Views for 2014-04-30

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Harvard Divest
Why We Are Blocking the Office of Harvard's President " style="width: 540px; height: 336px;" title="Harvard students blockaded the entrace to school president Drew Faust's...
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Sarah Anderson
Derailing the High-Speed Trading Bullet Train Before It Crashes Our Economy
On the afternoon of May 6, 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its fastest nosedive ever. Within minutes, a trillion dollars in wealth went “poof.” What happened?
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Vandana Shiva
Seeds of Freedom
For thousands of years farmers, especially women, have evolved and bred seed freely with the help of nature to increase the diversity of what nature gave us and adopt it to the needs of different...
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Isaiah Poole
Today’s Senate Minimum Wage Vote Is A Moral Litmus Test
The Senate is expected to vote today on whether to proceed to final debate on a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. It’s a key political vote that separates who stands with...
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Mary Alice Crim
Cable's Domination by Comcast Must Be Stopped
The annual debate in my house over our cable package is on. We’ve run the gamut from wanting to cancel our cable to considering an upgrade to ensure we’ll get all the televised replays of our beloved...
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Harvey Wasserman
Eminent Domain: The Real Solution to Scumbag Sports Owners
Enough is enough, sports fans. It’s been known for decades that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist jerk. Ditto Daniel Snyder, the owner of that professional football team in our...
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Brendan Fischer
Federal Court Strikes down WI's "Discriminatory" Voter ID as Unconstitutional
In a landmark decision, a federal judge in Milwaukee has struck down Wisconsin's strict voter ID restrictions as both an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote and, for the first time, a...
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Peter Hart
In Corporate Media, Democratic Populism Always a Danger
One of the most consistent rules in corporate media's political coverage: If you're talking about Democrats, you should point out that those who drift too far to the left could find themselves in...
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Michael Winship
Fast Food Pulls a Fast One
Bad enough that the empty calories of many a fast-food meal have all the nutritional value of a fingernail paring.
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Jim Shultz
To My Friend the Climate Defeatist: Here's Why I'm Still In the Fight
My English friend Paul Kingsnorth was the subject of a long article two weeks ago in The New York Times magazine, “ It’s the End of the World as We Know It ... and He Feels Fine .”
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David Cole
How Many Have We Killed?
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Yochai Benkler
The US Supreme Court Needs to Keep Up with Our Cellphones – and the NSA
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John Nichols
Tim Carpenter's Politics of Radical Inclusion: In the Streets and in the Polling Booth
Tim Carpenter never lost faith in the very real prospect of a very radical change for the better. And he never lost his organizer’s certainty that the tipping point that would make the change was...
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