Views for 2014-03-08

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Christopher Brauchli
The Olympic Games and the Poor
The Olympian is a difficult foe to oppose. — Homer, The Iliad
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Eric Margolis
In Crimea: 'Vlad the Bad' Steals a March on the West
Soviet leader Josef Stalin used to shrug off critics by his favorite Central Asian saying: “The dogs bark; the caravan moves on.” Russia’s hard-eyed president, Vladimir Putin, is following the same...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Afghan Ballet: Why Washington Doesn’t Want to Leave South Asia
Washington and Kabul have, for endless months, been performing a strange pas de deux over the issue of American withdrawal. Initially, the Obama administration insisted that if, by December 31, 2013...
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Michael T. Klare
How the US Energy Boom Is Harming Foreign Policy
Opponents of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline have focused largely on its disproportionate role in global warming.
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Jim Naureckas
Denying the Far-Right Role in the Ukrainian Revolution
Some commentators on the Ukraine crisis seem so convinced that it must be a struggle between good guys and bad guys that they're willing to ignore evidence that there's anything problematic about...
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Lawrence Davidson
The Conundrum of ‘Democratic’ Coups
In the past couple of years a disturbing political phenomenon has arisen. To put it simply, groups espousing “democracy” have caused their countries to politically self-destruct by violently turning...
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Richard Seymour
Global Military Spending Is Now an Integral Part of Capitalism
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Laura Carmichael, Clotilde Josaime St. Jean
Every Woman and Child on Earth Deserves a Healthy Birth
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Kathleen Geier
Why We Need International Women’s Day
Today is International Women’s Day.
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Robert Freeman
Ukraine is About Oil. So Was World War I
Ukraine is a lot more portentous than it appears. It is fundamentally about the play for Persian Gulf oil. So was World War I. The danger lies in the chance of runaway escalation, just like World War...
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