Views for 2014-07-10

Thursday, July 10, 2014
(Photo: Marcel Oosterwijk/Flickr/Creative Commons) Bill McKibben
We Want People to Change Their Minds
Word came recently that both the Philadelphia Quakers and the Unitarian General Assembly have decided to divest from fossil fuels. It followed by few weeks the news that the Roman Catholic University...
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President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel hold a joint press availability in the Oval Office July 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) Robert Naiman
Netanyahu's War: What Is It Good For?
The government of Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a new war on Palestinians in Gaza, a war whose purported justifications make George W. Bush's excuses for his illegal invasion of Iraq smell nice by...
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Peter Hart
Why ABC Thought Suffering Palestinians Were Israelis
On July 8 , ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer gave viewers the latest on the violence in the Gaza Strip–by stressing the threat to Israel: We take you overseas now to the rockets raining down on...
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(Photo: Val Kerry / Flickr Creative Commons) Rebecca Gordon
A Nation of Cowards?
Once upon a time, if a character on TV or in a movie tortured someone, it was a sure sign that he was a bad guy. Now, the torturers are the all-American heroes. From 24 to Zero Dark Thirty, it’s been...
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Israeli Air Force bombing in Gaza this week. (photo: flickr / cc / Basel Yazouri) Ira Chernus
Israel's Strategy and America's Mythology
Bombs are falling and people are dying in Gaza. It's headline news in America's mass media. As usual, though, we get only today's events, with no historical context to explain what's really going on...
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Screenshot of ABC News image mislabeled as “an Israeli family trying to salvage what they can.” (Image via Electronic Intifada) Rania Khalek
ABC News Tells Viewers That Scenes of Destruction in Gaza are in Israel
More than fifty Palestinians have been killed and another 450 wounded since Monday in Israel’s ongoing assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” by the Israeli army. As...
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A migrant child is escorted by a U.S. immigration enforcement agent. (Credit: cc by 2.0) Michelle Brané
Obama’s Quick Fix Won’t Solve the Regional Refugee Crisis
SAN FRANCISCO - In recent months, an unprecedented surge of refugee women and children has been traveling alone to the United States to seek protection at our southern border. The vast majority are...
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Tariq Khdeir, an American teenager, who was beaten by Israeli soldiers while visiting families members in Jerusalem. Tariq's cousin, Mohammad, was murdered by Israeli extremists last week. (Photo: Anadolu News Agency) Sonali Kolhatkar
The Algebra of Israeli Injustice Against Palestinian Children
“Everyone in Shuafat loved Mohammad.” Amal Abu Khdeir was describing her 16-year-old cousin to me in an interview on Uprising . “Everyone can tell you how nice a boy he was,” she added softly...
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Biking along the green lanes in downtown Vancouver, B.C. early May 2013. (Photo: flickr / cc/ Gary Howe) Jay Walljasper
How to Inspire Millions More People to Bike
You can see big changes happening across North America as communities from Fairbanks to St. Petersburg transform their streets into appealing places for people, not just cars and trucks. “Over the...
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(Photo: flickr / cc / Brian Klug) Amy Goodman
Nomads of the Digital Age
The freedom to communicate and to share has entered a new era. The power promised by this freedom, by the Internet, is immense, so much so that it frightens entrenched institutions. Governments,...
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A mugshot of now U.S. Congressman John Lewis, taken in 1961, after he was arrested for using a 'Whites Only' bathroom in Mississippi. (via John Lews / on Twitter) Robert C. Koehler
Democracy: No Longer for Sale?
Ah, 1961. The year — certain aspects of it, anyway — are almost impossible to remember. “Whites only” bathrooms, for instance. U.S. Rep. John Lewis, legendary civil rights leader and crosser of lines...
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