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November 2001

Friday, November 30
Martin Woollacott: It is Still America Against the World, War or No War
Scot Lehigh: If US Won't Protect POWs, Who Will?
Maude Barlow: Clauses Put Forth at the Last Minute in Qatar Could Jeopardize the World's Clean, Safe Water
Jeff Cohen: Internet Samizdat Releases Suppressed Voices, History
Bill C. Davis: George, the Pope and the Sanctity of Human Life
Marty Jezer: Our Belief That We Have the Right to Intervene in Other Country’s Elections Will Come Back to Haunt Us
Anthony Lewis: Wake Up, America
Polly Toynbee: Tomorrow's Stop Esso Protests Should Begin the Massive Campaign to Switch to Renewable Energy
Phil Howard: The Beginning of the End for Genetically Engineered Food?
Doug Heller: Enron Gets Zapped by Its Own Greed

Thursday, November 29
Isabel Hilton: There is No Excuse for This Savagery: We Too Are Responsible for the Massacre at Qala-i-Jhangi Fort
Hans von Sponeck/Denis Halliday: The Hostage Nation: Former UN Relief Chiefs Speak Out Against an Attack on Iraq
Laura Flanders: The War We Need: One in Five New Yorkers Used Emergency Food Aid Before 9.11 - And Now Its Worse
Jack M. Balkin: Using Our Fears to Justify a Power Grab
Derrick Jackson: Democracy Was 'Under Attack' in Florida, Too

Wednesday, November 28
Tom Turnipseed: A Continuum of Terror - From Mujahedeen to al-Qaeda
Ira Chernus: It's Too Quiet On This Bus
Jonathan Freedland: As the Afghan War Reaches a Climax, Questions About the Slaughter of Prisoners Cannot Be Brushed Aside
Danny Schecter: Debating Alternate Realities: "It's Time to Give the American People the Whole Picture"
Eric Margolis: Russia Checkmated Its New Best Friend
Dean Baker/Mark Weisbrot: "New Economy" Cycle Ends, But Myth Persists
David Cole: John Ashcroft Is No Bobby Kennedy
Anne Karpf: No Living Third World Body Ever Had the Sums Lavished On It That are Being Spent on DNA Tests at Ground Zero
Ed Garvey: Dangerous Ashcroft is Worse Than We Imagined
Robert Scheer: U.S. Can't Just Hit and Run

Tuesday, November 27
Norman Solomon: A Sweet Message for Americans -- "We Are Family"
James Carroll: This War is Not Just
Dianne Donovan: Let's Take Away Your Freedom
Hugo Young: Americans Want a War on Iraq and We Can't Stop Them
Rick Hind: Chemical Plants: Everyday Threat
Robert Reno: Military Trials Would Be Blot On America

Monday, November 26
Robert Kuttner: Long After al Qaeda and bin Laden are Defeated, Americans Will Suffer From This Rush to Militarize Justice
Salim Muwakkil: And What About New York?
From the Right/William Safire: Kangaroo Courts
Ralph Nader: Let Us See Congress Votes

Sunday, November 25
Katrina vanden Heuvel/Joel Rogers: What's Left? A New Life for Progressivism
Courtland Milloy: Good vs. Evil vs. Greed
Paul Krugman: An Alternate Reality
Fran Shor: The War for Oil Subtext in Afghanistan...

Saturday, November 24
Fergal Keane: The Siege of Kunduz is a Defining Moment For Us All
John Buell: Bombs as Self-Defense?
Adam Roberts: Crisis at Kunduz: The Coalition Must Make It Clear That Surrendering Troops Will Be Treated Humanely
Ralph Nader: The Nature of Our National Leadership's Priorities Remains Seriously Imbalanced
Mark Hertsgaard: Bush & Global Warming
Madison Capital Times: A Single-Payer System, If Implemented in Maine, Will spread the Movement for Real Reform

Friday, November 23
Barbara Kingsolver: Reflections On 'Wartime'
Dennis Hans: Bush’s Definition of Terrorism Fits Northern Alliance Like a Glove; TV Interviewers Don’t Notice
Gabriela Paz y Miño: Fight for Free Press is Waged on Large and Small Battlefields
Heather Wokusch: Leaflets Falling in Afghanistan Hide the Facts
Seth Sandronsky: The Rot in the System
Kathleen O'Connor: Desperately in Search of a Health-Care Blueprint

Thursday, November 22
Tom Turnipseed: Broadcasting and Bombing: America's Message of Greed and Violence for Thanksgiving and Ramadan as We Leave the Children Behind
William Pfaff: Pax Americana and Forced Reform of the World Aren't Coming
Seumas Milne: A Hollow Victory: The Afghan War Has Increased Hunger and Banditry
Holly Yasui: Japanese American in Mexico: Personal Reflections on Thanksgiving and Afghanistan...

Wednesday, November 21
Harris Sussman: Meditation Before Thanksgiving
Naomi Klein: It's Not Enough: Corporate Executives Honor Mandela While Economic Apatheid Rages
Martin Lee: Dispatch from Anthrackistan: On the Front Lines of the War Against Dissent
Nathan Newman: Hey America, You Owe New York!
James Phelan: Renowned U.S. Economists Denounce Corporate-Led Globalization
Jonathan Freedland: Turning Towards Iraq: They Have Saddam in Their Sights
Paul Knox: Just Say No to Military Tribunals
Molly Ivins: Mr. Ashcroft, Let's Not Repeat Past Mistakes

Tuesday, November 20
Kristine Holmgren: Nightmare of Fascism Seems Too Real Since Sept. 11 Attacks
Robyn Blumner: Rule of Law, or Rule of Ashcroft?
George Monbiot: Tinkering with Poverty: The WTO will not Deliver for Poor Countries. We Need to Revive Keynes's Original Plan
Sean Gonsalves: Who is America's Weakest Link in Response to the Atrocities of Sept. 11?
James Carroll: One Can Imagine Robert Kennedy Interrupting Today's Ceremony to Stand and Say a Word of Dissent
Robert Scheer: Liberty Is Dying, Liberal by Liberal
Blaine Townsend: A Tip for Wall Street -- Don't Help the Bad Guys
Matthew Miller: Charity Can't Be the Safety Net
Boston Globe: Up with Dissent
Harley Sorensen: Scalia Could Save Us From Bush's Kangaroo Court

Monday, November 19
Anne-Marie Slaughter: Secret Trial by Military Commission Is Not Justice
Madeleine Bunting: The New US Ruthlessness May Turn Out to be a Greater Threat Than the Islamist Fanaticism That Provoked It
Matthew Miller: Scandal of Overpaid CEOs Well-Known, But Don't Expect System to Change
Ira Chernus: Is Afghanistan War Worth the Price?
Robert Kuttner: Democatic and Republican 'Economic Stimulus' Packages Are Unbelievably Shortsighted
William Rivers Pitt: The Dawn of a New Democratic Party
Salim Muwakkil: Fighting Drugs a Wasted Effort

Sunday, November 18
Bill Kauffman: War & Peace: And They Call It Thanksgiving
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Recognize the Link Between Oil, War
Caroline Lucas: Absence of Mass Protests in Doha Does Not Signal Let Up in the Campaign Against Corporate Globalization
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Inside Falwell's Moral Universe
Alouette Mayer: 7.5 Million Starving
Angie Cruz: Death of the Invisibles: Looking for People of Color Who Are Not Terrorists

Saturday, November 17
John Buell: Terrorizing the Constitution
Jeff Milchen: The Greatest Danger Comes from Within
Barbara Robinson: Terrorism a Matter of Perspective
Norman Solomon: Fear and Numbing in the TV Zone
Jonathan Farley: Where Next - Alabama? A Fellow American at Oxford Questions Chelsea Clinton's Appetite for War
Robert Fisk: Forget the Cliches, There is No Easy Way for the West to Sort This Out
Dennis Hans: 'The O’Sama Factor': Bin Laden Mimics Fox's Bill O’Reilly
Fran Sepler: America Must Protect Right to Dissent, Even About War
John Young: Shave is Afghan Idea of Civil Liberty; What is Yours?

Friday, November 16
James Ridgeway: Al Qaeda Duped? Nuke Manual Looks Like Internet Hoax
Mokhiber/Weissman: Kill, Kill, Kill
Kate Clark: Anxiety as Terror of the Taliban is Replaced by a New Dread of Ethnic Cleansing
Andrew Murray: Now is the Moment to Call a Halt to This Dangerous and Unjust War
Walden Bello/Anuradha Mittal: WTO Meeting Ends: The Meaning of Doha
Mary Dejevsky: Don't Be Fooled: Mr Bush is Not Changing Course After This War
John Nichols: Wellstone's Campaign the Truest Test
Matthew Rothschild: A Grave Assault on the Constitution

Thursday, November 15
Jim Naureckas: Not That It Was Reported, but Gore Won
George Monbiot: Blasting Our Way to Peace: If This is a Victory for Civilization, I Would Hate to See What Defeat Looks Like
From the Right/William Safire: Seizing Dictatorial Power
Marie Cocco: We Can Only Guess What Secrets Bush Is Keeping
San Jose Mercury News: US is Brutalizing Principles of Justice
Paul Vitello: Recount's Silent Stunner: Gore Should Have Won
Jonathan Turley: Bush's Secret Court: Legal System in a Burka
Ellen Goodman: Ashcroft's Odd Targets
Arianna Huffington: Support Our Troops, Dump That SUV
Danny Schecter: Warning: Media Management Now In Effect

Wednesday, November 14
Stephanie Salter: CNN (Becoming) a Shadow of Once-Great Network
Naomi Klein: Looking for a Real Legacy to Sept. 11
Jim Wallis: Justice Is Still the Goal
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Reporters Have to Press Harder About Afghanistan
Felicity Lawrence/Jonathan Steele: Most Afghans Don't Share This Optimism
Robert Scheer: Real Evildoer? The World's Nuclear Arsenal
John Nichols: Memo to Dems: Little Guy Needs Help

Tuesday, November 13
Jeremy Rifkin: Only by Honestly Addressing the Cultural Schism with Islam Can We Reach Accommodation
Harley Sorensen: As You Wave The Flag, Wave Goodbye To Our Freedoms
Laura Flanders: Where are the Broads? The Not-So 'Broad Front' Looking to Rule Post-Taliban Afghanistan
Robert Reno: Harrumph For Bush's Hollywood
Jawed Ludin: Don't Hand My Country to Warlords
Paul Krugman: Bushies Cynical 'Crisis' Agendas

Monday, November 12
Robert Kuttner: US Needs New Thinking on Global Trade
Salim Muwakkil: Corporations Profit Under the Guise of Patriotism
William Pfaff: Bush Warning to Allies Grates on European Nerves
Robert Reich: Lost Jobs, Ragged Safety Net
Robert Jensen: Saying Goodbye to Patriotism
Tony Benn: Tackle Terror at Its Roots
Todd Gitlin: Patriotism Demands Questioning Authority

Sunday, November 11
Bill Kauffman: I Love My Country. But Perhaps Not This One
Arlie Hochschild/David Hochschild: Hooray for the Red, White, Blue and Green
Stephanie Salter: The Sacrifices We Must Make
Eric Margolis: An Afghanistan Primer: The Good, the Bad and the... VERY Bad
Kevin Phillips: The Political Clock Is Ticking
Michele Fry: We Can't Repress Opposing Views

Saturday, November 10
Ira Chernus: 'Compassionate Conservatism' Goes To War
Ralph Nader: Corporate Patriotism
John Nichols: The 2000 Election Must Not Be Forgotten
Anthony Lewis: It is Time for President Bush to Curb His Zealots
Rina Amiri: The War's 'Dispensable' People

Friday, November 9
Howard Zinn: A Just Cause, Not a Just War
Jonathon Fuqua: Shifted Personal Priorities Create National Identity Crisis
Patricia Williams: The New USA PATRIOT Act: By Any Means Necessary
Norman Solomon: Bloomberg's Victory and the Triumph of Business News
Dennis Hans: Sunday Night Warfare, or Where is Howard Cosell When We Really Need Him?
Marty Jezer: Wave the Flag and Reward Your Campaign Donors
Bernard Weiner: The Vietnam-Afghanistan Mirror
John Chuckman: Life On the Home Front in the War Against Terror

Thursday, November 8
Laura Flanders: Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.S. is Dropping World's Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb in Afghanistan
Allison Brewer: The Deadly Risks of Being Pro-Choice
Tom Turnipseed: Paying Back Big Energy Evil-Doers
Reggie Rivers: Is the Attorney General the New King of the United States?
Frida Berrigan: Uzbekistan: Bush's New Best Friend
Philip Clapp: When the Fog of War Fades We May Find Out That Years of Environmental Progress Have Been Reversed
Michelle Ciarrocca: The Joint Strike Fighter: The Deal of the Century
Mark Steel: Next They'll Tell Us bin Laden's Learnt to Live Under Water

Wednesday, November 7
Naomi Klein: Doha's Kamikaze Capitalists and the God of Growth
Duncan Campbell: Getting the Right Result: Nicaragua's Election Showed the US Still Won't Allow a Free Vote
Mark Weisbrot: What Everyone Should Know About Nicaragua
Elliott Colla/Chris Toensing: Flashpoint
Vincent Browne: US Strong on Theory, Weak on Evidence
John Nichols: Bush's Flag-Waving Cows Progressives

Tuesday, November 6
Geov Parrish: Does Anybody Understand What the United States is on the Verge of Doing? 7,500,000 May Die
James Carroll: Bombing With Blindfolds On
John R. MacArthur: The Ugly American Mindset
Heather Wokusch: Bystander Apathy: The Battle for Our Hearts and Minds
Robert Reich: The Global Economy Is Teetering
Ed McManus: How Not to Fight Terrorism
Joan Ryan: Focus on the Real Terror -- Gun Violence
Holly Burkhalter: Blood On the Diamonds
Daniel Cook-Huffman: Why I Don't Support the Bombing in Afghanistan...

Monday, November 5
Chandra Muzaffar: Decent People Reject Terrorism and U.S. Bombing at the Same Time
Salim Muwakkil : The Road Less Traveled May Yield Success for America
Robert Kuttner: Difficult Terrain on Three Fronts
Molly Ivins: I Don't See How We Can Call the House "Economic Stimulus" Package Anything But War-Profiteering
John Mearsheimer: Guns Won't Win the Afghan War
Madeleine Bunting: Far From Being Finished, The Anti-Corporate Movement's Cause Has Been Strengthened by September 11

Sunday, November 4
Stephanie Salter: Never, Never, Never Give Up: From War Hero to Pacifist
Neal Peirce: Can't Win War on Terror Fighting a War on Drugs
Marc Cooper: A Sandinista Lesson for Afghanistan
Eric Margolis: First, the Bad News, Then...The Bad News
Marty Jezer: We Bomb in Afghanistan
Dalton Camp: Victory Against Terrorists Will Come At High Cost
Barbara Ehrenreich: To Fully Grasp the Dangers of the Post-Sept. 11 World, We Have to Examine the Taliban's Hatred of Women
Nick Cohen: Come on, You Liberals, Who Support the 'War on Terrorism'

Saturday, November 3
Brian Halweil: The Bioterror in Your Burger
William Pfaff: The War on Terror Turns Into War on Afghanistan
Arnold Toynbee: Human Savagery Cracks Thin Veneer
Terry Laggner: Patchwork of Terror, Mosaic of Peace
Matthew Parris: Sometimes It's Brave to Be a Wobbler, Tony

Friday, November 2
Anthony B. Robinson: An End to Our Holiday From History
Richard Norton-Taylor: The Return of the B-52s
Mark Weisbrot: A War Against Civilians?
Katha Pollitt: Victory Gardens?!
Norman Solomon: The World Series in a Time of Crisis
Abdul Haq: US Bombs Are Boosting the Taliban: Days Before the Taliban Killed Him, Abdul Haq Argued Against the US Raids
Ted Rall: The Sleazy Skies: The Airlines' Great Plane Robbery
Matthew Miller: Insurance Industry Aid Deemed Critical, But Not Coverage For All Americans
Daniel Becker: Better Cars, Cleaner Air
Arthur Schlesinger: Are We Trapped in Another Vietnam?
Seth Sandronsky: Voices for the Voiceless People of Iraq...

Thursday, November 1
John Robbins: Terror, Love and The State of the World
Molly Ivins: The Oppressive World We May Unwittingly Create
Natasha Walter: Don't Forget to Save the Planet
Jerry Kloby: Spitting Into the Wind
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Did the Terrorists Lure Us Into a Trap?
John Borowski: 'Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her?' Autocrats Exploit Tragedy



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