Views for 2014-04-03

Thursday, April 3, 2014
Richard Eskow
McCutcheon, the Majority and the Challenge of Our Time
The Supreme Court’s McCutcheon ruling will be remembered as a decisive battle in a determined and wealthy minority’s war against the popular will. It is not the first such battle, nor will it be the...
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Bill McKibben
Exxon Mobil's Response to Climate Change is Consummate Arrogance
Monday saw the release of the latest climate report from the planet’s scientists.
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Ari Berman
The Supreme Court’s Ideology: More Money, Less Voting
In the past four years, under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court has made it far easier to buy an election and far harder to vote in one.
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Peter Hart
It's Torture–But Let's Not Call It That
The Washington Post ( 3/31/14 ) got a big scoop on the massive Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the CIA's Bush-era torture program. But they wouldn't call it.
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Harvey Wasserman
The Nuclear Omnicide
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Juan Cole
Ft. Hood, PTSD, and the True Cost of US Wars of Choice
The Ft. Hood shooter who left 3 victims dead yesterday had been being assessed for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder . He had served for 4 months at the tail end of the Iraq War in 2011 and suffered...
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Charles P. Pierce
The American Government Is Open for Corruption
The remarkable story of how we have come to privatize political corruption in this country reached another milestone Wednesday as the Supreme Court, John Roberts presiding, handed down its decision...
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Ramzy Baroud
Kerry’s Looming Deadline and the Peace Process Industry
As the US-imposed April 29 deadline for a ‘framework’ agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority looms, time is also running out for the American administration itself.
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Jasmine Tucker
Ryan vs. Progressive Caucus: Competing Visions on the Federal Budget
On Tuesday, we at the National Priorities Project released our fourth annual, one-of-a-kind Competing Visions analysis , which compares the president’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal to two...
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Jeremy Rifkin
The Last Worker Standing
The following is excerpted from Jeremy Rifkin's latest book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism , and appears here with...
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