Views for 2014-04-26

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Kevin Gosztola
‘NATO 3′ Sentenced to More Jail Time After Prosecutors Rabidly Invoke Boston Bombing
The “NATO 3″ were sentenced by a judge today for mob action and possession of an incendiary device with intent to commit arson offenses. They each were given prison sentences, but they were much...
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Trevor Timm
DC Thinks It Can Silence a New Snowden, But the Anti-Leak Hypocrisy is Backfiring
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Robert Dodge
David vs. Goliath: The Nuclear Zero Lawsuits
Historic lawsuits were filed Thursday against the U.S. and the 8 other Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) of the world to meet their treaty obligations to disarm by the courageous tiny island nation...
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Kari Lydersen
Despite Community Pleas, Three Chicago Schools Slated for Privatization
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Maira Sutton
TPP Is Right Where We Want It: Going Nowhere
President Obama is on a diplomatic tour of Asia this week and one of his top priorities is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement that includes restrictive copyright enforcement...
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