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July 2000

Monday, July 31
Susan Martinuk: Our Faith In Biotech Is Far Too Blind
Salim Muwakkil: Prohibition: Self-Righteous Self-Destruction

Sunday, July 30
Howard Zinn: The Bombs Of August
David Kairys: Two's Company, But Not A Debate
Jonathan Rosenblum: A Farewell To Kathie Lee, Sweatshop Queen
Phyllis Bennis: Palestinians Have Rights And Law On Their Side, But Israelis Have Power
Bobby Seale: Today's Protesters Must Learn From Past
Robert Kuttner: Nader Is Getting A Bum Rap
John Artis: Adult Prisons Are No Place For Our Troubled Kids
Sunni Khalid: Sanctions: Time To End The Suffering And Rebuild Postwar Iraq

Saturday, July 29
Ellen Goodman: When 'Lesser Of Two Evils' Is Still Too Vile, Nader Deserves A Look
Lila Savage: Why US History Rings Hollow For Some
Arturo Rodriguez: Remembering Cesar Chavez, Who Helped Farm Workers Alter Their Future
Anthony Lewis: War On Drugs: Shadow Conventions Break The Silence

Friday, July 28
Matthew Rothschild: New York Times Slams Nader
Rosa Eberly: What's Missing From Campaign 2000? Vox Populi
Soray Amra: Palestinian Rights Still Go Unrecognized
Jonathan Steele: Bush's Running-Mate Is A Hawk Who Believes In Military Solutions
Robert McIntyre: Dick Cheney, Fiscal Conservative?
Susanna Rodell: Some Of Us Have Nowhere To Turn On The Political Road

Thursday, July 27
Sam Husseini: US And Israel Continue To Wreak Havoc On Palestinian Self-Determination
Kirsten Mitchell: Nader Terrifies Gore Backers
John MacArthur: French Toast: Here's To Our Gallic Cousins For Putting America In Its Place
Robert Fisk: Oslo Accords Guaranteed Outcome of Camp David Talks

Wednesday, July 26
Maureen Dowd: A Baby Sitter for Junior
Steve Cobble: Trickle Down Voting: Could Nader Swing The House?
Rhonda Chris Lokeman: US Military Fails Gays, Lesbians
Rick Little: Learn To Listen To Third World
Froma Harrop: More Americans May Own Stock, But Many Live On Financial Edge

Tuesday, July 25
Mokhiber/Weissman: Taken For A Ride: The Automobile Companies Are Criminal Outlaws
John Nichols: Philly ACT-UP Plans To Kick Some GOP Butt
Mike Dolan: Conventioneers Should Join The Street Activity And Learn What's Really Going On In America
Robert Jordan: Nader Nudges Gore Toward Populism
San Francisco Chronicle: What Have We Bought With Colombian 'Aid'?
William Raspberry: Health Insurance: Wellstone Leads The Way
Molly Ivins: 'GOP Tax Break For Rich' Is Redundant
Going Backwards: Corporate Special Interests Are Attempting To Buy Judicial Influence At The Highest Levels
Robert Warren: Charity Is Not About A Return On Investment
Ethan Nadelmann: Refocus The Drug War

Monday, July 24
Ralph Nader: The US Department of Energy Caters To The Needs Of The Oil And Fossil Fuel Industries
Dave Zweifel: Micro-Stations: Returning Radio To The People
Nat Hentoff: Open Up The Presidential Debates!
Norman Solomon: Convention Hospitality And Police Brutality
Paul VanDevelder: Clinton, Salmon And The Dams: The Politics Of Denial
Salim Muwakkil: Oblivious To Death Penalty's Death Knell
Fred Wertheimer: Gore, Bush, And the Big Lie

Sunday, July 23
Anita Roddick: The Conspicuous Consumption At The G8 Summit Will Do Nothing To Address The Third World Problem
Laura Hamburg: The Life of the Party: A Chance To Tell Our Leaders Where To Go
Scott Gottlieb: Cashing In On The Real And Imaginary Health Anxieties Of Americans Is A Lucrative Business
Ruth Rosen: Protesters Outside The Convention Halls Will Argue For An Alternative Agenda
Barbara Ransby: The Continuing Epidemic Of Unchecked Police Brutality In The United States
Gregory Palast: The WTO's Response To Africa's Aids Crisis Is A Chilling Reminder Of Where Power Lies In The Global Economy
Shadow Conventions: 'You've Got To Change The Political Wind'
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Washington Stuck In Incremental Thinking. Where Are The Big Ideas About The Surplus?
Gregory Stanford: Don't Look At Crime Trends To Grasp Al Gore's Newfound Wish To Become The "Law Enforcement President."

Saturday, July 22

Arianna Huffington:
Nattering Novak Of Negativism Tries To Scuttle Shadow Conventions
Carol Goar: The Religion Of Tax Cuts
Matthew Rothschild: Gore's Rotten Planks

Friday, July 21
Christa Piotrowski: Dark Chapter of American History: U.S. Court Battle Over Forced Sterilization
Christopher Cooper: Entrenched Subculture Is At Root Of Police Brutality And Bias Cases
Barry Steinhardt: Cage Carnivore: Clinton Needs To Act To Tame FBI E-Mail Surveillance
Thomas Axworthy: The World Fears President Bill Clinton's Son of Star Wars Missile Defense Project. And Rightly So
Kenneth Roth: Precious Stones Don't Kill, Guns Do: Enforce Arms Embargoes
St Petersburg Times: The Snake River Dam: Once Again Al Gore Has Chosen To Be Ambiguous Instead Of Taking A Real Stand

Thursday, July 20
Duncan Campbell: Welcome To Colombia's Civil War: One Side Funded By The US Tax-Payers And The Other Side By US Drug-Takers
Michael Moore: Ain't Fallin' For That One Again
Jim Fulton: Big US Oil Companies Have Found Cracks In The Tanker Regulations Inspired By The Exxon Valdez
Mary McGrory: Execute A Pregnant Woman? Gore's Pregnant Pause
San Francisco Chronicle: Slaves Not Only Built The South, But Also Created The Wealth Of The North
Alexander Cockburn: A Vote For Nader Is Not A Vote For Bush
Larry Rockefeller: Republicans, Off to the Edge
Norman Solomon: The Easy Media Politics of Optimism
Mark Jurkowitz: American Prospect Magazine Reinvents Itself
George McGovern: A School Lunch For The World's Children

Wednesday, July 19
Jeremy Scahill: Washington's Men In Kosovo: A Year After the NATO Occupation, Terror Reigns
Marjorie Cohn: Yet Another Dictator Empowered By Punishment Politics
Gwyn Kirk: Okinawa Has Sacrificed Enough
Derrick Jackson: The Dirty Little Secret Behind America's Love Of SUVs
Molly Ivins: Is Absolutely Everything For Sale In America?
Gail Russell Chaddock: Profits, Politics, & A Drug Patent
Joseph Gerson: Okinawa's Message For The G-8 Summit

Tuesday, July 18
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Civics Lesson For Big Tobacco
Sean Gonsalves: Wal-Mart Heartbreak
Frank Lingo: Baloney Behind the Billion: Clinton's Racist War On Drugs, Here And In Colombia
Geoffrey Robertson: America Won't Help: The US Is Opposing A New Court That Could Try The World's Mass Murderers
St Louis Post-Dispatch: Meat Inspection: A Rancid Rule Change
St Paul Pioneer Press: Presidential Debates: Ralph Nader Deserves To Be Included
Stephen Handelman: In Wealthy Nation, Poverty Is Tragedy
Amira Howeidy: Death For Oil: An Interview With Dennis Halliday, Ex-UN Assistant Secretary-General

Monday, July 17
Ralph Nader:
Corporate Reception: Big Business Shells Out Big Bucks To Hobnob With The Governors
Going Backwards: New USDA Rules Say Carcasses With Tumors, Disease 'Wholesome' For Human Consumption
Douglas Turner: Corporate America Ginning Up $42 Million To Pay For The Two Parties Conventions And Purchase Influence
Bharati Sadasivam: Seattle To Geneva: Harnessing the Politics of Protest
San Francisco Chronicle: Massacre in Colombia
Juleyka Lantigua: Clinton Administration Reneges On It's Commitment To Attack Environmental Racism
Dave Bulley: To The Condemned: Rage All The Way To The Ugly End
Ward Sutton: Op Art: Introducing The Star Wars Missile Political Defense Plan
Salim Muwakkil: Whassup With Diversity?
Jerry Brown: Time For Complacency About Using Fossil Fuels Is Over
Bob Herbert: So What Can We Do About Global Warming?

Sunday, July 16
Robert Borosage: US Reaction To AIDS Pandemic? We Don't Do Plagues; We Do Guns
Robert Kuttner: Neither Party Has The Nerve To Take On The Politically Potent Pharmaceuticals Industry
Andrew Sullivan: A Two-Headed Beast Stalks Bush And Gore

Saturday, July 15
Jim Shultz:
World Bank Forced Water Privatization On Cochabamba
Jesse Gordon/Knickerbocker:
Op Art: Genetically Modified Specials
John Ross Buschert: On Vieques, Fireworks Are Not About Freedom
Bill McKibben: Mr. President, Spare the Forest
Robert Fisk:
Why Does It Take Such Courage In America To Tell The Truth About The Middle East?

Friday, July 14
Alexander Cockburn: Democrats Resort To Court Scare Tactics
Eugene J. Carroll Jr: US Senate To Take A Major Step To Abandon All Pretense That US Nuclear Forces Exist Only To Deter War
Going Forward: In Drug War, Treatment Is Back
Terry Johnson: Black Distrust: Let's Go To The Videotape
Robert Drinan: Let Prisoners Keep The Right To Vote

Thursday, July 13
Molly Ivins: Our Man Ralph Nader And Voting With Your Heart
Norman Solomon: And Now, An All-New Episode Of "Media Jeopardy!"
Donella Meadows/Hal Hamilton: Le Monde N'est Pas Une Marchandise. Moi Non Plus - The World is Not For Sale. Me Neither
John Nichols: Reading The Bible According To Dr. Laura
Mary McGrory: Star Wars: Calling A Bomb A Bomb
Olatunji Dare: Rethinking The Death Penalty
Boston Globe: Toxic War: US Government's Wrongheaded Effort To Wage Its War On US Drug Abuse In Colombia
Edward Flattau: The Latest Chic In Paris: No Car
Don Rose: The Recycled Words Circuit: Ever Wonder Why Pundits Sound So Much Alike?
Alicia Montgomery: Nader's No. 2: Green Party Veep Candidate Winona LaDuke

Wednesday, July 12
John O'Farrell: Missile Impossible
Deborah Mathis: If We Turn Our Backs On The Pursuit Of Justice For Raynard Johnson, We Can Infer That There Is Something Sinister In America
Janice Hayden: It's Time For US To Back Palestinian Refugees' Rights
John Williams: Look, Child Poverty in the Wealthy Countries Isn't Necessary
Mokhiber/Weissman: Fronting for Big Coal

Tuesday, July 11
William Pfaff: The Time Has Come To Write The Obituary Of Globalism
Ralph Nader: Wage Slaves: US Corporations Are Recruiting Executive Talent From Third-World Countries
John Nichols: Gore's Only Hope As A Candidate This Fall Is To Learn From Bradley's Mistakes
Manzoor Ahmed: It's Past Time to Get Serious About Reducing Global Poverty
Matthew Miller: Democrats: Thou Shalt Not Appear Weak To Voters
St Petersburg Times: Clinton's Missile Defense System Could Spark A Nuclear Arms Race

Monday, July 10
Salim Muwakkil: Extreme Moderation Breeds Electoral Extremes
Eric Alterman: The Misguided War On Drugs: At Home And Abroad, Flawed Vision And Dangerous Tactics
Molly Ivins: What Do You Do With A Problem Like Globalization?
Stephen Lewis: After Rwanda, The World Doesn't Look The Same
Harold Evans: Mrs Clinton Needs A Flaw
Bob Herbert: Cold Facts of Global Warming
Steven Hill and Rob Richie: Politicians Even Shake Down Their Own

Sunday, July 9
Tom Ferrick Jr:
Deja Vu: Spies Versus Activists
Going Backwards: Frustrations With Health Care System Causes More Doctors To Give Up On Profession
Going Forward: Addicts Face Treatment Rather Than Jail As Portugal Decriminalizes Drugs
Sylvia Metzler: For Decades, Family And Friends Have Been Asking Me, "Sylvia, Why Are You Such An Activist?"
Bob Lilienfeld: Richer Than Ever, We're Squandering More, Too. And Our Best Efforts To Think And Act Green Are Falling Short
David Shi: Well, America: Is The Car Culture Working?
Robert Kuttner: Customers Are The Losers In Bank Mergers
Daniel Tsang: China's First Homegrown Gay And AIDS Activist, Wan Yan Hai

Saturday, July 8
Ana Carrigan:
US Pressures Colombia To Use Biological Drugs Warfare
Lawrence Goldyn: US Methods For Fighting AIDS Won't Work In Africa
St Louis Post Dispatch: Star Wars: 50 Reasons To Say No
Paul Mulshine: Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Huckster

Friday, July 7
Going Backwards:
GOP Tacks Massive Cut In Water Pollution Clean Up Program Onto Clinton/Gore's Colombian Package;
Deborah Mathis: Connecticut Apologies Can Lead The Rest Of Us
David Nyhan: Vietnam All Over Again: The Colombia Drug War
Michael Jansen: Denis Halliday: Iraq Sanctions Are Genocide
Sandy Grady: Anti-Missile Test Is Rigged

Thursday, July 6
Norman Solomon:
Nader Raises Hackles of Media Establishment
Rod Watson: End Corporate Welfare To Achieve True Reform
Gabor Maté: Looking For Genetic Cures For Disease Lets Us Sidestep The Need To Tackle The Social And Environmental Causes
George Monbiot: Science Is Selling Out To Business; Researchers Are Corrupted By The Incomes Provided By Corporations
Bob Herbert: Global Warming Pushes Earth To The Danger Point
Charlie James: Who Is Really Responsible For The Crisis In Africa?
Hugo Young: We Will All Be Dragged Into America's Paranoid Scheme
Richard Cohen: You're Being Watched

Wednesday, July 5
John Anderson:
Ralph Nader Is a Reformer, Not a Spoiler
Farai Chideya:
Include All Candidates In Presidential Debates
Alison Green:
McDonald's Talks To Kids; Why Not PETA?
Laura Flanders: The New Federalist Revolution
John Lloyd: Globalization's Arch Enemy: Since The Roquefort Hit The Fan, Farmers In Southern France Have Been Fighting Mad

Tuesday, July 4
Time to Cap Big Oil's Profit Gusher
Ingeborg Boyens: Planting The Seeds Of Destruction
Eric Alterman: Clinton’s Embrace Of Missile Defense System Moves World Closer To Nuclear Brink
Toronto Star: America's Destructive Obsession With Cuba
Sean Gonsalves: The Meaning Of Freedom?
John Nichols: On July 4, Lincoln Faltered On Road To Justice
Ana McDonald: The Myth Of Independence Leaves Us Burdened, Lost
William Raspberry: Texas Rape Case Provides Chilling Proof The State Is Reluctant To Admit Mistakes

Monday, July 3
Ralph Nader:
Progressive Inheritance: Never Doubt The Importance Of Language In Politics
Salim Muwakkil: The 'Hoochification Process': Treating Women As Body Parts
Max Sawicky: Who Wants To Tax A Millionaire? Not The House Of Representatives
Eric Sterling: Uncle Sam's 'Cookie' Is Watching You

Sunday, July 2
Going Backwards:
US To Unleash Genetically-Modified Herbicides On Colombians
Robert Jensen:
On Independence Day, Hold the Self-Congratulations
Will Hutton:
Get Out Of Our Backyard, Uncle Sam
Madison Capital Times: Renew The Democracy: Open The Debates
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman: Genome Raises Risk Of Bias Based On Genes
Aryeh Azriel: Ruling on Scouts Harms Civil Rights
Sandy Grady: Morality Of Capital Punishment Staring Bush Squarely In The Eye

Saturday, July 1
Gregory Kane:
Postcards Of Lynchings Illustrate Madness
Going Forward: A Historic Day in Vermont as Civil Unions Become Legal
Joseph Dolman: The AIDS Crisis Still Needs An Agitator
Stephen Strauss: Why I Became A Canadian: A Once-Draft-Dodging Writer Reveals Why He Waited 31 Years
St. Petersburg Times: Here We Go Again: Another Misguided War In Latin America



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