Views for 2014-03-11

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Katrina vanden Heuvel
The ‘Next Citizens United’ May Fuel a Popular Uprising
Pity poor Shaun McCutcheon.
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Rianne Teule
Fukushima: We Must Not Forget!
“Forgetting Fukushima makes it more likely that such a nuclear disaster could happen elsewhere,” said Mrs Tatsuko Okawara, one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Fukushima accident that...
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Valerie Strauss
Teachers Union Cites Common Core in Decision to Cut Gates Funding
The American Federation of Teachers, which has won millions of dollars in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will no longer accept foundation money for its Innovation Fund. Union...
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Christopher Soghoian
Snowden Told Me the NSA Set Fire to the Web. Silicon Valley Needs to Put It Out
“You are the firefighters,” National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden
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Kevin Gosztola
In Lawsuit Against NSA Surveillance, Coalition Moves to Prevent Destruction of Evidence
Attorneys from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which represent twenty-two organizations in a lawsuit against the National Security Agency, have filed a motion to prevent the government from...
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Yves Engler
Cars, Planes and Death
When a plane carrying 239 people disappears and everyone is presumed dead, the world’s TV networks devote hours of coverage to the tragedy. Newspapers run long and detailed stories. Experts are...
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Rebecca Solnit
Evacuate the Economy (or By the Way, Your Home Is On Fire)
As the San Francisco bureaucrats on the dais murmured about why they weren’t getting anywhere near what we in the audience passionately hoped for, asked for, and worked for, my mind began to wander...
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Melvin Goodman
The Flaw in ‘Cornering’ Russia
Twenty years ago, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union marked a virtual end to the long-standing military and ideological threat that Moscow represented to the United States.
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Jason Schwartz
The McCutcheon Decision Hangs in the Balance. So Does Our Democracy
The US Supreme Court is about to rule in a case that, if successful, would sound the death knell for average Americans’ rapidly-dwindling influence over our politics. McCutcheon vs. FEC seeks to...
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Richard Eskow
The White House Budget: A View From the Left
Republican House Speaker John Boehner calls President Obama’s new budget “irresponsible.” A New York Times headline calls it a “populist wish list.” But it’s neither of those things.
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