Views for 2014-04-18

Friday, April 18, 2014
Oscar Reyes
A Roadmap for Survival
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Juan Cole
Thousands of Palestinians Rally for Release of 5,000 in Israeli Jails, Including 200 Children
As talks between Israel and Palestine falter, thousands of Palestinians demonstrated Thursday on behalf of nearly 5,000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israeli Occupation authorities in 22 Israeli jails,...
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John Nichols
Could an Unknown Civil Libertarian Unseat Susan Collins?
The woman who could be the future of progressive politics in America is sitting at the back table of an Indian restaurant in Portland, Maine. It’s early evening, she’s got a list of names, and she’s...
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Tom Engelhardt
Inside Attacks, American-Style
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Naomi Oreskes, Clara Belitz
Universities Must End Financial Ties to Climate Denying Fossil-Fuel Giants – Now
There are many compelling reasons for universities to divest themselves of investment in the fossil fuel industry – including and especially the physical and potentially irreversible effects of...
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Robert Reich
Antitrust in the New Gilded Age
We’re in a new gilded age of wealth and power similar to the first gilded age when the nation’s antitrust laws were enacted. Those laws should prevent or bust up concentrations of economic power that...
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John LaForge
US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We’re No. 1!
The corporate media is focused on the question of how or if Iran could ever break out of its promise under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to eschew nuclear weapons to use reactors only for...
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Ajamu Baraka
The Jewish Community Center Shootings: White-Washing White Terrorism
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Robert Borosage
In The Age of Faux Populism, Where Are the Real Pitchforks?
Americans are in a surly mood, confronting rules they feel are rigged against them. President Barack Obama captured this populist temper in his re-election campaign.
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Zoë Carpenter
Not One More: Can These Hunger Strikers Stop Obama’s Deportations?
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Edward Snowden
Vladimir Putin Must Be Called to Account on Surveillance Just Like Obama
On Thursday, I questioned Russia's involvement in mass surveillance on live television.
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Ralph Nader
Boston and Baghdad
Greater Boston and its citizens are the focus of media attention in recognition of the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that took three innocent lives and injured over 264 people,...
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