringer, the Doctor, the Mother. The Innocent Keep on Dying

Friday, April 5
Amy Pagnozzi: Don't Sit By And Watch Mideast Murder
Neta Golan: The World Just Watches
Nancy Snow: Globalization & the Ministry of Truth
Bill C. Davis: "on the Phone All Morning Long Talking to World Leaders"
John Pilger: How Dare George Bush Preach Peace to Israel When He's Meeting Blair to Plan War on Iraq
Robert Fisk: A Speech Laced With Obsessions and Little Else
Laura Flanders: Traitors? Not. Internationals Risk Their Lives to Shield Civilians in the West Bank
Mokhiber/Weissman: Philip Morris to Canada: Drop Dead
Helen Thomas: The Lone Peacemaker on Capitol Hill
Seth Sandronsky: Will Build It: A Pundit’s Straw Man
Ralph Nader: Citizen Reform Groups and the "Cain-Gold" Bill

Thursday, April 4
Sheryl McCarthy: Adam Shapiro Ranks As a Mideast Hero
Natasha Walter: There is an Alternative to War - Peace
Ira Chernus: The Israeli Offensive and Israeli Politics
Michelle Kinnucan: Supreme Court--No Fairness or Compassion for the Poor
Holly Sklar: One Strike for Some, Many for Others
Norman Solomon: Palestinians Are Blurry in the Editorial Frame
Tony Avirgan: World Bank, IMF Threw Colombia Into Tailspin
Robert Fisk: Truth is a Scarce Commodity as Propaganda War Gets Into Its Stride
William Pfaff: Sharon is Exploiting America's 'War on Terrorism'
Marie Cocco: Federal Terrorism: Letting Dirty Air Get Dirtier

Wednesday, April 3
Tom Turnipseed: Stop the Killing Now!
Charlotte Aldebron: What the American Flag Stands For
Rabbi Michael Lerner: It's Time To Put Our Bodies On the Line to Stop the Killing in the Middle East
Lee Drutman: April 6 is Big Business Day
Bernard Weiner: An American Jew Talks About His Shame
Baruch Kimmerling: Israeli Democracy's Decline: A Matter of Conscience
Nicholas Blincoe: Under Fire in Bethlehem

Tuesday, April 2
Gabriel Ash: America's Bravest
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Maine Women Speak Out: This Distant Rumble Will Be Hard To Silence
Rabbi Michael Lerner/Cornel West: Violence and Excuses in the Mideast
Robert Scheer: Bush Fiddled While Mideast Burned
Steve Niva: Sharon's Master Plan Dangerous to All Sides
Sean Gonsalves: The Prophet Motive
Robert Fisk: Farce and Terror in the 'Closed Area' of Ramallah
Rick Mercier: Denver Cops Keep Files on Insufficiently Red-White-and-Blue
Arianna Huffington: What Has The Supreme Court Been Smoking?

Monday, April 1
Robert Fisk: Watching From on High as Israeli Guns Keep Firing
Lev Grinberg: Israel's State Terrorism
Peter Preston: Palestinians Have Found a Weapon Israel Can't Counter
Dennis Hans: Drug and Anti-Drug Ads to Star in Colombia’s Super Bowl
Chris Strohm/Yvonne Zimmerman: Ecuadorian Government Raids Environment Camp, Faces International Incident
Bernie Sanders: Is Congress Capable of Taking On the Drug Companies?
Salim Muwakkil: Black Studies Conference: The Shepherding of a 25-Year-Old Vision
David Smith: A Victory for Academic Freedom in Texas...




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