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April 2001

Monday, April 30
James Phillips:
War Crimes, Warriors, Witnesses
David Sirota: Use Trade as Tool to Help in Shaping a Better World?
Robert Jensen: Letter from America: Nothing to Fear But Not Being Normal
Ralph Nader: A Dangerous Plan to Have Civilian Plants Produce Tritium for Bombs
Salim Muwakkil: Once Ensconced in the White House, Bush Wasted Little Time Removing His Mask of Moderation
Bob Herbert: Disparities at Harvard

Sunday, April 29

Stephanie Salter:
What the Market Cannot Bear
Marc Cooper: Naomi Klein on Why Kids Raised on Cool Take a Stand on Trade
Kevin Danaher: The New Protest Movement: It's About Demanding a Say in the Future of the Planet
Jeff Stansbury: How Kilowatt Socialism Saved L.A. From the Energy Crisis
Rob Sullivan: Bush Loves Ecology -- At Home
Jennifer Chen: U.S. Shirks Duty to End Child Slavery
Robert Kuttner: Shocked, Shocked by California Crisis

Saturday, April 28
Jeremy Rifkin: Global Media Giants are Lobbying for the Most Sinister Privatization of All: The Airwaves
Mary McGrory: US Navy Won't Budge on Vieques
Leigh Calvez: End the War on Whales

Friday, April 27
Ted Rall: After the American Century: The Supremes Nudge Us Into the Third World
Gordon Barthos: Summit of the Americas: A Crowbar for Maude
The Irish Times: Chernobyl's Legacy
Farai Chideya: The Human Costs of Fighting a Militarized "War" Against Drugs
Norman Solomon: Overdue: Media Scrutiny of the 'White Bloc'

Thursday, April 26
Lance Tapley: 'Solidarité' The Violent Walls of Quebec: A Reporters Summit Diary
Rachel Giese: 'Free Trade', Democracy Don't Mix
Bruce Ackerman: Foil Bush's Maneuvers for Packing the Court
Ethan Nadelmann: An Unwinnable War on Drugs
Jerome Karabel: Growing Number of Americans Say 'Values Candidate' Bush Does Not Share Their Values
Eugene Cahill: 15th Anniversary of Chernobyl: Belarus Brought to Its Knees by 'Invisible Enemy'

Wednesday, April 25
Naomi Klein: The Bonding Properties of Tear Gas
Stuart Laidlaw: Quebec City: A Turning Point for Activists
Richard Gwyn: Quebec City: Paving Way for Battles on Trade
David Pesci: Are Drugs Driving Us Crazy in Peru?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Commercialism: Every Nook and Cranny
Gregory Kane: Mississippi is Deserving of Its Worst Schools Rank

Tuesday, April 24
John Nichols: Bush Fears Tenacious, Popular Wellstone
Sean Gonsalves: Globalization: Those Outside the Hall
Sinclair Stevens: A Police State in the Making: Democracy Trampled in Quebec City
James Carroll: The Ghosts That Still Haunt Cincinnati - and the Nation
Arianna Huffington: Will the Tailor of New Jersey Snuff Out 'The Torch'?
Tom Jehn: Living Wage Campaign: Harvard Protesters Ask Moral Questions

Monday, April 23
Paul Knox: It's One Thing for the Quebec Summit to Find the Right Words. It's Another to Make Them Stick
Stuart Laidlaw: For a Few Minutes, It Looked Like a Tense Standoff in Quebec City's St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Would End Quietly
Salim Muwakkil: Biased Coverage of Israel Prolongs Conflict
Lenore Skenazy: Cashing In On Sweat of Workers Abroad
Norah Vincent: Watching McVeigh Die Is Victim Culture Gone Awry

Sunday, April 22
Going Forward: Groups of 'Cultural Creatives' are Finding Ways Large and Small to Lessen Their Impact on the Planet
Dalton Camp: First Casualty of Summit Should Be Propaganda
Robert Kuttner: NAFTA-Style Trade Deal Bad for Democracy
Denis Hayes: Earth Day 2001: Bush is an Environmental Nightmare
Frederick C. Sage: The U.S. Health-Care Blues
Ian Bowles: Environmental Meltdown in the White House
Sylvester Monroe: Cincinnati Riots: Race Problems Go Unsolved When They Go Unadmitted

Saturday, April 21
Paul Knox: Quebec Summit: About That Democracy Clause
Naomi Klein: Even the Green Zone Wasn't a Safe Haven
Fran Shor: Floods, Riots, and Other 'Natural' Disasters

Friday, April 20
Gordon Barthos: Taking the Summit by Storm
Mike Prokosch: The Relentless Expansion of Corporate Rights at Democracy's Expense
Sarah Anderson/John Cavanagh: Quebec City Protests: Bush Will Ignore the Noise at His Own Peril
Bill Moyers: Hi. My Name is Bill, and I'm a Recovering Unimpeachable Source
Carole Joffe: Abortion-Rights Activists Have Much to March About as Bush Casts His Lot with Extremists on Birth Control
Norman Solomon: Bias and Fear Tilting Coverage of Israel

Thursday, April 19
Ted Rall: One Mississippi, Two Mississippis: State Voters Make the Argument Against Democracy
John Nichols: New Trade Scheme Worse Than NAFTA
Matthew Rothschild: Israel Deserved a Scolding, and More
Antonio Aranibar Quiroga: Message to Bush: Fight Drugs with Aid, Not 'Plan Colombia's' Guns
Margaret Wente: Quebec City FTAA Protests: Those College Kids Do Make a Good Point
Mark Weisbrot: It's Not About "Free Trade"
Joseph Mulligan: What Did Negroponte Hide and When Did He Hide It?
Mary McGrory: What on Earth? Bush's Mindless Budget

Wednesday, April 18
Naomi Klein: Numbers Extolling the Benefits of Free Trade Just Don't Add Up
Sarah Anderson/John Cavanagh: Evidence of NAFTA's Shortcomings is Hard to Overlook
Dalton Camp: Globalization: It's About Corporate Wealth, Stupid
William Wong: In Spy Plane's Wake, Crude Jokes and Racist Stereotypes Make Chinese Americans Queasy
John Nichols: Not All Democrats are Shunning Nader

Tuesday, April 17
Sean Gonsalves: Private-Prison Industry: Four Walls vs. Three Squares
Stephanie Salter: $83.8 Billion U.S. Trade Deficit: Made in China
Robert Fisk: When Journalists Refuse To Tell the Truth About Israel
Clifford Orwin: Sweet Vengeance Makes Bad Justice: McVeigh's Execution a Grim Spectacle
Matthew Miller: In the World of Huge CEO Salaries, Failure Doesn't Matter
Richard Andrews: Colorado Still at Center of Nuclear Weapons Threat
Arianna Huffington: Bush's 'Fat-Free' Budget Serves the Corporate Gravy

Monday, April 16
Gary Younge: Nader Was Right to Make a Stand Against the Corporate Domination of Politics, Even if It Did Let Bush Win
Sarah Blackstock: Why I'm Joining the Quebec Protests
Michael Valpy: Watchdogs Aim to Get Environment on Summit of the Americas Agenda
San Francisco Chronicle: Amtrak & DEA: No Way to Run a Railroad
Robert Lawrence: Eat Less Meat to Save Yourself and Save the Earth
Salim Muwakkil: We're Creating Punitive Remedies for the Illusion of Chaos

Sunday, April 15
Steve Early/Jeff Crosby: Moving Beyond Seattle, Protesters Take Aim at 'NAFTA on Steroids'
Robert Fisk: Death in Bethlehem, Made in America
Richard Gwyn: Democracy is Weakened as Power Shifts from Nation-States to Transnational Corporations
Meir Carasso: Report Paints Disturbing Picture of Business Establishment's Goals
Robert Kuttner: What We Really Need is Relief from the 'Pre-Death' Tax

Saturday, April 14
William Pfaff: Washington Should Look Beyond Short-Term Interests in Asia
John Sherwood: Caution: Unforeseeable Consequences Ahead
Mary McGrory: Forgotten Victims of Welfare Reform: Our Children
William Greider: Sovereign Corporations

Friday, April 13
Molly Ivins:
Our Fake Energy Crisis: What Really Happened in California
Martin Woollacott: Rightwing US Policy Makes China More Conservative Too
Grahame Russell: Why I'm Going to Quebec
Robert Fisk: Death by Remote Control as Hit Squads Return
John Nichols: 'Trade Off' Captures Battle of Seattle
Holly Sklar: CEO Pay Ponzi Scheme

Thursday, April 12
Mark Weisbrot: Should America Police The World?
David Sirota: The Failure of Populism? Did the Last Election Prove that Populist Appeals Don't Work?
Norman Solomon: Valor on TV -- Hotheads Under Hot Lights
John MacArthur: US-Style 'Free Trade' is Already Wrecking Mexico; Must It Now Wreck the Rest of the Hemisphere in the Name of Helping It?
Amanda Swarr: What the 'U' Can Do in Global Fight Against AIDS
Susan Glairon: Harvey Wasserman: Utility Deregulation in California is An 'Act of Corporate Terrorism'
John Gartner: Bush Aims Put Land, Air Under Eco-Siege
Marianne Means: Bush, Cheney Will Face Wall of Opposition If They Try To Resurrect Nuclear Power
Bob Herbert: Death Row Survivor

Wednesday, April 11
Naomi Klein: Globalization Protests: Not Like A Deadhead Odyssey
Robert Fisk: Whatever the Israelis and Americans May Say, This is Civil War
Derrick Jackson: Two Birds in Bush's Cabinet Better Watch Out
Hart Matthews: My Pen Pal Jesse Helms' Unexpected Green Streak

Tuesday, April 10

Mary Dejevsky: America-First Policies Dismay Europeans
Michael Shames/Peter Navarro: Give Power Buyers a Club in Cartel Wars
Sean Gonsalves: Crime in the 'Liberal' Media
Bernardo Ruiz: New President, Old Thinking: Latin America Should Worry
Robert Reno: The Nation Has Become America Inc
Molly Ivins: Texas Legislature Busy Reversing Course from Bush Era
Robert Scheer: Bush Could Really Use a Fireside Chat With FDR
Betsy Myers: A Shortsighted President Shortchanges Women

Monday, April 9
Frida Berrigan:
Bush on China: 'Give It A Rest'
Mokhiber/Weissman: Ari the Evader
Michael Aguirre: Use Eminent Domain as a Power Tool
Michael Valpy: How Free Trade Threatens Democracy
Hussein Ibish: Orwell Would Revel in 'Collateral Damage'
Marianne Means: Corporate-Run Postal Service Fails to Deliver

Sunday, April 8

Noreena Hertz:
Why We Must Stay Silent No Longer: Governments' Surrender to Big Business is the Deadliest Threat Facing Democracy Today
John Chuckman: Who's Calling the Shots? Bush's Team of Extremists Embarrass Colin Powell
Robert Kuttner: A Market Fails at Internet Speed
Haroon Siddiqui: Double Standards Sap Credibility of the West
Michelle Malkin: Talk About Bush League: Corporate Welfare Payoffs to Baseball Stinks
Michael Byers: Bush is a Threat to the World

Saturday, April 7
Cesar Chelala: It Is Time to Halt the Torture Trade
Ted Rall: In Defense Of Ralph Nader
Slinger: For George W, Where There's a Will, There's a War
Thomas Frank: When Markets Rule Politics

Friday, April 6
Rick Salutin: There Really is No Free Trade
Derrick Jackson: Who's to Blame on Global Issues?
Norman Solomon: U.S.-China Dispute: From Other Side of Media Window
John Nichols: Madison, Wisconsin's 'Progressive Dane' Provides Winning Model

Thursday, April 5
Chalmers Johnson: Smugness Means Never Deigning to Say 'Sorry'
Martin Kettle: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word: United States Citizens Don't Care to Apologize to China - Or Anyone
Stephanie Salter: Now China Is Everyone's Bad Boy
William Pfaff: China Is Not an Enemy and Shouldn't Be Provoked
Bob Hebert: Public Health in Peril
George Monbiot: Manipulating the Facts in the GM Debate
Harvey Wasserman: A Return to Madness: The Psychotic Fantasy of Electric Deregulation Continues, With Renewed Interest in Nuclear Power
Dave Zweifel: There’s a Reason It’s Called Social Security

Wednesday, April 4
Maureen Dowd: The Tyro's Twister
Stephen Zunes: UN Veto Reveals Bush Administration's Contempt for Human Rights
Danny Schecter: Media Prostitutes And China Coverage
Dale Brown: If Tables Were Turned, We'd Do the Same
Polly Toynbee: America the Horrible is Now Turning Into a Pariah
Philip Ochieng: Pursuing Gain to the Verge of Our Extinction
Mokhiber/Weissman: Timber Ad Cut

Tuesday, April 3

James Travers:
Free-Traders Providing Fodder for Protesters
James Carroll: Let the Voices of Slaves Be Heard
Molly Ivins: Bush, Rove & Co. Swimming in Denial
San Jose Mercury News: Our SUVs Rule, Bush Tells the World
Martin Lee: The Pentagon's People Zapper

Monday, April 2
Tony Karon: Is It Really Any Wonder That the Chinese Are Sore Over Spy Plane?
Ralph Nader: Divided Democrats: Ergonomic Regulations Repeal is Just One Example
Salim Muwakkil: Why is America So Afraid of Its Children?
Robert Reich: If Not Now, When, for Universal Health Care?
Ross Gelbspan: Bush's Gambit on Climate
Fred McKissack: FCC Chair Flippant on Digital Divide
Christopher Flavin: U.S. Has Put at Risk a Decade of Climate Progress

Sunday, April 1
Dalton Camp: Democracy Falters as Corporate Power Grows
Ed Vulliamy: The President Who Bought Power and Sold the World
Ronnie Dugger: Campaign Finance Reform: Some Light at the End of the Tunnel
Robert Kuttner: The Logical Next Step: Public Election Financing
Richard Gwyn: Corporate America Calling All the Shots



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