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September 2001

Sunday, September 30
San Francisco Chronicle: Roots of Terrorism
Vanessa Redgrave: We Need Justice. Bombs Will Only Create More Martyrs
RC Longworth: The Seeds of Terror Thrive in Poor Ground
Yen Chin: Broadening the View from Left Field
Stephanie Salter: Dear God Help Us To Kill Them
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Honoring Dissent
Sarah Shields: They're Bad -- But War Isn't the Best Response
Colin McMahon: A Time to Listen to What the World Says About the US
Eric Margolis: Does the U.S. Know What it's Getting Into in Afghanistan?
Lauren Comiteau: Bringing Them To Justice: Taking Vengeance Lessons from The Hague
Leonard Witt: These Days, Visualizing Peace is a Struggle
A.J. Langguth: Vietnam's 1968 Tet Offensive Offers Parallels for Today

Saturday, September 29
Kevin Danaher: Justice, Not War
Marjorie Cohn: Rise Above It: Fight Terror Legally
Davidson Loehr: For Justice, We Need Vision and Wisdom
Robert Fisk: What Muslim Would Write: 'The Time of Fun and Waste is Gone'?
Robert Alberti: Fight Terrorism With Relentless Doses of Hope and Compassion
Seth Sandronsky: Our Future Unfolding
Sanford Lewis: Dangerous Thoughts in a Dangerous Time: the Chemical Industry after 9/11/01

Friday, September 28
Martin Lee: 13 Questions for President George W. Bush
Laura Flanders: A Sore Press Corps is a Better Press Corps
Tim Rutten/Lynn Smith: When the Ayes Have It, Is There Room for Naysayers?
Ellen Willis: Dreaming of War: To Imagine That This National Emergency is Good For Us is a Dangerous Mistake
Sonia Shah: Revenge Comes Home
Matt & Dan Hamburg: Fundamentalisms in Collision: Can a More Complete Human Emerge?
Peter Hall: This is More Like 1914 Than 1941
Anita Ninan: Racism and Hate Hide Behind Flag Waving
Marty Jezer: Reality Check
David & Lester Grinspoon: This Isn't Like the War on Drugs
Jill Raymond: We Must Promote a Marketplace of Ideas
John Buell: Patriotism, Democracy, and Dissent
Rev. Dr. G. Penny Nixon: Gay & Lesbians Hope This New World Won't Be Like the Old One -- A Split Nation of Insiders and Outsiders

Thursday, September 27
Mary Holland: Fresh Signs of Hope Despite Talk of Revenge
Jeremy Rifkin: Now For GM Weapons: It's Time To Get Tough With The Biotech Firms Over Germ Warfare
William Hartung: Bush's War on Terrorism: Who Will Pay and Who Will Benefit?
John Cooley: How Hate Replaced Hope
Seumas Milne: US Comes Up Against the Real World
William Pfaff: Still Waiting for a Clear Statement of Attainable War Goals
Jeffery Abarbanell: A Vast Military Response Won't Give Us Peace
Sean Gonsalves: America at Her Best

Wednesday, September 26
Steve Lopez: Fabric of Truth Is Multi-Textured
Laurel Wamsley: Granfalloons, Toy Balloons, and American Flags
Barbara Kingsolver: What Has Changed For All of Us
Stephanie Salter: Patience is a Virtue for Which We've No Time
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Wartime Opportunists
Duncan Campbell: New Yorkers Are Not Out For Revenge
Matthew Duss: Lax Airport Security is a Failure of the Market
Ramzi Kysia: The Last Crusade
John Nichols: Questioning Leaders a Progressive Tradition

Tuesday, September 25
Sandy Banks: Donning Scarves in Solidarity
Amber Amundson: A Widow's Plea for Non-Violence
Barbara Kingsolver: And Our Flag Was Still There
Tom Turnipseed: Merchants of Death Make Money From Killing
George Monbiot: Let's Make This the Era of Collateral Repair
Norman Solomon: Killing Civilians: Behind the Reassuring Words
Robert Fisk: This is Not a War on Terror. It's a Fight Against America's Enemies
Yen Chin: True Patriotism
James Carroll: God Wills It? No, God Doesn't
Robert Scheer: Falwell Should Have Listened to the Feminists
Max Castro: Pursue Justice For All Nations

Monday, September 24
Madeleine Bunting: A World Apart: We Have Only Begun to Glimpse So Far the Psychological Impact of the Terrorist Attack
Salim Muwakkil: Military Might Not the Way to Win War on Islamic Terrorism
Alice Rothchild: American Jews Caught in the Anguish
Huck Gutman: Changing US View of Pakistan
Greg Palast: Two Symbols of American Capitalist Hegemony
Patricia Novotny: A War or A Crime? Winning or Losing a War of Words
James Ron: Self-Critical Foreign Policies Could Enhance Our Security
Greg Hansen: War Could Make the Terrorist Threat Worse
Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens): Islam: A Home of Tolerance, not Fanaticism
Seth Sandronsky: Race-ing for Peace

Sunday, September 23
Barbara Kingsolver: A Pure, High Note of Anguish
Barbara Lee: Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force
John Tolan: The Whole World is Watching
Stewart Diamond: A Violent War Against Terrorism is Doomed to Fail
Robert Fisk: How Can the US Bomb This Tragic People?
Michele Landsberg: Acts of Horror Sure to Beget More of the Same
Cristina Odone: Leave God Out of It
Ellen Goodman: All in This Together
Ian Bell: America Caught in a No-Win Situation
Simon O'Hagan: Who Says That We Should Not Go To War?

Saturday, September 22
Maurice Sher: Make War on War
Katharine Viner: In Search of Community: Understanding the Muslim World Could Help Us Overcome Our Alienation From Each Other
Jacob Levich: Bush's Orwellian Address: Happy New Year: It's 1984
Edward Hammond: Averting Bioterrorism Begins with US Reforms
Chris Toensing: Time for a College Anti-War Movement?
John Colburn: U.S. Cannot Afford to Remain Ignorant of the World's Affairs
Mark Weisbrot: To Prevent Terrorism, US Foreign Policy Must Change
Christopher Brauchli: Is U.S. Ready to Address the World's Concerns?
C. Cushing-Murray: Loving My Country, Fearing Patriotism

Friday, September 21
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: America's Unlimited War
Tom Regan: Citizens of the World
Louise Wisechild: Searching for Justice, Not a Global Conflict
Derrick Jackson: A Call for US to be Fair to Palestinians
Richard DuBoff: A Bailout for the People
Laura Bracken: Afghan People Are Victims, Too
Steve Niva: Fight the Roots of Terrorism
Huck Gutman: Crash Course in Global Relations
Fran Shor: Where is the Justice?

Thursday, September 20
Jeff Cohen: Rule of Law vs. Rule of War: Are Media Missing the Lesson of Oklahoma City?
Elena Murphy: We Should Show Our Human Face to the Nations of the World
Sandy Tolan: Despair Feeds Hatred, Extremism
Sheryl McCarthy: United States Now Pays For the Error of Our Ways
Michael Barnett: Compassionate Dealings with Allies Could Limit Future Anti-Americanism
Michael Valpy: Why is Mission Called Infinite Justice?
Ellen Goodman: Religious Zealotry There and Here
Marie Cocco: Fighting Terror...With a Tax Cut to Big Business
Marc Cooper: Behind Bush: Those 'Wag the Dog' Democrats

Wednesday, September 19
Nathan Newman: The Horror and the Humanity of September 11: Finding a Progressive Solution to the Tragedy of Global Misery
Geov Parrish: Hawks vs. Doves: The Race Has Begun for the Peace Movement to Catch Up and Overtake the War Momentum
Juan Gonzalez: Grieving Voice Pleads for Peace
Mark Engler: A Week in New York: The Experience, and the Politics, of Living in the Aftermath of Terror
Patricia Gossman: Spare the Afghans by Seeking Justice, Not Revenge
Tamim Ansary: Bomb Afghanistan to Stone Age? It's Been Done
Naomi Klein: Pollsters Don't Make Good Generals
Claude Lewis : Response to Attack Must Reflect U.S. Values

Tuesday, September 18
David Harris: Take Time to Think Before We Act
Michael M'Gonigle: Memo to Mr. Bush: Is This a Trap?
Hugh Pearson: Don't Form a Lynch Mob to Fight Terrorism
Eugene Carroll: Nuclear Plants Could Be Next Targets of Terrorists
Barbara Egbert: Falwell vs Me: The Problem is Religious Extremism
George Monbiot: The Need for Dissent
Jonathan Power: U.S. Pays Price for Arrogance
Jody Williams: Violence Begets More Violence
Laura Flanders: Warnacular: Post-Blast, Familiar Terms Take on New Meanings

Monday, September 17
William Pfaff: Washington's Call for War Plays Into Terrorist Hands
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Now IS the Time to Speak for Peace
Colman McCarthy: Violence Breeds More Violence
Kathleen Feeley: Seek Grace, or They Died in Vain
Salim Muwakkil: Terror and Diplomacy are Natural Enemies
Richard Sennett: This Time, One Country Indivisible
Seth Sandronsky: More Barbarism Ahead?
Jon Carroll: Support Americans of All Faiths

Sunday, September 16
From Our Archives:The Consequences Of Our Actions Abroad: Americans Feeling the Effects of 'Blowback'
Ira Chernus: Healing the World's Wound
John Buell: Apocalypse Now?
Robert Fisk: Bush is Walking Into a Trap
Gordon Livingston: Focus Our Newfound Unity On Values, Not Vengeance
Geraldine Brooks: Rattling Sabers of Bigotry
Jonathan Schell: Worst Case: Nuclear Arms in a New World
Yvonne Roberts: A Vision of a Different, More Humane Society
Breda O'Brien: Suffering Must Not Give Way to Vengeance
G. Pascal Zachary: The American Way: Forgive

Saturday, September 15
Rahul Mahajan: Struggle for the Soul of a Nation
Norman Solomon: A Unanimous Triumph for Masters of War
Howard Zinn: Violence Doesn't Work
James Carroll: We Need the Rule of Law, Not the Rule of War
Danila Oder: Our Leaders Should Seize the Moment to Kick Our Oil Addiction
Jesse C. Buikema: Gandhi Knew Not to Fight Violence with Violence
Harry Boyte: Let's Seize Chance to Promote Global Cooperation
Jeff Cohen: Remembering The Last US Retaliation Against Terror
Matthew Parris: The Bigger They Come the Harder They Fall
Huck Gutman: An American Tragedy
Fariba Nawa: I Am Hiding From Backlash
Anthony B. Robinson: Let Response Be Decent, Noble
John Chuckman: Not a Contest of Terror vs. Democracy
C. Alton Robertson: What Does Revenge Accomplish?

Friday, September 14
Eugene E. Leach: Resisting the Blind Rush to War
Mokhiber/Weissman: Respond to Violence: Teach Peace, Not War
Naomi Klein: War Isn't A Game After All
Tom Turnipseed: An Eye for An Eye?
Steve Niva: Addressing the Sources of Middle Eastern Violence Against the United States
Martin Woollacott: As in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the President Still Has Choices
Chris Floyd: That Which Happened
John MacArthur: When the Puritan Citadel Cracked
Margaret Krome: How We Grieve Defines Us

Thursday, September 13
Rahul Mahajan: A Call to Dialogue
Timothy Garton Ash: A Moment That Will Define the 21st Century
Erna Paris: What Sort of People Did This?
Jonathan Freedland: Bush Can Try to Keep His Country Safe by Launching Missiles - Or by Changing Foreign Policy
Haroon Siddiqui: A Letter to our American Friends
Michael Betzold: Enough!

Wednesday, September 12
Harold Meyerson: Life, Liberty and the Obligation to Defend Both
Tom Barry/Martha Honey: International Crime, Not War
Stephen Zunes: U.S. Shouldn't Fight Violence With Violence
Saskia Sassen: Terror in the US: A Message From the Global South
Alexander Cockburn/Jeffrey St Clair: Sense and Nonsense About September 11
Martin Woollacott: The Best Defense is Justice
Derrick Jackson: For America, A Dose of Reality
Rahul Mahajan: The War Comes Home
Robert Jensen: Stop the Insanity Here
Geoffrey York: So Much For That Missile Shield

Tuesday, September 11
Laura Flanders:
September 11: Live reports from Manhattan

Monday, September 10
Robert Weissman: Why We Protest: The IMF and World Bank Hurt Poor Countries and Undermine Democracy
Salim Muwakkil: Jesse Helms & The Dense Layers of Denial
Robert Kuttner: Bush is Playing with Religious Fire
Mark Shields: Stephen Ambrose Brings Us George McGovern, War Hero
Seth Sandronsky: Mealtime for America’s ‘Goldilocks’ Economy?

Sunday, September 9
Maureen Dowd: The World is a Business: I Can't Take It Anymore
Lauren Sandler: When Will Real Waitresses Write Their Own Books?
Vincent Schiraldi/Jason Ziedenberg: Stable School Crime vs. Increasing Suspensions
Ellen Goodman: It's All Becoming One Giant Commercial

Saturday, September 8
Ted Rall: Literature's Product-Placement Deal: Selling Out is Easy To Do
Charles Jacobs/Carey D'Avino: Should Wall Street Be Open to Slavers?
Mokhiber/Weissman: September in Washington, DC
David Rossie: Cheney's Utah Appearance Disarming
Dan Gillmor: Microsoft: Government Retreat Will Take a Toll on Competition

Friday, September 7
David Corn: Al, Don't Run
Boston Globe: Cold Facts on Alaska Oil
Derrick Z. Jackson: The US Runs From Racism Conference, But It Can't Hide
John Nichols: Needed: Fresh Presidential Contenders
Arianna Huffington: A Blast From The Past: Nuclear Madness Sweeps White House
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Nuclear Footsie with China

Thursday, September 6
Norman Solomon: Idealism: A Viable Alternative in Today's Media World?
James Travers: U.S. Policy on Defense Spells Danger
Neal Peirce: Facing America's Vast Income Gap
Sheryl McCarthy: U.S. Shouldn't Have Staged The Walkout From Durban
George Beres: Cigarette Advertising of Decades Ago Tried to Make Foul Smoke Smell Fragrant
Mitch Friedman: Let's Not Get Burned By False Fire Strategies
Laura Flanders: Saying No to Silence

Wednesday, September 5
Naomi Klein: The Stakes 'After Genoa' Are High
Chip Pitts: An Ill-Advised Pullout
Paul Hawken: California's Energy Crisis Was a Missed Opportunity to Form a More Responsible Energy Policy for the Future
Mark Weisbrot: 'Helpers' Such as IMF Make a Junkie of Argentina
John Nichols: Bush on Wrong Side of Food Labeling

Tuesday, September 4
Farai Chideya: Slavery, Not Middle East, Heart of Race Conference
Bangor Daily News: Gated America
Jeff Cohen: The CIA Goes Primetime on CBS
Theodore Roosevelt IV: An Ecological Betrayal
Sean Gonsalves: Changing Wasting Minds
William Pfaff: A Palestinian Urges His People to Lay Down Arms
James Carroll: History Teaches, But Will We Learn?
George Monbiot: Consumer and Environmental Groups are Getting into Bed with the Big Corporations
Max Castro: Bush's Broken Promises to the Elderly
Michael Dukakis: Congress Should Invest in High-Speed Rail

Monday, September 3
Sara Anderson/Chris Hartman: CEOs are Rewarding Themselves Despite Economic Downturn
Harley Sorensen: Harder To Find The Union Label
David Moberg: U.S. Workers' Rights Are Still Abused
Salim Muwakkil: Endless Caravans: Gypsies Reign as Winners of 'Ouch Contest'
Eric Margolis: Bush's Mideast Vanishing Act

Sunday, September 2
Stephanie Salter: Ignorance is Strength: Different Rules for Bush
Robert Borosage: Bad Policy and Bad Politics: Clinton's Budget Legacy Lives On
Robert Kuttner: Democrats Blew It On Social Security
Sara Seims: Family Planning's Health Endangered
Ed Vulliamy: Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega: In the Lions' Den Again
Ramzi Kysia: 40 Days Without Food: A Fast for Good Americans

Saturday, September 1
Ted Rutland: Wedding Society and Economy
Kathleen Durkan: Seattleites Should Look in the Mirror
Rick Mercier: Higher Wages and More Time Off Will Become Possibilities Only If We Demand Them
Steve Rendall: Media Downplay Bigotry of Jesse Helms
Tom Crumpacker: Shaking Down American Travelers
Michael Manekin: PR Nation: Anti-Spin Activist John Stauber Penetrates America's Lie Machine



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