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July 2001

Tuesday, July 31
Nancy Snow: Genoa Protesters: Your Image Needs Work
John Buell: Global Warming vs. Our Economic Health
Carla Marinucci: Author Wants to Oust Justices Over Election
George Monbiot: Superstores Brand Us To Ensure We Belong To Them
Sean Gonsalves: Talking 'Cold Turkey'
Lois Hess: Bush Undermining Gun Control Laws
James Carroll: Where the Soul Meets the Sea
Jeffrey Simpson: When the U.S. Won't Listen to Its Friends

Sunday, July 29
Robert Kuttner: President Bush's World is Turning
Will Hutton: God Bless America
Burton Richter: The U.S. Has Abdicated Its Position as World Leader
Ros Davidson: Foreign Affairs Make Dirty Dubya's Day
Seth Sandronsky: Is the Fed Fishing in Troubled Waters?

Saturday, July 28
Anthony Lewis: Where There is No Vision, The People Perish
Norman Solomon: Dancing -- or Yawning -- on the Grave of Carlo Giuliani
Don Monkerud: Americans Work Harder and Go Without Vacations

Friday, July 27
Tim Robbins: What I Voted For
Medb Ruane: Bush's Ideal 'Democracy' is the Stuff of Fiction
Reed Benson: If the Eco-Terrorists are Farmers, It's OK
Molly Ivins: Who's 'Scare-Mongering' Now on Social Security?
Alexander Cockburn: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Bruce Babbitt
Lyle Stewart: G8 Should Thank Protesters

Thursday, July 26
Rachel Giese: Let's Teach Americans a Few Lessons
Zygmunt Nagorski: For My Adopted America: Love, Worry and Hope
Mokhiber/Weissman: Ball Park Franks Fiasco: 21 Dead, $200,000 Fine
Tanya Melich: Bush Is No Conservative - He's an Arrogant Radical
Ted Lewis: The Managers of Globalization Are Taking Our World in the Wrong Direction

Wednesday, July 25
Stephen Timms: Global Warming: Sue the US Now
Derrick Jackson: When Death is the Bottom Line
Molly Ivins: Meatpacking and the Making of Immigration Policy
Gregory Parker: A New Low: Corporate Sponsored Undergrads
Rick Mercier: Big Pharma Finds Miracle Cures - For Honest Politics, Fair Pricing
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Money Defense Shield
Vincent Browne: Geldof and Bono Out of Tune on G8
Robert Collier: Anti-Globalization Effort Scores Points; Protesters' Influence Grows Despite Violence

Tuesday, July 24
George Monbiot: Raising the Temperature: Corporate Power Will Not Be Given Up Voluntarily - Non-Violent Mass Action is Needed
Donald MacIntyre: As an Old Peace Protester, I Have No Time for Anarchists
Rory Carroll: Genoa Raid Was Police 'Revenge'; Inquest Assault on HQ Denounced as Authorized Butchery
Arianna Huffington: Jeb Bush: Clueless in Tallahassee
Alexander Cockburn/Jeffrey St Clair: Train Kept A-Burning: Nuked Baltimore?
David Love: Britain in Denial Over Its Nationwide Racial Problems
Sean Gonsalves: White-Skin Privilege: Continuing the Conversation
Peter Tabuns: Kyoto-Lite: It's a Lot Better Than Nothing
Jeremy Rifkin: Odd Coupling of Political Bedfellows Takes Shape in the New Biotech Era

Monday, July 23
Katharine Ainger: The Movement Against Economic Globalization: Coming to a Town Near You
Jeremy Rifkin: Will Companies Hold Control of Life Made in a Petri Dish?
Bruno Tilgner: U.S. Missile Defense Program Will Not Work
Rich Hayes: Antibiotics Overused in Chickens
Sue Montgomery: This Food Chain Makes Me Feel Arch
John Vidal: Police Hit Hard at Core of Dissent; Demonstrators Denounce Violent Raid on Protest Nerve Center

Sunday, July 22
Bianca Jagger: America the Unbeautiful
Robert Kuttner: What the Economy Needs is Public Investment and Tax Cuts for Lower-Income Americans
Walden Bello: The Battle of Genoa
Noreena Hertz: Blood on the Streets as Guns Do All the Talking

Saturday, July 21
Matthew Rothschild: If You Prepare to Kill Protesters, You'll End Up Doing So
John Nichols: One Dead, 80 Injured in Genoa: The Violent Defense of Indefensible Policies
Laura Flanders: A Page One Outrage: NYT Does Piece on Randall Terry While Ignoring Wichita 2001
Joe Conason: Exporting Corporate Control: A Gold Company with Ties to the Bush Family Tries to Muzzle a Muckraking Journalist
John Vidal: The City Burns, A Young Man Lies Dead...And Around Him the Battle Rages On
Drew Hamre: In Hunt for Scandal, The Media Ignore Sanctions
Anthony Lewis: Bush the Radical
Madison Capital Times: The Scam Is In The Mail

Friday, July 20
Michael Hardt/Antonio Negri: What the Protesters in Genoa Want
Derrick Jackson: The Face of Bush's America
Helen Thomas: Bush Wants to Dump Treaties
Norman Solomon: Katharine Graham and History: Slanting the First Draft
Tom Barry: Bush Administration is Not Isolationist

Thursday, July 19
Rachel Giese: Our Greed Causes Third World Suffering
Robert Scheer: Why is Al Gore So Silent?
Mark Steel: The Secret Plans of the World's Most Dangerous Rogue State
Lisa Heinzerling: Bush's Regulatory Czar: Don't Put the Fox in Charge of the Hens
John Schulz: South Asia's Nuclear Powder Keg
Los Angeles Times: What Cheney Fears
Rita Siragnano: My Canada Includes Havana
Madison Capital Times: Leave Cheney in the Dark

Wednesday, July 18
John Vidal: The Battle for Genoa
Molly Ivins: A Corporate Cold War Mentality on Cuba
Derrick Jackson: Gas-Guzzling Americans Irk Europeans
Gail Russell Chaddock: US Schools Slip Back Toward Segregation
Richard Gwyn: Hypocrisy: We Are Pure. They Are Corrupt
Richard McGowan: Letting States Settle National Issues Isn't Smart

Tuesday, July 17
Rebecca Johnson: Doomsday: Bush Has Been Ditching Treaties Since He Came To Power
Sean Gonsalves: Beyond Racial Profiling?
James Carroll: Israeli Bulldozers Won't Win Peace
Max Castro: What Will Bush Tell Europe?
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Star Wars: Rumsfeld's Darth Vader Strategy
George Monbiot: How to Rule the World: Rich Nations Should Stop Running the Planet and Give Way to Global Democracy

Monday, July 16
Arianna Huffington: Good Morning, Colombia
Mokhiber/Weissman: Sunday Silence
Salim Muwakkil: Busting the Global Flow of Guns
Marian Wright Edelman: Give All American Kids a Safe, Poverty-Free Life
Bonn Statement on Climate Change: 'Saving' the Kyoto Protocol Means Ending the Market Mania
James Klurfeld: Bush's 'A' Team Stumbling on Foreign Policy
David Rossie: Tough Love Shouldn't Be Deadly

Sunday, July 15
Will Hutton: The World Stands on the Brink of Economic Meltdown
Robert Kuttner: Fund High-Speed Rail, Lose Airport Gridlock
Kenrad Nelson: HIV/AIDS Global Pandemic: Few in America Understand the Seriousness of the AIDS Crisis in Developing Countries
Richard Gwyn: Rest of World Doesn't Count for Smug US
Matt Phillips: Business Power Must Be Checked

Saturday, July 14
William Greider: For Utilities The Fix Is In
Flora Lewis: The U.S. Is Turning Its Back on Any Global Rules
Mark Lawson: An American Deadbeat Dad Brings a New Challenge to the Pro-Lifers
Rick Mercier: U.S. Support for 'State Terror' in Latin America Mutes Us Now
John Nichols: Hastert's Heresy: The Most Cynical Man in Washington Scrambles to Avoid Blame for Killing Reform

Friday, July 13
John Balzar: Cruel Slaughter of Food Hits a Nerve
Diana Gordon: Ashcroft Justice: Bush's Attorney General is Moving the Conservative Agenda Predicted by Critics
John Walsh: The Fast-Food World: Suddenly, Everywhere You Look, There's McTrouble
Norman Solomon: Media Mania: Condit Scandal Goes Over the Top
Mark Weisbrot: Has Globalization Helped the Poor?
Seth Sandronsky: Death By 'Free Trade': The U.S. and Iraq
John Nichols: W Picks Golf Over NAACP

Thursday, July 12
Marie Cocco: Bush Proposal Is Compassionate to the Unborn Only
Baltimore Sun: Bush Administration Grandstands on the Wrong Side at United Nations Conference
Janet Bagnall: Emblems of Greed: Multi-Million-Dollar Endorsement Contracts Tarnish Sports Stars
Farhan Haq: Has the US Accepted George W. Bush?
Robert Fisk: Our Shame Over Srebrenica
Matthew Rothschild: Powerfully Dumb Nuclear Policy
Ian Urbina: The Other Mideast Settlers

Wednesday, July 11
Jeffrey Weiss: Media Deception & Iraq
Nathan Johnson: Do Our Souls Sleep Too Well?
Philadelphia Inquirer: A Shameful Choice: Abrams' Past Should Have Prevented Bush from Naming Him to Security Post
Isabel Hilton: Beyond Pinochet: Nobody is Above the Law
John Nichols: GOP Treats Condit Like One of Its Own
Christopher Hitchens: America's Dirty War on Drugs
Jeffrey St Clair: John Lee Hooker, 1917-2001: Rest Easy, John Lee

Tuesday, July 10
Marie Cocco: How the 'Ethical' Administration Lies About Contra War
Stephanie Salter: Low-Income Embryos Out-Rank Women with Bush
Sean Gonsalves: Rendering Unto Caesar
James Carroll: Instead of Toward Cooperation, US-Russian Relations Have Reversed Course
Julian Borger: Bush's Star Wars, Hollywood-Style
Max Castro: Death Knell for the Penalty?
Paula Moore: Hot Dog! Devoting a Month to a Disgusting Sack of Pork
Eric Alterman: Blood on His Hands: An Iran Contra Veteran Returns to the White House

Monday, July 9
Arianna Huffington: Conservation: Our Leaders Fiddle While The Public Turns
Nathan Newman: How Microsoft Lost Big at the Appeals Court: Antitrust and Software Standards in the Internet Era
Mary Dejevsky: Another Bush Presidency Gets Lost in the Rough
Salim Muwakkil: The Body Count Continues: Who's Winning America's War on Drugs?
Helen Thomas: For Bush, Sex Education is a No-No
Hanna Nasir: Armed Occupier Is Hardly a Hero
Peter Preston: Bush is Giving Americans What They Don't Want
Stacy Mitchell: Big Stores That Destroy Local Businesses Grow Not Only by Market Forces But By Public Policies
Robert Pollack: New Genetics' Drain on Public Health

Sunday, July 8
Amory & L Hunter Lovins: Nuclear Power was Declared Dead Long Ago. So Why Would We Resurrect It?
Midge Miller: Citizens, Like Parents, Must Provide a Guiding Hand
Robert Kuttner: A Misguided Goal for Social Security
Howard Zinn: Artists of Resistance
Colman McCarthy: Bittersweet Stint in the Big Leagues
Sue Lloyd-Roberts: How Big Business Bankrolls the Sick Trade in Human Body Parts

Saturday, July 7
Mokhiber/Weissman: Slam the Doctor's Door on the Pharmaceutical Companies
François Heisbourg: Biological Warfare: The Next U.S.-Europe Split?
Justin Kilcullen: UN's Delay on Sanctions Hurts Only Iraqi People
Nathan Newman: The Supremes Shaft Unions Once Again
Chris Kromm: The Ghost of Denmark Vesey: Black Labor, Southern Politics, and the Case of the Charleston Five

Friday, July 6
Michael Mandel: Milosevic Has About as Much Chance of Getting a Fair Trial From This Court as He Had of Defeating NATO in an Air War
Mark Weisbrot: Non-Patients Need a Bill of Rights
Angela Calman: The Rising Price of Public Service
Joe Costello: Governor Davis Keeps California Addicted to Fossil Fuels
Deborah Mathis: Sex and the Surgeon General
Matthew Rothschild: Contra Vets Return to Power: You Remember Elliott Abrams?

Thursday, July 5
Michael Paulson: Giving More Than Money: Ethical Wills Gain Favor
Norman Solomon: Media All-Stars: Taking the Field
Tom Jackson: Depraved Heart Murder
Steve Elliott: Duke Enegy: To Tell The Truth

Wednesday, July 4
Hodding Carter III: The 'Course of Human Events' is Now
Paul Krassner: The FBI and Me -- An American Story
Richard Gwyn: International Law Should Not Be Victors' Justice
Molly Ivins: Our Great, Weird Nation
Sir Keith Morris: Plan Colombia: This War is Unwinnable

Tuesday, July 3
Sean Gonsalves: Iraqi Sanctions: Dumb and Dumber?
Mary McGrory: Government Ineptness on Vieques
Zachary Karabell: Why Go Chasing the Next Utopia?
Stephen Handelman: New Global 'Investigative Journalism' Offers Hope to Readers Everywhere
Jim Wright: Big Money Contributors Defeat Public Interest
Jessica Galeria: Rio Bulldozes 100,000 Guns in Brazil's Biggest Campaign Against Violent Crimes

Monday, July 2
Jeremy Rifkin: World Culture Resists Bowing to Commerce
Salim Muwakkil: The Division Potential: Blacks Need to Form Political Coalition with Hispanics
Robert Reich: Electrosoft: A Fable for Today
Robert Fisk: Israeli Raid in Bekaa Raises Risk of Syrian War
Bob Herbert: The Message in the Sinking Polls
Marc Cooper: The Sudden Silence of BBC Radio

Sunday, July 1
Gregory Palast: Why the Lights Went Out All Over California
Molly Ivins: A Corporate Campaign to Silence Critics...
Robert Kuttner: Shame on Journalists for Forgetting Orwell
Jeff Milchen: Fees on Public Lands Threaten a National Heritage
Robyn Blumner: For Bush, Abortion Gag Rule is Only the Beginning
John Wildermuth: Will Political Donations Keep Microsoft Intact?
Philip Gailey: American People Will Soon Awaken From Politicians' Fantasies



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