Views for 2014-07-01

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby Monday, allowing "closely held" businesses to claim religious rights and avoid federal healthcare regulations that require employers to include birth control in insurance plans. (flickr/cc/Nate Grigg) Sarah Jaffe
Why Harris and Hobby Lobby Spell Disaster for Working Women
Retail sales and home healthcare work are two of the three fastest-growing jobs in this country. That’s an important consideration when looking at the decisions the Supreme Court handed down today in...
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(Photo: flickr / creative commons / ALL) Sian Norris
The Hobby Lobby Ruling Was An Attack on Women’s Sexual freedom
With yesterday’s Hobby Lobby ruling , the Supreme Court decided to exempt Hobby Lobby and other private, religiously owned firms from Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which requires employers to offer...
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From a May 29, 2014 protest (Photo: cc / flickr / Light Brigading) Kevin Gosztola
Obama's Answer to Child Refugee Crisis at US-Mexico Border: Speed Up Deportations
Tens of thousands of children from Central American countries are crossing the United States-Mexico border. They are being apprehended and processed into America’s immigration system. And, according...
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(Cartoon: Greg Perry/The Tyee) Murray Dobbin
Can You Imagine? Toppling the Fossil Fuel Empire
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." -- Albert Einstein As the world struggles with how to deal with the slow motion apocalypse of global climate...
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(Photo: flickr / cc / Glenn Halog) Matthew Albracht
The Leading Edge of Peace: Our Evolutionary Path Forward
The news headlines tell us everyday that we live in a violent world. From global violence in some of the more recent hot-spots like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, to urban and domestic...
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Palestinian children on their way to school run accross a road in front of an advancing Israeli tank in Nablus, Palestine, during clashes between militants and Israeli forces. (Photo: flickr / cc / Rusty Stewart) Medea Benjamin, Pam Bailey
Children’s Lives in the Balance: Is One Worth More Than Another?
With the news that the bodies of three missing Israeli teens had been found in a field not far from the stretch of road where they disappeared June 12, people everywhere reacted rightly with sorrow...
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(Credit: flickr/cc/ Henrik Berger Jørgensen) Jeff Madrick
Inequality Begins at Birth
Over the past year, the lack of universal pre-kindergarten for American four-year-olds has become a national issue. In 2013, President Obama proposed to fund an ambitious new nationwide pre-...
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US soldiers participating in live fire drills during NATO training in Germany. (Photo: flickr / cc / MATEUS_27:24&25) Noam Chomsky
America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force
The question of how foreign policy is determined is a crucial one in world affairs. In these comments, I can only provide a few hints as to how I think the subject can be productively explored,...
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The Supreme Court in Harris v. Quinn has struck down agency fees for Illinois's home care union, finding the workers to be only "quasi-public employees." Home care workers provide in-home care to elderly and disabled clients. Above, members occupied a Washington state agency office in 2012 to protest cuts to services for their clients. (Photo: SEIU Healthcare 775NW) Samantha Winslow
Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Home Care Workers
Unions were bracing for the worst: a Supreme Court decision that could have created a national “right to work” policy for the entire public sector. That didn’t happen. The court’s decision in Harris...
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Civil rights campaigners marching in Alabama in the summer of 1964. (Source: Wikimedia Commons / public domain) Katrina vanden Heuvel
50 Years after Freedom Summer, America Needs a Year of Action
Shortly after 11 p.m. on June 24, the media declared six-term Republican Senator Thad Cochran the winner of Mississippi’s hard-fought Republican runoff primary. The reason, the pundits quickly...
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(Photo: flickr / cc / Johnathan Lyman) Marjorie Cohn
Will Supremes Apply Cell Phone Privacy to Metadata Collection?
In one of the most significant Fourth Amendment rulings ever handed down by the Supreme Court, all nine justices agreed in an opinion involving two companion cases, Riley v. California and United...
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An Israeli woman holds a sign showing images of the Israeli teenagers at a rally in Tel Aviv on Sunday. (Photograph: Baz Ratner/Reuters) Juan Cole
In the Death of 3 Israeli Teens, the Occupation Itself Deserves Scrutiny
The kidnapping and killing of three Israeli squatter youth whose parents usurped Palestinian land has produced a paroxysm of hatred and calls for reprisals in Israel. Whoever is responsible for it,...
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An effigy of a U.S. drone is burned during a protest in Sanaa, Yemen last year. (Photo: Hani Mohammed/AP) Jameel Jaffer
Americans Deserve an Explanation for Targeted Killings
The most important parts of the drone memo are the parts you can’t see. The memo , released by a federal court on Monday in response to lawsuits filed by the ACLU and The New York Times , addresses...
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Now-outgoing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor answers questions from reporters, Oct. 3, 2011, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Michael Winship
How DC’s Political Intelligence Biz Made Fat Cats Fatter
Looking over the last few weeks of news, if you would seek a single headline that sums up the Hulk-like grip in which corporate America holds the US Congress, this might be it: “Eric Cantor’s Loss a...
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An Afghan child looks toward the site of a suicide bombing that occurred near a NATO convoy in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, last February. Chris Hedges
Pity the Children
For the United States, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be over soon. We will leave behind, after our defeats, wreckage and death, the contagion of violence and hatred, unending grief, and...
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