Views for 2014-01-18

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Timothy Karr
A Net Neutrality Solution and the Internet's Future
In the wake of this week's devastating court decision on Net Neutrality, a consensus is emerging as to how the FCC can clean up its mess. On Tuesday a federal appeals court stripped the agency of its...
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Cindy Cohn, Parker Higgins
Rating Obama’s NSA Reform Plan
Earlier today, President Obama announced a series of reforms to address abuses by the National Security Agency. We were heartened to see Obama recognized that the NSA has gone too far in trampling...
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Richard Long
Tuition-Free Public College Education Is Possible. Demand It.
Here’s a news flash for you that’s neither news nor flash: The majority of college graduates are coming out of school with student loan debt.
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Chuck Collins
Wealth of Forbes 400 Billionaires = Wealth of All 41 Million African-Americans
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Zoë Carpenter
What Obama Didn’t Say in His Speech on NSA Spying
The most illuminating sentences of the speech on intelligence reform that President Obama delivered Friday morning were the first:
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Christopher Brauchli
Chasing MorganChase
Corporations have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be condemned; they therefore do as they like. —Edward Thurlow, 1st Baron Thurlow, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain 1778 et seq
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Mark Engler, Paul Engler
When Martin Luther King Gave Up His Guns
Few are aware that Martin Luther King, Jr. once applied for a permit to carry a concealed handgun.
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John Nichols
Beyond the NSA: What About Big Data Abuse by Corporations, Politicians?
Taking steps to end, or at the very least to constrain, the federal government’s practice of storing information on the personal communications of Americans is a good thing.
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Tom Engelhardt
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? A Tale of America at War in the Twenty-First Century
These days, when I check out the latest news on Washington’s global war-making, I regularly find at least one story that fits a new category in my mind that I call: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
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