Views for 2014-02-07

Friday, February 7, 2014
John Pilger
The Truth about the Criminal Bloodbath in Iraq Can't Be 'Countered' Indefinitely
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Roger Hickey
Jobs Report: Conservative Budget Austerity Continues To Cripple The Economy
Today’s unemployment report from the Labor Department is disappointing to millions of Americans who are looking for jobs. It shows that the U.S. economy created only 113,000 jobs – well below most...
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Wen Stephenson
From Occupy to Climate Justice
It’s an odd thing, really. In certain precincts of the left, especially across a broad spectrum of what could be called the economic left, our (by which I mean humanity’s) accelerating trajectory...
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Robert Naiman
With AIPAC's Power in Doubt, Is Peace With Israel Now Possible?
On Feb. 3 The New York Times ran an article that would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago. Under the headline " Potent Pro-Israel Group Finds Its Momentum Blunted ," the Times' Mark...
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Michelle Chen
Who’s Really To Blame for Unemployment?
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Polly Cleveland
Sustainability Squared: How We Can Sustain Both the Environment and the People
Imagine a world in which all people enjoyed a decent modern lifestyle without unduly degrading the natural resources on which future generations will depend. In such a world, people would live...
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Dan Gillmor
Get Ready: The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance Is Coming " style="width: 540px; height: 303px;" title="Not content to wait for action at the federal level, those opposed to the...
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Pratap Chatterjee
Selling Your Secrets in the Wild West of Surveillance
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Juan Cole
Broken Democracy: Republicans Poised to Take Senate Even as Americans Reject Their Platform
A lot of political analysts think it is entirely possible that the Republicans will take the senate next November. This development won’t change much, in all likelihood, if it does occur.
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