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It’s Easy To Tell When The Iraqi War Will Start... and Why
Published on Saturday, July 20, 2002 by
It’s Easy To Tell When The Iraqi War Will Start...
And Why
by Rob Kall

It is highly likely that the US launch attacks which start the war with Iraq within the next 75 days, and probably between August 15 and October 5.

It is not necessary to be a military strategist to figure this out. It won’t be based on a preparatory build up of US and allied troops, nor initiated because of any particular actions by the Iraqis which require a military response. There may a fabricated “story” the Bush administration uses to try to “sell” the war. But it’s pretty obvious what the real reason is.

The time range described above is optimal for influencing the November US Congressional elections. With Bush’s popularity plummeting as millions of Americans discover that their life savings and retirement funds have shriveled to a fraction of what they were, the Bush administration has but one trump card left to try to turn the tide-- start the war with Iraq.

When the WTC towers were attacked, the country pulled together behind the president and gave him terrific, loyal support, showing a solidarity that has forced the terrorists of the world to revise their belief that the only way the US would respond to terrorist attacks was with lawsuits.

It was wonderful to see and be a part of a united America, sharing our grief, our outrage, focusing on coming together to help each other.

But the Bush administration totally failed to seize the moment of opportunity to make any good happen. They did grab the opportunity to pass laws and regulations which have done more harm to Democracy’s freedoms than any previous administration, barring, possibly, the McCarthy Era.

So, as we near the optimal partisan moment for going to war, it would be wise to anticipate the event, the motivation and accordingly, to plan a defense which will prevent a tidal wave of misdirected patriotism from flooding the next congress with Republicans elected because of a cynically plotted, totally politically motivated war.

But I have a feeling, given the Bush Cheney proclivity for secret financial strategies, that while we are paying attention to bomb-mounted cameras dropping on Iraqi targets, the Bush White House will be making deals with middlemen who will buy from military contractors-- middlemen who are owed political favors. Very likely, those middlemen will have a partner-- George Bush, or maybe his brothers or daughters. But Bush has a way of keeping his hand in the till when he uses public funds to repay political debts. The disastrous financial disclosures of this year are teaching us that the best way to be a fantastically successful thief who gets away with stealing tens or hundreds of millions, even billions, is to be a high level insider-- either corporate or government.

That’s what the kids are learning from the Bushies. Yes, the Clinton presidency bequeathed to the younger generations a higher incidence of oral sex. But it appears the Bush presidency will teach the children it should be inspiring that it is okay to steal, so long as you are elected or if you run a corporation.

Perhaps, if the American people realize the crass political motivation for an Iraqi war started just before the fall elections, they will react very differently at the election booth, carefully examining their ballots to make sure the chads are not hanging, that they’ve selected the candidate they intended to vote for-- the democrat or green party candidates who will, when the republican majority in the congress is overthrown, restrain, or perhaps cage or even jail the rapacious Bush onslaught against America. Rapacious? Yes, Clinton’s sexual proclivity we already know. Perhaps the Bush sexual-political pattern is becoming clearer now-- rape-- not of women- but of America’s resources-- money, forests, energy... Yes, knowing the reason for the timing of an early fall attack on Iraq should help the Americans who are not rabid Republicans to see the real reasons and help them resolve even more strongly to change the majority in the House of Representatives and strengthen it in the Senate.

Is it really paranoid, in this era of Ashcroft-erased freedoms, to worry that writing an editorial like this could put its writer at risk of government harrassment, or worse, reprisal? After all, they could use me of warning the enemy of war plans, of disclosing war strategies. But then again, are we talking war against Iraq, or against the democratic principles of the American people?

Rob Kall ( is a writer, inventor and organizer of advanced, beyond the basics meetings which bring together knowledge leaders in newly emerging fields. Storycon, his most recent project, brings together experts in story from diverse fields to a summit meeting to discuss the Art, Science and Application of Story.


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