Views for 2014-06-09

Monday, June 9, 2014
Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, speaks during the annual press conference of the non-governmental organization in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. (Credit: AP Photo/Michael Sohn) Belén Fernández
Human Rights Watch’s Revolving Door
Let’s pretend that we want to start an organization to defend the rights of people across the globe that has no affiliation to any government or corporate interest. Which of the following characters...
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Portrait of Bob Moses by Robert Shetterly. (Credit: Robert Shetterly
Why I Painted Bob Moses, A Civil Rights Hero You May Not Know
Editor's note: The artist's essay that follows accompanies the 'online unveiling'—exclusive to Common Dreams—of Shetterly's latest painting in his " Americans Who Tell the Truth " portrait series,...
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The lack of consideration for the long-term consequences of the Libyan intervention can only be regarded as a dramatic strategic failure on the part of the United States and its NATO allies. (Photo: Al Jazeera English / Flickr) Jesse Franzblau
Libya: A Cautionary Tale
Libya is teetering on the verge of its worst crisis since the 2011 overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. Last month, forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar launched a brazen assault on the sitting...
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(Photo via Flickr / jpellgen/ Creative Commons license) Sam Pizzigati
The Many Pipelines that Pump Our Wealth Up
Back in 1979, notes a new Economic Policy Institute report released last week, households in America’s statistical middle — the 20 percent of households making more than the nation’s poorest 40...
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Billionaire founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. (Credit: World Economic Forum / Flickr Creative Commons) Diane Ravitch
Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Role in Common Core
A new Washington Post story by Lyndsey Layton about how Bill Gates’ funded the Common Core revolution is startling. His role and the role of the U.S. Department of Education in drafting and coercing...
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A long view of the 'Tank Man' near Tiananmen Square in 1989. (Credit: Stuart Franklin / cc / wikimedia) Chris Hedges
The Rules of Revolt
There are some essential lessons we can learn from the student occupation of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which took place 25 years ago. The 1989 protests began as a demonstration by university...
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(Cartoon: Jean Jullien) Eduardo Galeano
The World Cup and the Corporatization of Soccer
[ The following passages are excerpted at TomDispatch from Eduardo Galeano’s Soccer in Sun and Shadow (Nation Books, Open Road Media ebooks ). ] The Stadium Have you ever entered an empty stadium?...
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