Views for 2014-07-07

Monday, July 7, 2014
(Image: flickr / cc / donkeyhotey) Robert Kuttner
Damaged Democrats: Can They Recover?
When you consider what has been happening to the average working person since the era of Ronald Reagan, it's amazing that the Republicans have fought the Democrats about to a draw. The recipe of...
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(Photo via The Progressive) Brendan Fischer
McCutcheon’s Supreme Cynicism
One of the many outrageous aspects of the U.S. Supreme Court's McCutcheon v. FEC decision is how blatantly it served the interests of the very wealthiest. After all, the plaintiff, Shaun McCutcheon,...
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Issa Amro from Youth Against the Settlements speaking in Hebron in 2012 (Flickr/jstreetdotorg) Bethan Staton
Despite Crackdown, Palestinians Organize for Long-Term Peace
Conflict has erupted in Israel and Palestine after the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teenagers early last week week, whom the Israelis say were kidnapped by Hamas. The Western media, for...
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(Photo: flickr/cc/AK Rockefeller) Conor Friedersdorf
The Latest Snowden Leak Is Devastating to NSA Defenders
Consider the latest leak sourced to Edward Snowden from the perspective of his detractors. The National Security Agency's defenders would have us believe that Snowden is a thief and a criminal at...
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A child in the ICU at Shifa hospital in Gaza (Photo:flickr/cc/Kashfi Halford) Juan Cole
Bring Back our Children: Palestine-Israel Children’s Crusade by the Numbers
The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people and the conflict it produces has in the past week taken on a horror-film aspect, as reprisal killings against children and teens have proliferated...
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(Photo: flickr / cc / Ryan Ozawa) Robert Reich
The Limits of Corporate Citizenship: Why Walgreen Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Influence US Politics If It Becomes Swiss
Dozens of big U.S. corporations are considering leaving the United States in order to reduce their tax bills. But they’ll be leaving the country only on paper. They’ll still do as much business in...
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(Photo: flickr / cc / The Accidental Photographer) Bill Quigley
Millions of Soldiers and Veterans in Trouble
Despite the July 4 tributes, millions of US soldiers and veterans are in serious trouble. Twenty two veterans kill themselves every day according to the Veterans Administration. A study by the Los...
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(Image: Banksy) Munib al-Masri
The Undisputed Truth About Israeli Occupation
Imagine for a moment a man who picks someone’s safe and loots a hoard of money. The victim, tracking the man down, demands the money back. But the fellow refuses to recognize the cash as someone else...
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(Credit: Claudia Lefko
Iraq: What You Should Know About the Country We Destroyed
I've been working with Iraqis since January 2001, when I made my first trip to Baghdad. Some of these long-time colleagues and friends are Christians, most are Muslims. I don't know if they're Shi'ia...
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