Views for 2014-02-25

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Ha-Joon Chang
This Is No Recovery, This Is a Bubble – And It Will Burst
According to the stock market, the UK economy is in a boom. Not just any old boom, but a historic one.
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Michael Winship
Liberals Face a Hard Day’s Knight?
That’s a pretty pathetic knight up there on the cover of the March issue of Harper’s Magazine . Battered and defeated, his shield in pieces, he’s slumped and saddled backwards on a Democratic donkey...
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Rebecca Hanson
Venezuelan Protests from the View of Western Caracas
Images of burning tires, masked youth, and clashes between citizens and state security forces have accompanied almost all news coverage of Venezuela for the past few weeks. And these well-documented...
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Lauren Carasik
The US Should Respect Venezuela’s Democracy
Venezuela is facing a protracted political crisis.
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Ira Chernus
Apocalypses Everywhere: Hope in the Era of Gloom and Doom
Wherever we Americans look, the threat of apocalypse stares back at us.
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Georgianne Nienaber, Dan Beeton
Haiti’s Doctored Elections, Seen from the Inside
National elections were held in Haiti less than one year after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January 2010 had killed 220,000 or more, left 1.5 million people homeless, and ravaged the country’s...
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Natalia Antonova
Only Ukraine's People – Not Russia or the West – Can Take It Forward
In Russia, the Sochi Olympics are over, the metaphoric fairy dust has settled, and the rapidly developing events in Ukraine are at the top of the news agenda. If you stick to watching state...
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Juan Cole
4 Darknesses: Internet being Manipulated, Deceived by Western Intel Trolls
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Dave Johnson
How TPP Would Harm You At the Drug Store and On The Internet
A law affecting content on the Internet that was rejected by Congress shows up in a trade agreement designed to bypass and override Congress. Small, innovative companies that manufacture low-cost,...
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Robert Naiman
If Hillary Is the Only Candidate, Where Does She Stand on Keystone XL?
Apparently, our American version of Iran's Guardian Council has issued a fatwa decreeing that Hillary Clinton shall be the only candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016.
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