Views for 2014-03-31

Monday, March 31, 2014
Jessica Conrad
Deep Sharing: How the Commons Amplifies the Sharing Economy
On a bitingly cold and rainy November evening last year, I was in a pickle: I’d taken a city bus to CoCo, the coworking space where I office in downtown Minneapolis, and was seemingly stuck without...
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Gary Olson
Profiting from Climate Change
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Tom Engelhardt, Christian Appy
In Memoriam: Jonathan Schell (1943-2014)
The Widening Lens Jonathan Schell and the Fate of the Earth By Tom Engelhardt
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Dave Zirin
Brazil's World Cup Gentrification Through the Barrel of a Gun
In traveling to Brazil to write a book about Brazil and the 2014 World Cup , I learned one thing if nothing else: a favela is not a slum. That is why the weekend’s Associated Press breaking news...
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Paul Buchheit
Four Arguments That Scream "Save Public Education!"
The education privatizers are trying to convince us that parental 'choice' will solve all the problems in our schools. But the choice they have in mind is to dismantle a once-proud system of...
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Aurora Sherman, Eileen Zurbriggen
Girls Can be Anything When They Grow Up – Until They Start Playing with Barbie
Ever ask a seven-year-old girl what she wants to be when she grows up? Chances are that if she plays with a Barbie, "scientist" won't be her first choice.
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Philip Hoare
So Japan Can't Hunt Whales Anymore? That Doesn't Mean They're Safe
Flying high over the Derwent, our tiny aircraft, bound for the Tasmanian south-west wilderness, almost tipped its wings in salute.
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Subhankar Banerjee
Beautiful Sunsets (and Sunrises) in Art
Many people have, over the years, told me that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But no one ever told me that I shouldn’t judge a sunset (or sunrise) by its beauty. After all these years, a...
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Chris Hedges
Fighting the Militarized State
The Barack Obama administration, determined to thwart the attempt by other plaintiffs and myself to have the courts void a law that permits the military to arrest U.S.
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